Riding Tide Is Civilization: Beyond Earth’s First Big Expansion

Big news coming out of Firaxis for all of you Civilization fans. The critically acclaimed Alpha Centauri successor, Civilization: Beyond Earth, will be getting its first expansion pack later on this year. Read More

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is Out Today

Mention “The Witcher” in a circle of gamers and you’re likely to get one of two responses: praise and disgust, depending on if your first introduction to the series was with The Read More

Oculus Rift Release Slated For 2016

Gamers and tech nerds around the world rejoice! The Oculus Rift is nearly here. While developer units have been floating around for what seems like forever now, we finally have information on Read More

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MindLeap Is The Only Virtual Reality Headset That Will Read Your Thoughts

These days everyone and their mother is developing a virtual reality headset. With so many choices, how does one stand out in a hyper-competitive market filled with “me too” products? The answer Read More

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PlayStation TV Is Worth A Buy

Last year Sony debuted its PlayStation TV, an effort to compete with the likes of Apple TV, and Roku. So far, Sony hasn’t managed to dominate the world of set-top boxes but Read More

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Turn Your iPhone Into A GameBoy With Hyperkin’s ‘Smart Boy’ Case

The Hyperkin Gameboy add-on for the iPhone isn’t an April Fool’s joke although it started off as one. Thanks to the supportive feedback from thousands of nostalgic gamers, Hyperkin has actually now Read More

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Embrace Your Nostalgia With The Mini Emu Retro Gaming Console

Retro gamers rejoice! There’s a new way to play your favorite handheld and console games right on your TV. Meet Mini Emu, the Raspberry Pi-powered Kickstarter project which hopes to be your Read More

Vector Releases Luna & Meridian Smartwatches

Watchmaker Vector made quite a splash at the 2015 Baselworld tradeshow when it announced its newest smartwatches, Luna and Meridian. Unlike the majority of smartwatches on the market now, both Luna (Circular Read More