Boost Your Laptop’s Graphical Capabilities With OCuLink

Laptop gamer? You’re probably frustrated with the thought of having to change your laptop every time a sick new game is released. Truth is that if you care about games and gaming Read More

Analogue Nt Just Made The Most Awesome Looking NES Ever

Are you a retro gamer with a lot of money to spend? Then why not treat yourself to the most luxurious retro gaming experience ever: The Analogue Nt. Made out of a Read More

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Sony Releases New PlayStation 4 1 TB Ultimate Player Edition

Have you been holding off on getting a PS4? If you answered “yes” to that question then here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for: Sony just released fresh details on its newest Read More

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1337 Gamer? You Need The New Xbox One Elite Controller

Are you a totally 1337 gamer? Then you might want to get your hands on the new Xbox One Elite Controller by Microsoft. Arguably the most advanced game controller ever to come Read More

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Get Your Own Fallout Pip-Boy By Preordering Fallout 4 Today!

Are you a Fallout fanboy? If so then you’ve probably always wanted your very own Pip-Boy. I mean, who doesn’t want their own awesome wrist-mounted retro-futuristic gadget right!? Luckily for you, if Read More

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Live Your Farming Dream With Saitek’s New Peripheral

For many of us, there’s just something about living off the land which is extremely appealing. Even so, we know that we’ve been so conditioned by the comforts of modern society that Read More

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This Adapter Will Let You Use Your Xbox One Controller With Your Windows 10 PC

Hot on the heels of its 1TB Xbox One announcement, Microsoft decided to pull a move right out of Apple’s playbook and announce “one more thing”. The Redmond-based company unveiled a wireless Read More

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Microsoft Releases Xbox One With A 1TB Storage Capacity

Have you been holding out on buying an Xbox One because the storage capacity didn’t meet your needs? If so then today is your lucky day! Microsoft just officially launched a Matte Read More

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