The Outback Duffel Bag

Ownshelf Allows You To Share Digital Books With Friends, DRM Free

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer

HOLHO Hologram Generator

The HOLHO Hologram Generator is exactly the type of product we’re talking about when we say there are things that you absolutely don’t need but would still be awesome to have. A versatile pyramid that allows placement of your smartphone on top or bottom, this device allows you to create some real magic, bringing us one step closer to the hot Princess Leia communiques in the original Star Wars. The starting price is just $28 for the smartphone version and $42 for the tablet. You can opt for either one over at the HOLHO’s Kickstarter page as we speak. It’s Read More

Artifact Coins | By Ellusionist

Slight-of-hand tricks are always fun. They’re fun to do, a great ice breaker, and, depending on the gullibility of your social circle, an easy way to milk a few bucks out of your friends. While cards are good, sometimes they can be a bit obvious. Coins, on the other hand, can be taken anywhere and pulled out whenever needed. These beauties are the perfect coins for the job. Made to specifications so precise that Ellusionist nearly lost their manufacturer, the coins are designed to have the perfect size, shape, weight, and texture for coin tricks. Pick up one of these Read More

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