Samsung’s New Note 5 & S6 Edge Plus Leaked

Samsung isn’t the type of company which just sits around and waits for Apple to innovate. No, the (south) Korea-based tech/consumer electronics titan is a take charge company hard at work on Read More

OnePlus Two Will Soon Be Heading To A Carrier Near You

The OnePlus One was one of the surprise hits of 2014. Featuring a solid, elegant design combined with a superb Android experience and a low price point it’s easy to see why. Read More

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Ubik Uno Smartphone Hopes To Become Part Of Your Reality

Ubik isn’t just the name of an obscure Philip K. Dick novel. It’s also the name of a kickstarter project which is hoping to build the definitive Android smartphone. But what does Read More

$245 Buy

The Moto X Style/Pure Is Motorola’s Big Bet On Stock Android

In case you haven’t heard, Motorola just announced a new flagship phone — the Moto X Style. Featuring a bigger hi-def display and an impressive 21MP camera, the Style is a definitely improvement Read More

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We’ve Got The Lowdown On The New Moto G

No need to wait for this week’s big Motorola reveal, inStash has the lowdown on the upcoming third-gen Moto G. First up is the phone’s design. The Moto G looks like an Read More

Marshall Launches Smartphone For Audiophiles

If you’re a musician you might know Marshall for their guitar amps. Or their headphones. Or their Bluetooth speakers. Well now the brand is looking to further diversify itself by marching right Read More

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Jolla On The Verge Of Releasing Sailfish OS 2.0

Remember Jolla? Some time ago, the ambitious software and smartphone manufacturer (made up largely of ex-Nokians) launched a couple of ambitious crowdfunding campaigns in order to put forward their vision of what Read More

Meet Samsung’s New Galaxy A8

Samsung isn’t one to be outdone by Apple. When Apple launched the iPhone 6 late last year, the Korea-based giant must’ve scrambled to put together a phone which is thinner and lighter Read More

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