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Invite These Norse Gods To Your Next Poker Night

You could search the whole world over and have trouble finding A more manly set of men than the original Vikings. And if the fellas are coming over for poker night, then what better way to welcome them in than with these amazingly crafted Bicycle playing cards that feature hand illustration designs of the Norse warriors themselves? Scott King is the mind behind these bad boys, and it’s safe to say he’s a Viking enthusiast, immediately apparent with the ornate attention to detail that he provides in each and every card included in the set. With still 17 days to Read More

Skirmos: The Laser Tag Game You’ve Always Wanted

Skirmos is a new laser tag system designed to be like your favorite first person shooter in the real world. With Skirmos, you’ll be able to change the color on your laser cannon, keep up with your kills via LCD screen, alter the firing sound effects, and engage with other users for one of the most authentic firefights this side of a Rambo movie. You will also be able to tap in to the code and customize your very own laser tag games thanks to Skirmos’ designers building it as an open source system. There are currently single packages as Read More

LED Beer Pong Tables Bring Light To A Dark World

LED Beer Pong Tables are coming to Kickstarter on March 23, but you can already get a peek at these gorgeous tables over at the official website. What you’ll find is the ultimate regulation-built, tournament-sized beer pong experience. This piece of gaming is perfect for any frat house and has a number of key features that make it even easier to recommend. We’ll start with the lights — all 600 LED RGB Lights, to be exact. Not only do they keep things well-lit in the dark while delivering a TRON-like appearance, they’re also rigged to react to music with a Read More

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The King’s Assembly: An All-In-One PC Gaming Solution

As a casual gamer one of the major things that has kept me away from more PC gaming, is the constant annoyance of moving one’s hand back and forth to the mouse and the keyboard when trying to control a PC game. The King’s Assembly, however, could change all of that with a device that acts as an optical mouse, full keyboard, and analog joystick, in one apparatus. Designed and created by Solid Art Labs of San Francisco, California, the King’s Assembly is now available on Kickstarter, and with more than 40 days left to go, it has already doubled Read More

Monster Montage: These Playing Cards Are Downright Scary

It gets boring taking on ol’ Poker Night with the guys using nothing but the standard Bicycle fare. We like a little color with our deck, and that’s why you’ll hear us talk about decks like Eira Ice and a few of the others we’ve featured over the last few years. Well, finally, we have a deck that taps in to our love of playing cards, and since nothing is scarier than Valentine’s Day, what better time to introduce you to the Monster Montage? Developed by Scott Carey of Tatamy, Pennsylvania, these beauties feature classic monsters and an overall spooky Read More

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Eira Ice Allows You To Play Poker With Snowflakes

Zaid Salman of San Jose, California, sent us the heads-up on his latest Kickstarter project. Considering that it’s about to dump another six inches of snow on us today, and the fact that we often feature cool-looking playing cards on the site, we thought, “What better day to introduce our readers to these Bicycle Eira Ice Playing Cards,” inspired by the beauty of snowflakes? “I’ve always been fascinated with the beauty and symmetry of snowflakes and with the endless variety of shapes they take,” Salman explained. “In the past two years or so, I’ve also gotten interested in playing cards Read More


I am right on the verge of understanding this concept.  If someone told me what it does and why I would want to do any of those things, I’d be right there. I can tell you that Ozobot has something to do with gaming and somehow with bridging digital and analog worlds, but that mostly seems to apply to a robot running around on a surface, which isn’t really a bridge to me.  The apps listed on the kickstarter page–never mentioned in the video–have to do with racing, luck, and mazes.  So if you like those things and want a Read More

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Demon: The Descent Prestige Edition

World of Darkness fans, rejoice. Well, in your own sullen way. Creators Rose Bailey and Matthew McFarland have just wrapped up their Kickstarter campaign for Demon: The Descent Prestige Edition, an RPG storybook that blends a spy thriller with gnostic mysticism. The campaign raised almost four times its goal, so this project is a go. In Demon: The Descent, you’re an agent that’s fallen out of the good graces of the God-Machine and become one of the Unchained. Hell is your refuge from the God-Machine and agents still loyal to it. You can use powers to alter the World of Read More

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