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Bond Poker Set

James Bond is back in a big way. From the highly successful Daniel Craig movies to the Amazon book re-issues, it seems that you can’t go anywhere nowadays without encountering 007. Now it’s time we added the gaming table to the mix. This Bond Poker Set from Ralph Lauren delivers a high-quality set of chips and cards in a walnut box with carbon fiber leather and a pullout drawer. Also on the inside, you’ll find polished nickel and powder-coated game pieces that will definitely enhance the environment of the game. The box itself is four inches high and 4 3/4″ Read More

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8 Bit Playing Cards

Video games today may be far superior in complexity, graphics, and functionality but they have a long way to go when it comes to good old-fashioned retro fun. For any of you who would rather play a game on a mobile phone or the old Nintendo more than Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we give you 8 Bit Playing Cards. This recently finished Kickstarter campaign blew its funding goal out of the water, and once you lay eyes on the creativity of design and the attention to detail you’ll completely understand why. These cards look like they leaped out of Read More

Just Chillin Beer Pong Table

Beer pong tables are a bit of a passion for us here at inStash. Call it a love for all things competitive, or maybe it’s just our inner Vince Vaughn Old School character crying to get out. Until now, most of the tables we’ve brought you have been pretty one-dimensional. While they’re still cool — no one’s saying you need to be 3D to be cool — few served any other purpose beyond the game itself. Along comes Just Chillin,’ and now you get more than a beer pong table, but a table that actually chills your beer for you Read More

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SEGA Genesis Arcade Portable

Remember when video games were actually games and not just self-involved movie-game hybrids with graphics that look more realistic than the last three Star Wars films? Back in those days, it was all about fun, and it didn’t get much better than the SEGA Genesis. Now ThinkGeek will allow you to relive those days with all the convenience of modern technology. Play in front of the TV, on the toilet, at work, you name it. This Arcade Portable comes with 80 games built in, meaning that if you liked it or owned it back when the original SEGA Genesis was Read More

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Log Chess Set

Nothing beats a great game of chess — ah, who are we kidding? We stink. But that doesn’t mean that you have to. From artisan Peter Marigold, the Log Chess Set gives you a chance to indulge your smarter competitive side as you do battle with whoever you can find that actually knows how to play. In so doing, you can allow the game to play out with some expertly carved pieces that will make you swear up and down that you’re in the middle of the forest as you move for a checkmate (and royal facial scrub) on your Read More

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District MFG Shuffleboard Table

Ever wanted to bring the barroom to the living room (but without all the drunken brawls, of course)? District MFG Shuffleboard Table gives you that opportunity with a top-of-the-line piece of gaming equipment that looks like you loaded up your favorite watering hole’s gaming attraction and took it home with you. The playing surface is made with reclaimed oak wood and the borders boast eight sweet ounces of dyed leather for a real touch of class. Last but not least, the metal framing lends the support this baby needs to hold up during game after game. All you’ve got to Read More

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Whispering Imps Playing Cards

When I think imp, I’m reminded of that flick Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark — both the 1970s version and the one from Guillermo del Toro. While those movies weren’t exactly the best horrors in the world of cinema, they did have some pretty creepy creatures, and now with Whispering Imps Playing Cards, you can be reminded of them every time you shuffle the deck. The suits themselves don’t look all that different, but the quality is still top-drawer. Throw in a really cool black box with a red imp, and you’ve got a nice deck, affordably priced, that Read More

Anki Drive

Anki Drive promises “a new kind entertainment,” according to the blurb in the iTunes App Store. Yet another announcement, which came at E3, this attempts to bring the racing video game to the real world with cars that are equipped with sensors and intelligent software to make potentially thousands of decisions each second. These controls allow each car, which you will have to buy separately, to go at breakneck speeds and turn on a dime. “Engineered to think and designed to win,” the cars promise you and your buds a good time, like Hot Wheels on steroids. App is currently Read More

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