Peek, A Smarter Phone Case

Ghost Gear is the brainchild of Mike Stemple, a sensible designer who has developed a better way to carry your smartphone while still having access to your credit cards, business cards, and Read More

$50 Buy

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Drops This Week: Here’s What You Need To Know

The gods of October are upon us, and while we would usually be able to think of nothing else but Halloween and Oktoberfest, this year we’ve got a special treat on the Read More

Apple’s iPhone 5C

There is something so right about the Apple iPhone 5C design. We’re assuming C stands for “color,” because these new models have plenty of it. From the bright retina display to the Read More

$99 Buy

Cordli iPhone Case

The Cordli iPhone Case from creator Aki Attawia is a simple yet funky design that helps you get funky without having to worry about snagging extra cord from your headphones. A curvy Read More

Acer Liquid S2

The Acer Liquid S2 is a high-performance smartphone with 4K Ultra HD recording capability and a 6-inch full HD screen with IPS technology. Connectivity is via a very fast 4G LTE connection Read More

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Ubuntu Edge

CORRECTION TO EARLIER POST: It was mistakenly reported that Canonical had used a non-fixed funding goal on their IndieGogo campaign. Our apologies. That was in error. Unfortunately for the project, they used Read More

OFF Pocket

Ever just want to unplug and completely extricate yourself from the modern world? With the OFF Pocket, you can do just that. What is this contraption, you ask? It’s a smartphone friendly Read More

$85 Buy

Moto X

Here it is. The biggie. Google and Motorola have partnered together on the Moto X, which seems like more than just a smartphone. It’s a superphone. Talk about full-on customization! You can Read More

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