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Baladéo Mushroom Knife: An Essential For All You ‘Shroom Hunters

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I am right on the verge of understanding this concept.  If someone told me what it does and why I would want to do any of those things, I’d be right there. I can tell you that Ozobot has something to do with gaming and somehow with bridging digital and analog worlds, but that mostly seems to apply to a robot running around on a surface, which isn’t really a bridge to me.  The apps listed on the kickstarter page–never mentioned in the video–have to do with racing, luck, and mazes.  So if you like those things and want a Read More

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Demon: The Descent Prestige Edition

World of Darkness fans, rejoice. Well, in your own sullen way. Creators Rose Bailey and Matthew McFarland have just wrapped up their Kickstarter campaign for Demon: The Descent Prestige Edition, an RPG storybook that blends a spy thriller with gnostic mysticism. The campaign raised almost four times its goal, so this project is a go. In Demon: The Descent, you’re an agent that’s fallen out of the good graces of the God-Machine and become one of the Unchained. Hell is your refuge from the God-Machine and agents still loyal to it. You can use powers to alter the World of Read More

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Mini Beer Pong

Sure, you could buy other versions of Mini Beer Pong from the team at Scienz, including one that’s less than half the price, but why would you want to? This expertly carved, gorgeous piece of wood brings all the action of BP into close quarters complete with medieval catapults and enough shot cups to turn a single game into a full-scale party. This set has all the aesthetics that you could want while also featuring a lightweight build that makes it a breeze for carrying with you from dorm room to dorm room (provided you’re at least 21, kids). The Read More

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Carbon Fiber Playing Cards Let You Cheat Family Members In Style

Carbon Fiber Playing Cards come as a standard 54-card deck printed on Real Carbon Fiber and cut to the standard poker size of 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Carbon fiber is something you hear a lot about these days. It’s made from very small strands of carbon that are woven into a fabric, which is then combined with a resin and placed into a mold to create complex shapes or laid flat to create a sheet. This particular combination creates a composite material with a very high strength to weight ratio. It’s typically described as being stronger than steel yet lighter Read More

MOGA Ace Turns iPhone Into Handheld Gaming Console

We’ve known about the potential of the iPhone as a handheld gaming device for quite some time, so why has it taken this long for someone to come up with a controller for it? Most of the blame could probably be lain at Apple’s doorstep since it wasn’t until iOS 7 dropped earlier this year that support was even there for video game controller add-ons. Now that it’s arrived, Moga is the first company to step up and take full advantage. With the Moga Ace controller, you can plug in to the lightning connector and enjoy one of the most Read More

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Invoost Stock Trading Game

Be honest, Fantasy Football guys. You may play GM every NFL season, but the likelihood of you ever becoming one is pretty poor. A wealthy investor, on the other hand? Well, odds still aren’t that good but you can at least make some headway. So why not play a fantasy “sport” that actually gets you ready for something you can do in real life? Enter Invoost, the free-to-play online stock trading game that allows you to make real money (depending on how good you are). You can register an account and get to trading without any obligation. They’ll even let Read More

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Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Kit

Everyone loves a good thumb wrestling match. And who didn’t get a tad excited when the lightsabers made an appearance in the Star Wars films? Taking these two wonderful treasures of childhood and combining them into one awesome board game experience is a no-brainer, right? Well, leave it to ThinkGeek to do just that. By strapping on a mini-lightsaber to the top of your thumb and inserting it through the thumb-hole, you and your buddies can determine once and for all whose fingers are those of a true Jedi. The book contains seven different arenas across all six of the Read More

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The Gentlemen 52 Playing Cards

If you’ve never gotten excited about a deck of playing cards, that’s probably because you’ve never laid eyes on the Gentlemen 52 Playing Cards from Scott King. These beauties look like they walked off the set of some seedy western, and they boast designs that are simultaneously rowdy and elegant. Some of the characters you can expect to see: The Handlebar (named after the mustache), the Beard (named after the lady), and the Claus (Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas)! Sweetening the deal is a very cool looking wooden box that looks more suited to a whiskey bottle than a game Read More