Nexus 5 Leak Shows Fingerprint Sensor, New Curved Edges

Oh no. It looks like Android manufacturers aren’t able to keep as tight a lid as they’d like on their upcoming smartphone releases. The latest victim of a leak is LG and Read More

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 2 Is The Most Powerful Budget Smartphone. Ever.

Anyone who’s been closely tracking the smartphone market knows that Xiaomi is the next big thing. Outperforming Samsung in their own home turf — the Asia market — Xiaomi combines Apple-like aesthetics Read More

ThinCharge Is The Thinnest External Smartphone Battery Case Out there

Ask anyone who has an external battery case for their iPhone what the brand of their case is and they’ll probably respond with “Mophie”. Despite achieving clear dominance of the external battery Read More

$59 Buy

Samsung Unveils Blackberry-Like Keyboard Case

Physical keyboards are back, baby. The first sign of the resurgence of physical phone keyboards was signaled by the immediate success of Typo, a company which was backed by none other than Read More

$80 Buy

Samsung Leak Shows That The Galaxy S6 Edge+ Is Just Around The Corner

Constant iteration is the name of Samsung’s game and in that spirit the Korea-based technology supertitan is releasing a new Galaxy S6 Edge+. Now we know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t the Galaxy Read More

Lenovo’s ZUK Startup To Release Its First Smartphone

Lenovo will stop at nothing to achieve smartphone supremacy, even funding a startup in order to do so. ZUK (pronounced Z-U-K, not ‘Zouk’ which is a type of music from the French Read More

Sony Hopes That The Xperia M5 Will Wind Up In Your Pocket

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Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Flagship Windows Phone Leaked

Despite what some tech pundits would have you believe, Windows 10 does not equal the death of Microsoft’s mobile efforts. Far from it. Microsoft is actually planning to double down on its Read More