Apple’s iPhone 6S Is The Best Phone To Ever Be Designed In Cupertino

It’s that time of the year. Apple has a new iPhone and this time the only thing that has changed is everything, according to Apple that is. So what exactly does that Read More

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Sony Announces Z5 Flagship Phone

All rumors point to an imminent iPhone 6S release but that isn’t stopping Sony from releasing a new flagship device which it hopes to reverse its declining marketshare in the ever more Read More

Robin Proves That The Future Of Mobile Phones Is In The Cloud

Let’s face it, nothing has been exactly “exciting” lately in the smartphone space. iPhone 6S? Yawn. Galaxy S6 Edge+? Major borefest. Apparently Nextbit’s Tom Moss agrees and that’s why he’s launched a Read More

Obi Is What The iPhone Would Be If John Sculley Were Still Apple CEO

Want to know what the iPhone would like in some weird alternate timeline where John Sculley never stopped being Apple’s CEO? Look no further than Obi, Sculley’s latest effort to reclaim his Read More

Deluxe Special Edition Zenfone 2 Packs 256GB Of Internal Storage

If you’ve ever been in the market for a smartphone then you already know that it ’s extremely rare to come across one that has more than 128GB of internal storage. As Read More

Taking A First Look At BlackBerry’s Upcoming Android-Powered Phone

The last 8 years or so have been really tough on BlackBerry. Failed smartphones, numerous CEO shuffles, too many bad choices to count, and the shattered dreams of the entire Canadian populace Read More

Flipping The Cam With Huawei’s 7i

Huawei isn’t quite a household name outside of China just yet but it will be. When you offer phones that are as incredible as the Honor 7i, it’s hard not to become Read More

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Nexus 5 Leak Shows Fingerprint Sensor, New Curved Edges

Oh no. It looks like Android manufacturers aren’t able to keep as tight a lid as they’d like on their upcoming smartphone releases. The latest victim of a leak is LG and Read More