Meet Skybuds, The Most Advanced Wireless Earbuds Ever

Wireless headphones might sound good on paper, but in practice they always end up being more of a hassle than they’re worth. They require near-constant charging and chances are that your power/USB Read More

q-Jays EarBuds Are The Best. Period.

Tired of earbuds which make your favorite Kanye album sound like the sound produced when rubbing two pieces of aluminum foil together? You need to check out the new $320 q-Jays earbuds. Read More

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AfterShokz’s Trekz Titanium Is Pure Sweet Bone-Conducting Goodness

If you’re the type of person who likes outdoor activities and especially enjoys listening to music while engaging in the said activities then Aftershokz is for you. Unlike in-ear wireless headphones which Read More

Dot Is The Best Bluetooth Headset We’ve Seen Yet

If you’re tired of looking like some kind of cyborg or pretentious wantrepreneur when you’re talking on the phone then maybe its time to get Dot. Dot is the world’s smallest Bluetooth Read More

Motorola Announces New Moto Pulse And Moto Surround Headphones

Motorola’s had a pretty huge week this week. Hot on the heels of several phone announcements, the Lenovo-owned company is also releasing two new headphones aimed at Beats lovers as well as Read More

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Protect Your Headphones With The Power Of Magnets

Any Mac user out there will tell you that the most convenient feature that Apple computers have is probably MagSafe. For those of you that are unfamiliar, MagSafe is a technology which Read More

Bragi Dash Is CES’ Best New Wireless EarBuds

Run by the former head of design at Harman Kardon, Bragi might not be well known just yet but it definitely comes from a place known for its great design and audio Read More

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The Bold and Beautiful–Syncing Sound and Style

There are many headphones on the market and as the audio industry continues to revolutionize style and sound quality, some of these headphones have piqued our attention. Bang & Olufsen is launching its Read More