HD ONE Headphones: Kicks The Sound, Kills The Hype

Oh, so a Mr. Big Time Rapper endorsed your headphones and you want to charge me $200+ for them? That’s nice. I think I’d rather just take form and functionality for a Read More

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Aurisonics Rockets

Most ear-bud headphones have at least one, if not all, of the following problems: they sound small or thin, they permit outside noise, they don’t stay in your ears, and they don’t Read More

$149 Buy

The Eagle Has Landed!

We like our Jamboo Headphones around these parts. They have an old-school Bob Marley charm with designs to match. Now the company has rolled out a new offering just in time for Read More

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ShareBuds MX2

ShareBuds MX2 headphones offer a unique way for you and a friend or family member to enjoy music, movies, and gaming together. How does it work? Well, they’re four buds wired to Read More

$69 Buy

Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset Delivers Amplified Stereo Sound

Simply playing video games isn’t good enough…we need to get IN the game. The Ear Force X12 helps you do this by delivering immersive sound. The headphones feature 50-mm speakers for crystal clear Read More

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15 Headphones That Beat The Beats

Now that Oprah’s named Beats by Dre as one of her favorite products of 2013, it’s probably time to consider other headphones. Sure, Beats deliver bold bass and a slick look, but Read More

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No Headphones? Just Wear This Beanie!

The next time you leave your headphones at home don’t worry because the 1 voice Beanie has you covered. If you are like me then wearing headphones can be a chore. The Read More

Klipsch Status Over-Ear Headphones

Klipsch STATUS headphones are an incredibly durable, slick looking innovation in sound. If you’re familiar with top of the line glasses and eyewear, then the Grilamid material name is familiar. If not, Read More

$250 Buy