PuzzlePhone Is The World’s First Commercially-Available Modular Smartphone

Modular technology is the future of the consumer electronics space. Why would you actually spend thousands of dollars for a new phone which offers a marginally better processor or camera when you Read More

Wileyfox Storm Is A Beautiful And Inexpensive Smartphone

Looking for a beautifully designed, sturdy, and cheap(er) phone? Look no further than Wileyfox Storm, a $300 smartphone that’s so gorgeous that it’s probably making the team over at OnePlus blush. When Read More

BlackBerry’s Priv Might Just Save It From Certain Doom

The rumors of a Android-powered BlackBerry device are true. Dubbed the BlackBerry Priv, this is the Canadian firm’s attempt to stage a major comeback and win over some of its once ardent Read More

$750 Buy

HTC Makes Their Own iPhone 6S With Their New One A9 Flagship

When you think “iPhone knockoff” you undoubtedly think of Samsung. For years the Korean titan slavishly copied every aspect of Apple’s software and hardware design. That is, until they got smacked down Read More

Don’t Want The NSA To Snoop On You? Get Yourself A GranitePhone

Ever since the Snowden leaks, we’ve been seeing an increase in security consciousness the likes of which have never really been seen before. In order to court the new breed of security-minded Read More

The Yu Yunique Is The Best (Cheap) Phone Money Can Buy

Phone technology has advanced so much in the past year that you no longer have to break the bank in order to get a decent smartphone. Just take a look at the Read More

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Apple’s iPhone 6S Is The Best Phone To Ever Be Designed In Cupertino

It’s that time of the year. Apple has a new iPhone and this time the only thing that has changed is everything, according to Apple that is. So what exactly does that Read More

$649 Buy

Sony Announces Z5 Flagship Phone

All rumors point to an imminent iPhone 6S release but that isn’t stopping Sony from releasing a new flagship device which it hopes to reverse its declining marketshare in the ever more Read More