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Zoobells: Kettlebells For The Beast Inside You

If you’ve ever hit the free weights, unlike those mamby-pambys that flock to the weight machine, then you know just how awesome of a workout the kettle bell can be. Unfortunately, it usually comes in the form of a boring hunk of round metal with a handle attached. Luckily, the team behind Zoobells has corrected the error. With Zoobells, you get the same great kettle bell workout, only this time you get it from something poured by hand and resembling an animal likeness to match your inner beast. You can buy your lion or wolf kettle bells now directly from Read More

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The Feed: A Netflix Of Nutrition

The older I get, the more I realize I’m getting left behind in the physical fitness department by my younger counterparts. Nothing is more discouraging than going to the gym and trying to lift what I used to lift, while stealing a glimpse of the younger guys who are benching 300, 350 pounds like it’s nothing. One key to the success of any guy who looks like a non-puffy Greek god is that they have the right nutritional concoction down. Me, I wouldn’t know where to begin — what products would I need, and how would I even use them? Read More

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MegaBar: The Only Gym Membership You’ll Ever Need

One thing that we really love around here at inStash is a product that can simplify the way that we approach our fitness routines. While gym memberships can be a great social outlet, far too often we fall out of the routine of taking care of our bodies as these membership fees continue to pile up with no recognizable benefit. To prevent this from happening, we’ve found that it’s cheaper and easier to take care of everything at home. But who has the room for all the equipment to work the various muscle groups of their body? We don’t. That’s Read More

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Zombie Bells

We’re not sure about you guys, but some days at the gym, we truly feel like zombies. But working out is actually a part of life unless you want to be one of the walking dead. That being said, if you can’t beat them, join ‘em! That’s right. Some wisenheimers have gotten together and realized the full potential of the kettle-bell as a double for zombie heads. The Zombie Bells are available in four different sizes. On the low end, there is the 18-pound bell. That one will run you a round $43 on its own. At the high end, Read More

MOUS Shaker Bottle May Be The Last You Ever Need

It would be embarrassing to tell you how many shaker bottles I’ve been through in my herky-jerky, start-and-stop fitness routine. Most of them have only held up to a few uses because, inevitably, I forget to rinse it out when returning home from the gym. Once that happens, it can be difficult ever using it again without a funny (and by funny we mean gross) smell accompanying it. Enter the Mous Shaker Bottle, now available on Kickstarter. Mous uses a round-bottom, modular design that ensures an easy clean. There are no corners for drink mix to build up on, a Read More

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The XBAR: 100 Workouts In The Palm Of Your Hand

The XBAR is one of those rare pieces of gym equipment that actually gives aging, slightly out-of-shape guys like myself a breath of hope. For starters, it was created by one of us in Damian Sanders of Irvine, California. Like most guys, he got busy with the complexities of life — business, marriage, children — and stopped exercising altogether. Then one day, he was testing an old bent shower rod and thought, “Wow, this works great.” From there, he developed a prototype that looked like your traditional curl bar but added cable connectivity for a resistance training program consisting of Read More

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Briefcase Fitness Trainer For Exercise Junkies On The Go

Fitness means commitment and it means working out wherever you are.  It can’t be boxed in by time or space.  Hammacher Schlemmer retails a fold-up portable gym that allows for a variety of exercises with the pulley model. Specifically, 40 polyurethane bands bring strength resistance for working the forearms, biceps, hamstrings–all muscle groups.  They run 5 to 75 lbs.  You can turn it into a rowing machine for a great cardio workout, right in your hotel room. It’s important to realize that the fold-up, portable gym also comes with exercise DVD’s and a nutrition guide.  It’s nice to find some Read More

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Runner’s Speaker Vest: No Headphones, No Problem

If you were born in 1980 or later, it’s very likely that your idea of shared public space–a library, a coffee shop, a pathway in a park–is that it should probably contain some noise, preferably if that noise comes from you. For you, the runner’s speaker vest, which projects music from your shoulders out into the open air.  To be fair, if you’re running on a typical road, you’re surrounded by engine noise and the possibility of the sounds of a car stereo coming from an open window, so may as well live it up. The item is thoughtful enough Read More

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