Top 5 BlackFriday 2015 Tech Deals

Black Friday is now upon us and that can only mean one thing: amazing deals. We here at inStash have taken the time of compiling the five top gadget deals so you Read More

Game Boy Gets Redesign For The Modern Era

Remember the original Game Boy? The iconic device was not only renown for its great collection of classic games but also for its unapologetically plastic and beautifully bulky retro design. Now some Read More

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Razer Necromances Their Diamondback Mouse Back Into Life

Remember the Razer Diamondback? First released in 2004, the Diamondback featured a breakthrough design with unique contours and a decidedly ambidextrous look. Unfortunately, despite it sort-of kicking off Razer’s unstoppable ascent into Read More

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$90 Buy

Pico Cassettes Prove That Video Game Cartridges Are Back In Style.

Raise your hands if you remember blowing into an 8-bit video game cartridge in order to play your favorite retro game. If so, then you know what a feeling of satisfaction you Read More

Talon Is The World’s First Smart Ring Gaming Controller

Wouldn’t it be great if you could control your games with just the flick of a finger? Innovative motion controlling technologies like the Microsoft Kinect brought us so close, but it seems Read More

$75 Buy

Razer Releases New OSVR 1.3 Virtual Reality Headset

If you’ve been reading inStash for a while now then you might remember Razer’s OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) platform from CES 2015. As its name implies, OSVR is pretty much Razer’s Read More

$299 Buy

Meet The New, Smaller 3DS

The world’s best selling handheld gaming console is getting downsized. After years of creating larger and larger portable gaming systems it’s almost as if Nintendo realized that the reason that people play Read More

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$220 Buy

Your Next Graphics Card Should Be An AMD Radeon R9 Fury X

Although Nvidia has been the market leader in graphics cards for a while now, AMD is never too far behind. Now the Sunnyvale-based company is hoping to leapfrog its competitor with its Read More