Baladéo Mushroom Knife: An Essential For All You ‘Shroom Hunters

Ducati Monster Diesel Edition

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Rokbell: The 6 In 1 Pushup Stand

From creator Erik Rokisky and Kickstarter comes the latest innovation in that greatest of all upper body workouts, the pushup. Introducing the Rokbell 6-In-1 Pushup Stand. Quite simply, it can be used as a kettlebell, dip bar, log weight, unstable pushup stand, or mobility tool. Rokisky is a 21-year-old college student, who developed the Rokbell as a solution for the five days of the week when you can’t meet with your personal trainer. The advantages of Rokbell are that it saves you time and is conducive to working out on the go; it saves you space and negates the need for bulky Read More

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Xiaomi Fitness Band: One Wearable Worth The Try

You may know Xiaomi from its popular line of Chinese smartphones, but the company has recently thrown its hat into the wearables market with a fitness band that costs a ridiculously inexpensive $13. Known as the Mi Band, it features sensors for tracking a variety of health metrics while also acting as an alarm clock. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun premiered the band earlier this week at a live event, and from the looks of things, this is a wearable actually worth trying out, if for nothing else, the price point. Mi Band can also last 30 days on a full charge, Read More

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Brogamats: Yoga Mats For Dudes

Always thought yoga was for women and wimps until I actually tried it. Then I decided that it was either still for women and wimps only and I fell in to the latter category, or it was good enough for all of us. We’ll go with the second option. And since yoga now has the inStash Man Seal of Approval, why not go all in with Brogamats? The Brogamat is a yoga mat for guys, and there are several great options other than the felled tree trunk you see above. You can also order a mat in burrito, flannel, quiver Read More

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The Outdoor Strider: A Great Indoor Workout, Even Outdoors

This exercise machine is designed to withstand the elements and provides a low impact workout outdoors. The strider possesses a sturdy steel frame, stainless steel hardware, and an exterior coating that resists rust, corrosion, chips, and UV discoloration. It’s a weather-resistant build enabling a joint-friendly cardiovascular workout in the fresh air and sunshine, an environment that researchers have found encourages longer and more satisfying exercise sessions. Simply place your feet on the pedals and hold the handgrips, gliding legs back and forth to work the lower body without stressing the joints. Using the rotating handlebars, which swing back and forth Read More

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WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine may be the best workout you ever have — it’s certainly the quietest! Using a water flywheel that replicates actual rowing, it will help you work 84 percent of your muscle mass while keeping things smooth, quiet and self-regulated. The frame is built from honey oak and solid ash for additional absorption of sound and vibration. Digging deeper into the functionality, the WaterRower utilizes a Series 4 performance monitor that tells you everything you need to know about your workout — intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, calories burned, and more. Pick yours up from the Read More

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ABXCORE Brings You A Next Generation Ab Workout

We’re always looking for ways to carve out a six-pack of abs — provided those ways don’t include eating right — and while we may not have found it with the ABXCORE, we did uncover a cool new workout device for that specific muscle group. With ABXCORE, you can isolate your muscle groups — obliques, lower abs and rectus abdomens — while controlling your range of motion and helping you build excellent core strength, which leads to better stability all-around. You can pick up one of these devices now from Kickstarter for the early bird price of $130. Supplies are limited, Read More

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Massage Track: Parlor Quality Rubdown For A One-Time Fee

Confession time: I’ve only had a deep tissue massage once in my entire life. It was in Miami at a professional parlor, and it was amazing. When you’re married and lugging around a kid, though, it isn’t always possible to recreate the experience on a regular basis — until now. Yes, for those of us with busy lives, we can bring the experience home in the Massage Track line of products, which use simple design and tennis balls to give you the best massage you’ll ever have at home. The $75 price tag will get you a set of specialty Read More

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Zoobells: Kettlebells For The Beast Inside You

If you’ve ever hit the free weights, unlike those mamby-pambys that flock to the weight machine, then you know just how awesome of a workout the kettle bell can be. Unfortunately, it usually comes in the form of a boring hunk of round metal with a handle attached. Luckily, the team behind Zoobells has corrected the error. With Zoobells, you get the same great kettle bell workout, only this time you get it from something poured by hand and resembling an animal likeness to match your inner beast. You can buy your lion or wolf kettle bells now directly from Read More

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