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QuarterWave Bluetooth Speakers

Just when you think Bose has the market cornered on home audio, along comes Wathen Speakers with their QuarterWave Bluetooth Speakers. Now we’ve got to reconsider everything we were previously told about sound systems. What makes this one so cool is the design of layered wood that forms an internal acoustic transmission channel with a rigid structure to reduce unwanted wall resonance. The Bluetooth capabilities do not discriminate from one device to the next, welcoming all phones and tablets that are capable of connecting via the technology. Since genuine wood is used, each QuarterWave will vary some in the wood Read More

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Harman Kardon Onyx Wireless Speaker

The Harman Kardon Onyx promises a combination of power, precision and style that will turn any room it’s place in into a musical art gallery. It features built-in Bluetooth, AirPlay, and DLNA, hooks up to all your home and mobile devices, and boasts a remote app that simplifies set-up and lets you start streaming all content immediately. It also has a four-speaker, advanced acoustic platform and dual passive radiators for a combination of balance and power. Out of the box, you’ll get the unit itself along with one power supply and a pre-installed removable grid. Can’t get simpler than that. Read More

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AG++ Carbon Fiber Earphones

We love a good pair of headphones, but unfortunately, so much of what you get is either cheap (with good reason) or too expensive to afford. Enter Ponti Design Studio’s AG++ Carbon Fiber Earphones produced by Case Logic. These partially aluminum earbuds offer a minimalist yet dynamic design that enhances functionality. Some of the tech features include a flat cord, silicone pads, carbon fiber casing, and an audio driver for great sound, great comfort, and pleasing aesthetics. All of this brought to you by acclaimed designer Andrea Ponti, who specializes in audio and computer peripherals that aren’t the garden variety Read More

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Light Show Fountain Speakers

If you’d like to watch the water and lights bounce to the sound of the beat — your beat — then listen up! ThinkGeek has a gorgeous set of Light Show Fountain Speakers that will have you grooving in style. Just turn out the lights and crank up the music. This bad boy has compatibility with all USB-friendly devices and features multi-colored LEDs that light up the water, so you’re always getting a new experience every time you break out the Harry Connick, Jr. Metallica. Includes an AC power adapter and a USB cable to get you started and keep Read More

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Opus Speaker Stand

You see a lot of products for both iOS and Android-based products that incorporate a speaker into the docking station, but many don’t offer compatibility across multiple devices, and they make extremely poor stands if you’re wanting to actually use your table or smartphone while getting better sound out of the speakers. Enter the Opus Speaker Stand. This device, made specifically for Apple products, can fit a range from over-sized iPad to iPhone 4 and up to the iPod Touch. One side amplifies the device’s natural speaker while the other firmly locks it into place. Now you never have to Read More

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McIntosh MT5 Precision Turntable

We’ve carried some turntables on here before. Call it a deep respect for the past, or just an enjoyment of the crackly old grooves from yesteryear, but there is something very welcome about tearing open a new vinyl and allowing that needle to cruise along from one track to another. Now with the McIntosh MT5 Precision Turntable, you’ll get a cleaner, fresher sound than ever before without having to sacrifice the unique quality that makes vinyl, vinyl. This one is a two-channel premium that allows you to hear every note as if you’re hearing it for the first time. Cool, Read More

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Sound Band

Sound Band is the headset without speakers. Instead of having to remove your ear buds whenever someone is trying to tell you something, you can instead leave your ears open to any stimulus from the outside world while actually listening to music or audio books or answering phone calls without disturbing anyone else. Sound Band uses sound reverberation to deliver the song or podcast or whatever directly through skin and tissue, so that you’re the only one, who hears anything. It drapes around the back of your head, where you’ll find a button you can push for easy access to Read More

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Sol Republic Wireless Speaker

It fits in your pocket. It gives you powerful, robust sound at a 360-degree listening vantage point. And it even acts as a speaker phone. Welcome to the world of the Sol Republic Wireless Speaker that uses Bluetooth technology to allow pairing to other music sources, even if it’s way across your house or apartment. The Wi-Fi capabilities promise to be some of the strongest around. But if Bluetooth pairing isn’t your thing, don’t worry about it. Sol Republic has you covered there, too. Use the Stereo-In or Stereo-Out jacks for a direct connection, or simply to breathe life into Read More

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