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Martin Jetpack P12

HD ONE Headphones: Kicks The Sound, Kills The Hype

Oh, so a Mr. Big Time Rapper endorsed your headphones and you want to charge me $200+ for them? That’s nice. I think I’d rather just take form and functionality for a couple of $20 bills. In yet another blow to the cult of celebrity, Status Audio has taken the approach of simply building the best headphone possible and knocking out all the marketing gimmicks to pass along cost savings to the customer. Check it here: The HD One Headphones kick out sweet sound and kill the hype surrounding this far over-hyped market. Featuring a sweet foldable design, sturdy leather Read More

$40 Buy

Aurisonics Rockets

Most ear-bud headphones have at least one, if not all, of the following problems: they sound small or thin, they permit outside noise, they don’t stay in your ears, and they don’t last. Aurisonics Rockets look to solve all of these issues. They feature 5.1-mm precision dynamic drivers for rich sound that brings out the details in your music. Tri-tab adjustable silicon flanges behind the skin-soft tips give the ear-buds a snug fit in your ear canals, blocking out ambient noise and keeping the buds in your ears even during intense physical activity. The cable on the Aurisonics Rockets is Read More

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The Eagle Has Landed!

We like our Jamboo Headphones around these parts. They have an old-school Bob Marley charm with designs to match. Now the company has rolled out a new offering just in time for the Winter Olympic Games. The Eagle allows you to show your Team USA pride while listening to your favorite Joe Esposito songs (in case you want to train alongside our representatives). (If that doesn’t make you a great athlete, I don’t know what does.) Anyhow, the headphones are gorgeous, patriotic, and they incorporate a nice addition you won’t find on many other lightweight buds — a bamboo microphone. Read More

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ShareBuds MX2

ShareBuds MX2 headphones offer a unique way for you and a friend or family member to enjoy music, movies, and gaming together. How does it work? Well, they’re four buds wired to hear the same thing, even when there is only one jack to choose from. If you travel often with a significant other or a friend, and you’d like to enjoy the same in-flight entertainment, these are the answer. They’re also good for parent-child time or simply rocking out to the same tune with a friend. It’s a simple invention that you can pick up now from IndieGogo, and Read More

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Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset Delivers Amplified Stereo Sound

Simply playing video games isn’t good enough…we need to get IN the game. The Ear Force X12 helps you do this by delivering immersive sound. The headphones feature 50-mm speakers for crystal clear audio. Highs come through crisply and lows sound robust while remaining balanced on the frequency spectrum. Feeling like you’re inside the game isn’t only more enjoyable; it gives you an edge within the game. You’ll be able to hear enemy footsteps more quickly, giving you more time to react. You’ll be able to pick up on sounds that don’t come through television speakers clearly. In a competitive gaming Read More

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15 Headphones That Beat The Beats

Now that Oprah’s named Beats by Dre as one of her favorite products of 2013, it’s probably time to consider other headphones. Sure, Beats deliver bold bass and a slick look, but there are plenty of other headphones that help you rock out in style. We look at the best of the bunch right here. Sennheiser Momentum Sennheiser Momentum headphones line up well with the price and appearance of the Beats Black Studio model. Like the Black Studio, the Momentum comes in black, and black leather on the headband with red stitching evinces quality before you put on the headphones Read More

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No Headphones? Just Wear This Beanie!

The next time you leave your headphones at home don’t worry because the 1 voice Beanie has you covered. If you are like me then wearing headphones can be a chore. The wires always seem to get in the way, and if that doesn’t happen you end the day with an earache. But 1 voice Beanie works differently. Simply pair the audio device of your choice to the Bluetooth speakers, and the premium sound system does the rest. Use it for jogs, the subway or just anytime you want to be alone with your music. It’s fashionable, tightly knit, and Read More

Klipsch Status Over-Ear Headphones

Klipsch STATUS headphones are an incredibly durable, slick looking innovation in sound. If you’re familiar with top of the line glasses and eyewear, then the Grilamid material name is familiar. If not, imagine the toughest material you can, and then multiply that by about 10. That is how durable this stuff is. If you’re someone who is constantly breaking your headphones, Klipsch STATUS is an option based on six decades of technological know-how. An over ear headphone in pearl white or black leather finish, STATUS’s memory phone earpads offer unprecedented sensitivity at 110dB. Additionally, 16Hz-23kHz frequency response brings crystal clear Read More

$250 Buy