Hypochondriac? Rejiva Will Help You Monitor Your Total Health

Imagine having your own personal doctor with you at all times. With Rejiva, you’ll be getting the complete picture of your health and discover exactly what is affecting how you feel and Read More

Montblanc Reveals The World’s First Smart Watch Band

If you’ve taken a look at the plethora of smart watch offerings that we’ve seen over the past year and have walked away convinced that you prefer your old elegant smart watch Read More

$250 Buy

The Polaroid Cube Is A Tiny But Powerful Camera

Polaroid is back. The company known for its iconic photos has recently released the Cube, a tiny camera which measures just 1.4 inches² and weights 1.6 ounces. Aimed at casual users, this Read More

Meet Luna, Your Personal Robot Assistant

It feels like science fiction has been promising us personal robots for decades now. From R2-D2 to Wall-E, robots have long been a part of our popular culture so where can I Read More

Andromium Transforms Your Android Phone Into A Desktop Computer

Smart phones are truly the future of computing. Imagine being able to have a smart phone which also serves as your desktop PC when you’re at home, and continues to function as Read More

The Kairos T-band Is The Ultimate Smart Watch

The Kairos T-band isn’t a compromise device. It isn’t one of these not-so-smart classy time pieces which are basically glorified fitness trackers, but it isn’t some nerdy-looking device hastily assembled by a Read More

Check Out HP’s New Gorgeous Smart Watch

If you haven’t been impressed with smart watch offerings so far you might want to take a look at the new MB Chronowing. The Chronowing is the result of a collaboration between Read More

$349 Buy

Geek Wave Is The iPod For Audiophiles

Earlier this year Apple discontinued the iconic iPod Classic device and many believe that the iPod line will eventually fizzle out. Does that mean that portable music players are dead? The company Read More