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Martin Jetpack P12

Transparent Canoe

NINES GLD: Tactical 9MM Earphones

With NINES GLD: Tactical 9mm earphones, you’ll enjoy premium sound in an audio accessory that is equal parts unassuming and conversation starter. Along with a 3-Button Mic that is compatible to Apple devices with one-button compatibility to Android, you can enjoy deep, rich bass notes and an all encompassing sound. The NINES are built from a single piece of copper alloy housings that boast Kevlar-reinforced cloth cables. It’s a stout design that looks brilliant in its deep Gold titanium-coated finish. Also included are ear-hooks, a ballistic nylon carrying case, a cable clip and a single set of replacement Silicone Hollow Read More

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Bose’s QuietComfort 20i

Bose has earned a reputation for being the last word in home audio for a number of years, and with the release of its QuietComfort 20i earphones, they’re sure to hold on to the top spot a little longer. In typical Bose fashion, they pack a lot of value and functionality into a very small, lightweight product. These particular buds are perfect for iPhone, iPod and iPad. They boast advanced noise reduction rivaling any full-sized headphone, but also feature an “Aware” mode that allows you to hear what’s going on in the environment while still listening to your tunes. It’s Read More

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Jamboo Headphones

If you’re looking for a high end sound, but don’t want to spring for something as expensive as Beats, then you may be in luck with these Jamboo Headphones. Each one is manufactured with bamboo wood on the earpieces, middle connector, and headphone jack. The cord that you see through the packaging is woven with cotton and styled with a beach theme. This is just one of many designs that Jamboo currently has available, with each one taking a natural inspiration. There’s also Harmony Tree for you woodsy types and Night Sky if your thoughts be dark. And let’s not Read More

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Beats By Dr. Dre: The New Beats Studio, Redesigned And Reimagined

The new Beats Studio bearing the Beats by Dr. Dre branding was announced on Wednesday at the Beats Electronics website, and we’ve got to say, it looks like a winner. Boasting the Beats Acoustic Engine (BAE), it’s a complete redesign (or reimagining in Hollywood terms) of the classic with a streamlined look, feel, and fit. This time around, lighter materials were used as well as “increased strength, improved flexibility and an acute attention to detail,” the press release stated. “There are no visible screws. There are no straight lines. The new design also features an ergonomic adjustment mechanism around the Read More

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OnBeat Solar Powered Headphones + Charger

OnBeat Solar Headphones feature an integrated flexible solar cell covering the full headband. This power source allows you to capture energy from the sun while you’re on the move. The cell boasts a surface area of 55 cubic centimeters and has a capacity-for-charge of around 0.55W. The energy comes from a pair of lightweight Lithium Ion batteries that you’ll find inside the two ear cups, giving you a balanced fit. And if you’re dealing with a series of rainstorms, don’t worry. On rainy days, USB will allow you to charge directly from a computer or socket. Compatible with your smartphone Read More

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Parrot Zik Headphones

Part of the problem of a set of over-the-ear headphones is the bulkiness factor. With the Zik Touch-Activated Bluetooth Headphones, Parrot seeks to correct that problem with some of the most compact full-sized headphones you’ll ever own. Zik Headphones also allow you to load software directly to your smartphone and work all the controls from there. Noise cancellation, volume control, updating firmware, and checking battery life, are all things you can do with just a swipe here and a button-push there. And speaking of battery life, you’ll get more than five hours with these babies without having to make a single Read More

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Crossfade LP2 Special Edition Matte Black Metal

There’s just something about a set of quality over-ear headphones that is far preferable to earbuds. They soothe and comfort the entire ear while locking out outside noise. They immerse you in the world of the sound and keep your focus where it needs to be. With the Crossfade LP2 Special Edition Matte Black Metal headphones, you get a sleek looking contribution to the over-ear market, wrapped in gun metal for extra durability and cushioned by replaceable memory foam. Ears stay comfortable, sound stays in. And the steel flex headband fits a wide range of melons. Definitely can’t hurt its Read More

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Harman Kardon CL On-Ear Headphones

The Classic – or CL for short – on-ear headphones by Harman Kardon are designed to blend “sophistication and simplicity.” And it appears they’ve succeeded. They don’t just look great and fit comfortably, but also pack a serious technological punch too, offering unrivaled sound quality. They feature high-performance drivers that produce an excellent frequency response and a unique baffle extends low frequencies to provide better bass response – something not all headphones offer, even in the same class. The over-ear headbands on the CL come in two sizes, allowing for the perfect fit that has been “crafted to maximize user comfort.” You won’t find Read More

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