The Book Of ‘Unnecessary’ Quotation Marks

Maybach Exelero

Zombie Bells

Death Star Trench Toss

We’re going in! Fresh from the Star Wars Universe, and those swell guys at ThinkGeek, we’ve got the Death Star Trench Toss for your perusal today. Basically, it’s a game of beanie toss or horseshoes. Your object is to strike the dreaded battle station’s one key flaw and blow the entire Empire to Hell. You’ll do this with “beanies” in the shape of X- and H-Wing fighters, just like in episode four, “A New Hope.” Relive the classic 1977 film with every cookout, family get together, and birthday party. To add to the authenticity, you might even consider wearing a Read More

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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Dice Set

The Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Dice Game Set finally gives one a more refined way to play that childhood classic. any time you need a decision made on anything as trivial as what movie to go see or as important as which girl to go out with, this set of seven colored die allow you to make the right decision as fate would have you. Of the six sides, five are devoted to the game’s namesake — Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, and Spock. (We’re assuming Spock is the most powerful and would therefore trump everyone.) The sixth side is Read More

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Putter Pool Indoor Game

Next time the family gets into an argument over whether to play putt-putt golf or billiards — as we’re sure that happens all the time — you’ll have a nice compromise to give them in the Putter Pool Indoor Game, which combines miniature golf and billiards into one glorious pastime that’s fun for the whole family. The package comes complete with balls, clubs, rack, and a playing surface that makes for smooth putting and is conducive to trick shots aplenty. If the fam has been complaining about how there’s nothing new to do, HearthSong has just given you the comeback Read More

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Cards Against Humanity

Sony can announce all the PlayStations they want, and Microsoft can be right behind with their Xbox 720. But no video game will be able to completely replace the joy of a good card game, and with Cards Against Humanity, you get just that, even though you may want to pick and choose the cast of characters that you decide to invite. Cards Against Humanity can get quite offensive and hilarious depending on which combinations of cards that you and your friends are able to conjure. Example: Card #1: “Rumor has it that Vladimir Putin’s favorite dish is _____ stuffed Read More

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Finger Hockey Desktop Office Game

Running out of things to do down at the office and don’t want to start on any actual work? Then you need the Finger Hockey Desktop Office Game. The kit comes with everything you see in the picture. Just slide the “leg pads” on your fingers and see if you can’t keep your opponent out of the net. What’s great about this version of the sport is that, unlike air hockey, you don’t need any pesky batteries, and unlike real hockey, you neither need to learn how to ice skate or fight to be effective. Unless, of course, the boss Read More

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Indoor Basketball Returning Hoop

Get in to the game this March Madness season. Whether you’re at home or work, you can join the teams of the NCAA in using board, net, and trajectory to your advantage as you shoot your way to bragging rights all from the laziness of your chair. With the Indoor Basketball Returning Hoop, you can perfect that shot without actually having to elevate your heart rate. The mechanism is a scaled down basketball backboard and net with the only difference being when you land a shot, it falls in to the funnel and is ejected back across the room to Read More

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Knokkers Bowling Ball Billiards

Knokkers Bowling Ball Billiards may have just come up with the perfect hybrid bar game. The “billiards table” stands about one foot off the ground and is made of the same felt material as its smaller brethren. The only difference is that you can stand up on this one and walk around thanks to its 15′ x 30′ size. The balls are about the size of bowling balls but fashioned to look like over-sized pool balls. From there, game-play is self-explanatory. Your goal is to make the shots you’d normally make in a game of pool, but use your bowling Read More

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Ford Mustang Pool Table

We’ve never known a guy, who liked the Ford Mustang that didn’t also light up at the chance for a game of billiards. Why not combine the two passions into one really awesome gift for him? And by “him,” we mean us. Seriously, inStashers, why not chip in and purchase one of these for us? We’ll send you the address and everything! In all seriousness, this is so unbelievably retro-cool, that we’re ruined for a regular game of eight-ball at the pool hall. The chrome bumpers are real. The lights work. The tires are a kickable rubber. And the black Read More

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