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MOGA Pro Controller

The MOGA Pro Controller allows you to play your Android 2.3+ Bluetooth enabled games all day every day, at least until you run out of battery power. Simply connect to the wireless controller and turn your smartphone into a mini-arcade or stay disconnected and let the Bluetooth take over for you. Your choice. This special edition also comes with a USB charging cable, hours of off-the-hook gameplay, and only the best darn classic arcade game imaginable in Namco’s Pac-Man. Also includes tablet stand for the same great games on a bigger screen. No word on if an iOS version will Read More

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Joystick-It Arcade Stick for iPhone

The thing that we love about the guys at ThinkGeek are that they are old souls with a flare for modern tech, and the Joystick-It Arcade Stick for iPhone is proof of this. Let’s face it. The swiping on your smartphone just gets really unreliable after a while. I mean, eventually you run out of room! You can remove it, reposition it, and even add a second for dual-stick gaming. The laser-etched traction on the top of the stick provides further stability at no cost of blisters to your fingers. Yes, they’ve thought of everything, and now you’ll never have Read More

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Borderlands 2 Swag Chest

Who among you counts yourself among the hardcore gamer? ThinkGeek’s got a swag chest that you’re really going to like if you fit the description. Straight from the world of Borderlands 2, you’ll get the nifty chest with all sorts of goodies inside. Those goodies include Vault Hunters Wanted Posters, a replica Goliath mask (for scaring the kids and dog), Legendary Item Cards, Window Decals, and a certificate of authenticity (in case anyone accuses you of making the stuff yourself). While you may just want to stick with making things dead on the game itself, this is a cool extra Read More

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Beer Pong Arcade

Once you’ve had the chance to partake of the 202 Swiss beers we featured in our last post, you may be practiced up enough to go all in for a game of Beer Pong. And to do that, you’re going to need the Beer Pong Arcade Game. This behemoth weighs about 400 pounds, so expect to pay a little shipping in the process, but if you and your dorm/frat buddies or roommates go in on it, shouldn’t be too much of  a cost. The only tough part will be fighting over who gets custody when/if one of you moves out. Read More

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Delta Six FPS Controller

With the Delta Six FPS Controller from designer David Kotkin, you couldn’t make your firefights on Call of Duty feel any more authentic unless you were actually out there on the battlefield. This thing resembles an assault weapon to a tee, but the only killing that it will be able to do is in-game (or self if you’re dumb enough to point it at a cop). Completely compatible with PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC, you will never have to feel limited as to the system of choice. Currently, Kotkin has this going as part of a Kickstarter campaign, but Read More


Microsoft has finally done it. They’ve brought every daydream you ever had about entering the world of your video game to life via IllumiRoom. This amazing projector augments reality and extends the world of the game into your living room (or whatever room you choose for gaming). Through a little trick called peripheral projection illusions, the device can turn a racing game into a day at the track; a Star Wars game into a real life space opera; and a boxing match into 12 grueling rounds for the heavyweight championship. You can use it to target what elements you want Read More

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Death Star Trench Toss

We’re going in! Fresh from the Star Wars Universe, and those swell guys at ThinkGeek, we’ve got the Death Star Trench Toss for your perusal today. Basically, it’s a game of beanie toss or horseshoes. Your object is to strike the dreaded battle station’s one key flaw and blow the entire Empire to Hell. You’ll do this with “beanies” in the shape of X- and H-Wing fighters, just like in episode four, “A New Hope.” Relive the classic 1977 film with every cookout, family get together, and birthday party. To add to the authenticity, you might even consider wearing a Read More

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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Dice Set

The Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Dice Game Set finally gives one a more refined way to play that childhood classic. any time you need a decision made on anything as trivial as what movie to go see or as important as which girl to go out with, this set of seven colored die allow you to make the right decision as fate would have you. Of the six sides, five are devoted to the game’s namesake — Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, and Spock. (We’re assuming Spock is the most powerful and would therefore trump everyone.) The sixth side is Read More

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