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Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia’s recent announcement of the Lumia 525 upgrade promises to be a welcome bit of candy for smartphone users. The back features a premium look and glossy changeable covers in dazzling orange, radiant yellow, and luminous white. If you’re a big time mobile gamer, you are going to love the one gigabyte of RAM that this baby is packing. With the Smart Cam you can create action sequences and motion blur effects and engage in a lot more photographic wizardry. The 525 boasts editing tools, such as Glam Me, Creative Studio, and Cinemagraph. It uses Windows Phone 8 for operation, Read More

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Google Beefs Up Android Platform With $23M FlexyCore Acquisition

Google has beefed up its Android platform with the French company FlexyCore. Word is that the search giant forked over $23.1 million for the purchase, according to L’Expansion. FlexyCore, for those unfamiliar, is primarily known for its droidBooster platform, which is for Android users who wish to improve their platform’s functionality. This has been FlexyCore’s core purpose since it was founded in 2008. With last week’s acquisition, droidBooster has since been removed from the Google Play store. Google recently confirmed the news to GigaOm, stating that the FlexyCore team will be assimilated into the Google family, calling the team “a Read More

Gumstick Mobile Stand

The Gumstick boasts a simple design and is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to position your smartphone and tablet in just the right place no matter where you are, bending and shaping itself to conform with all versions of the iPhone, the iPod, the iPad, Android devices, and HTC. Portrait, landscape, and whichever other way you can bend it, the Gumstick will showcase your movies and apps exactly the way you prefer while lending a lightweight support structure that is strong, compact and highly portable. Design-wise, you can pick from one of seven colors. If you’d like to pick Read More

Peek, A Smarter Phone Case

Ghost Gear is the brainchild of Mike Stemple, a sensible designer who has developed a better way to carry your smartphone while still having access to your credit cards, business cards, and work ID. Stemple’s Peek can be worn in a number of ways, but all of them amount to one reality — the case is not just a smartphone case, but a smarter phone case. Best of all, the design allows the camera of your phone to “peek” up over the pocket, allowing programmers to build apps where the camera may be used without removing it from the pocket. Read More

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Drops This Week: Here’s What You Need To Know

The gods of October are upon us, and while we would usually be able to think of nothing else but Halloween and Oktoberfest, this year we’ve got a special treat on the horizon: a brand new shiny smartphone — or phablet, rather — from the guys and gals at Samsung. That’s right. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to hit shelves this week. Rumored release dates: AT&T (October 4), T-Mobile (October 2), Sprint (October 4), and Verizon (by October 10). RadioShack confirmed to Gotta Be Mobile that it will be offering both the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 and the Read More

Apple’s iPhone 5C

There is something so right about the Apple iPhone 5C design. We’re assuming C stands for “color,” because these new models have plenty of it. From the bright retina display to the outer polycarbonate shell, this latest device is literally swimming in spectrum. On the operating end, the iPhone 5C will launch with the latest and greatest system (iOS 7). You’ll be able to access new features like Apple Radio while enjoying the familiarity that drew you to the iPhone in the first place. Connectivity will be lightning fast with more LTE support than anything else on the market. The Read More

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Cordli iPhone Case

The Cordli iPhone Case from creator Aki Attawia is a simple yet funky design that helps you get funky without having to worry about snagging extra cord from your headphones. A curvy trench on the back of the case holds your headphone cord secure, thus empowering you to control the comfort by using only the amount that you really need. Cordli also comes in a number of colors so you can personalize the look of your new case exactly how you want it. Personally, the solid blue and solid white models are more our style, but you can decide for Read More

Acer Liquid S2

The Acer Liquid S2 is a high-performance smartphone with 4K Ultra HD recording capability and a 6-inch full HD screen with IPS technology. Connectivity is via a very fast 4G LTE connection and the new Wi-Fi 802.11 ac standard. According to a Labor Day press release from the company, it is also the world’s first smartphone with dual speakers powered by Dolby Digital Plus for what promises to be a “stunning sound experience.” Certainly, one of the biggest draws of this phone, however, is the 4k recording capabilities. This could represent a major push for the new display format, which Read More

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