Kodak Is Back With A Brand New Smartphone

It takes more than Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to kill the Kodak brand. The once iconic company has teamed up with UK mobile phone manufacturer Bullitt, in order to create their newest smartphone, Read More

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LG Releases A Truly Unique Smartphone Design In AKA

Ever feel that smartphone design has gotten stale over the years? Ever since the release of the original iPhone, it seems like nearly every new phone we see is the same uninspiring Read More

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Meet The New Lumia 430 – a $70 Smartphone Running Windows

Microsoft is aggressively pursuing the low-end smartphone space today with its Lumia 430. Retailing for just over $70, this is definitely the most affordable Lumia smartphone to date and perhaps one of Read More

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The Ambitious Neptune Suite Is The Future Of Computing

What if your whole digital life was seamlessly conveyed across all of your devices? No more need to sync or re-download your photo, video, and music libraries. Everything the same on every Read More

The Moto E (2015) Is The People’s Smartphone

Motorola may not be owned by Google anymore but that doesn’t mean it’s done making smartphones. If raw speeds and feeds aren’t your thing, may we suggest the Motorola Moto E? At Read More

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Runcible Is The “Anti-Smartphone”

One of the most unique products to come out of Mobile World Congress 2015 is definitely the Runcible. Looking like a smart pocket-watch but offering many of the same capabilities as a Read More

The Next Big Thing Is Here: The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

One of the biggest criticisms of Samsung in recent years has been their absolutely terrible design sense. When thinking of Samsung phones, the words “plastic” and “cheap” definitely come to mind. That’s Read More

LG’s New Midrange 2015 Phone Lineup Revealed

LG has been on a roll recently. Besides recently announcing a brand new flagship device, the Korean-based powerhouse has also announced that it’ll be showcasing four new midrange smartphones at next week’s Read More