Geeksphone Peak+ Firefox Phone

Say “hola” to the future with the Peak+ Firefox Phone from Geeksphone, which launched for pre-orders on Thursday. We know what you’re thinking — another day, another phone. Yes, there are a Read More

$198 Buy

SONR Labs Android Symphony Dock

SONR Labs Android Symphony Dock asks the question, “Why should the iPhone have all the fun?” Up to this point, accessories and add-ons have favored the iPhone/iPad/iPod devices because of the Apple Read More

$100 Buy

Jolla Smartphone

Does the world really have room for another smartphone? Apparently so. At least that’s what the good folks at Jolla Smartphone are hoping. The system adapts to Android, but its proprietary OS Read More

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is yet another upscale release from the indomitable electronics manufacturer. Complete with 13 megapixel outfacing camera, flash, and auto focus, this is a point-and-shoot digital delight that also brings Read More

$200 Buy

Micro-Phone + Locator

Not every smart phone has to be a smartphone. That’s what the team behind the IndieGogo for Micro-Phone + Locator wants you to know. With this device, you can triangulate the area Read More

AmpJacket for iPhone 5

We’re not too sure how it works, but so long as it does, ampjacket is an awesome little protective shell to have for your iPhone 5. Designed with special channels that are Read More

$30 Buy

NFL iPhone Cases

The football season will be upon us before you know it — probably before the iPhone 6 anyway — and so now is the time to reserve your NFL iPhone 5 Cases. Read More

Sony Xperia ZR

The Sony Xperia ZR is a 4G smartphone that goes its competition one better. Yes, we know. Sony? Smartphone? Call us crazy. But when you can add in underwater (fresh water, no Read More

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