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Grillbot Makes Grill Cleanup A Cinch

Grilling is awesome. Cleaning your grill sucks. But if you’re gonna churn out perfect steaks, burgers, and chicken thighs, you can’t have all that caked grease from last week’s feast on your grill. You can brush it when you’re done grilling and eating, but who wants to do that when they’re all fat and happy? You can scrape it right before your next sesh, but are you really gonna remember? So, how do you make easier work of cleaning your grill? The Grillbot, that’s how. It’s like a grill-maid that comes in to do the dirty work when you need Read More

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Porter BBQ Prep Containers

The Porter BBQ Tray gives guys everything they need to hit the grill with just one trip required. Separated compartments for raw meat and cooked allow you to keep them separated on-the-fly. The open compartment at the side holds all of your sauces and tools. Smaller compartments allow you to deal with the sides. It’s essentially a cookout-king and tailgater’s dream come true. The largest covered container is 10″ x 11″ while the second largest is 6.5″ x 8,” and the third is 5″ x 8.” Numbers two and three have curved designs. Each compartment features a lid, and can be Read More

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Spinarri Automatic BBQ Skewers

The Spinarri Automatic BBQ Skewers have just launched via Kickstarter, and we think you grillmasters are going to love them. Once everything has been arranged the way you want it — wings, sausages, any other type of impaled protein — you can simply set this contraption atop the grill and let modern engineering do the rest. One Spinarri consists of a stainless steel frame, four skewers, a dual lid, two grill motors, a cleaning pad, and a service tool. This makes kebobs a breeze as the meats slowly baste in their own juices and cook to a plump perfection without Read More

Lotus Grill

A tad later today, we’ll be bringing you the second in our series of Fourth of July recipes, but little good any of them will do you if you don’t have a quality grill for cooking. The Lotus Grill is a smart, colorful gadget that allows you to have charcoal cooking without all the smoke, which is very good news for you city dwellers. Lotus manages to cook quickly and evenly thanks to a battery-powered fan that is able to keep all the heat directed where it needs to go — right into the meat. And for the interior design Read More

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Weber Performer Platinum Charcoal Grill

The Weber Performer Platinum Charcoal Grill is about as top-of-the-line as you can get when it comes to those burning coals that make such delicious Fourth of July burgers. With a 22.5-inch diameter porcelain-enameled bowl and lid and a cooking area of 363 square inches, this is the only grill you’ll ever need for outdoor barbecues moving forward. Featuring an Electronic Touch-N-Go gas ignition system, you’ll be off and cooking in no time. And after you’re through, the aluminized steel One-Touch cleaning system and removable, high-capacity, aluminum ash catcher, will ensure messes stay minimized. Last but not least, this version Read More

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Stuff-A-Burger Press

The Stuff-A-Burger Press from Sur La Table would have come in very handy the other night when I was trying to impress the little lady with my cheese-stuffed burger patties. While it wasn’t the worst failure of my career (in failures), it certainly didn’t turn out the way I would have hoped. But this device takes the guesswork out of whether your cheese, sun-dried tomatoes or chocolate sauce is making its way throughout the entire patty. Simply layer in, mold, remove the newly formed patty, and throw it on the grill (the patty, not the Stuff-A-Burger press — there’s a Read More

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Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

It may be June 1, and college football season may still seem like a thousand years away, but it’ll be here before you know it, and the last thing that you want is to be caught in the middle of tailgating season without the proper grilling equipment. With the Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill, you can have gas-powered awesomeness at your fingertips wherever the game takes you. Locking legs and a portable lid ensure stability and safety. There’s also about 160 inches of cooking space, which means you’ll be able to fill your stomach (and anyone else’s) long before the Read More

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iGrill Bluetooth Meat Thermometer And App

Having friends over for a nice cookout (or cook-in, for that matter) is part of what summer fun was built upon. But there’s nothing more annoying than constantly doing the marathon between engaging conversation and checking the meat to see if it’s done yet. Now with the iGrill Bluetooth Meat Thermometer (and app), you won’t have to. The iGrill works up to 200 feet away. It utilizes Bluetooth technology to send you a notification (computer or smartphone, doesn’t matter) letting you know the good news that it’s time to eat. The digital readout couldn’t make things any simpler. For grill Read More

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