Forget The Rumors: iPhone 6 Is Here!

The iPhone 6 has been one of the most talked-about devices of the year, but up until Tuesday, we knew very little about it. Thanks to the Apple Keynote, however, the speculation Read More

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New Moto X Drops In Late September

The Moto X is at long last getting an update from the folks at Motorola, and in our opinion, it really ups the ante on what is already one of the best Read More

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Smartphone Hacks: Use iPhone 5 Series As A Flashlight

This article is for the common smartphone user, who doesn’t know how to do certain things with their phone until faced with a situation where they actually need it. For those of Read More

The Convert Case: One Case, Endless Possibilities

The Convert Case is a single phone case that can quickly and easily be interchanged with various attachments such as different images, designs, and functional add-ons, such as a wallet or kickstand. Read More

Exofab: The First Hands-Free ‘Selfie’ Phone Case

Exofab just hit the U.S. market after having sold 100,000 units in Europe this past year. With the help of 3M, a gel-like substance, the company was able to build a case Read More

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Gadget Autopsy Shows How Stupid It Is Not To Have A Smartphone

UK-based Viking has delivered a hot new infographic to show just how idiotic it is not to own a smartphone when you consider all the gadgets they replace and the subsequent savings. Read More

Amazon Fire Phone Is Here!

On Wednesday, Amazon finally got sick of hearing the rumors they were backing a smartphone, and decided to just go ahead and unleash it. Called the Amazon Fire Phone, this baby plays Read More

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Dimple Puts Buttons On Your Android Device

If the modern-day touchscreen tablet and smartphone isn’t tactile enough for you, then you’re going to love the latest offering from DIMPLE.IO. The Dimple Mini and Dimple Standard are stick-on buttons for Read More