Compass Smartphone Case

This Compass Cell Phone Case from Etsy seller LilStinkerDesign will work for the iPhone 4 and 4S as well as 5 and 5S and the Samsung Galaxy line, S3 and S4. Boasting Read More

YotaPhones: The Two-Sided Smartphone Has Launched

Earlier this week at a press event in Moscow, the long-anticipated YotaPhone was announced for immediate availability. If you haven’t heard about this creation yet, you’ll likely be more impressed with the Read More

Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia’s recent announcement of the Lumia 525 upgrade promises to be a welcome bit of candy for smartphone users. The back features a premium look and glossy changeable covers in dazzling orange, Read More

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Google Beefs Up Android Platform With $23M FlexyCore Acquisition

Google has beefed up its Android platform with the French company FlexyCore. Word is that the search giant forked over $23.1 million for the purchase, according to L’Expansion. FlexyCore, for those unfamiliar, Read More

Gumstick Mobile Stand

The Gumstick boasts a simple design and is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to position your smartphone and tablet in just the right place no matter where you are, bending and Read More

Peek, A Smarter Phone Case

Ghost Gear is the brainchild of Mike Stemple, a sensible designer who has developed a better way to carry your smartphone while still having access to your credit cards, business cards, and Read More

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Drops This Week: Here’s What You Need To Know

The gods of October are upon us, and while we would usually be able to think of nothing else but Halloween and Oktoberfest, this year we’ve got a special treat on the Read More

Apple’s iPhone 5C

There is something so right about the Apple iPhone 5C design. We’re assuming C stands for “color,” because these new models have plenty of it. From the bright retina display to the Read More

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