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Top 10: Beers Every Man Should Try

MaKey MaKey Invention Kit

The MaKey MaKey Invention Kit comes from a couple of MIT graduate students, who believe that anyone can be an inventor with the right tools. The guys have already completed a successful round of funding on Kickstarter, earning more than $568,000, and now they’re ready to take their invention to the world. From the image, you can see that MaKey MaKey is a circuit board that looks a little bit like an old Nintendo controller. Switch it over, and you’ll find even more keyboard commands on the back. By plugging the device into your computer’s USB port and then using Read More

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FiLIP SmartWatch

If you’re a dad, then you know how worrisome it can be to not be around your little ones. There are all kinds of whack-jobs out there, and the feeling that you can protect your children in the event of an emergency is an important one. Now thanks to the FiLIP SmartWatch, you can track their movements via a smartphone app whenever you’re not around. By designating safe zones and using the watch’s cellular, GPS, and Wi-Fi triangular tracking system, you’ll know your son or daughter is safe, and if anything questionable should ever arise, you can jump on it Read More

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Uncommon Goods

Sponsored Post The word unique means “one-of-a-kind.” Too bad most of what you see in big-box retail stores hardly ever qualifies. If you’re an uncommon guy who’d rather buy based on quality and craftsmanship, then you need Uncommon Goods, which features a variety of gifts that cover every occasion. Uncommon Goods brings design and manufacturing together in products that are as unique as the Brooklyn Army Terminal from which it operates. The company features exclusive products that you won’t find just anywhere. Games, drinks, grilling, travel, design — each of the items found here define the 21st Century man’s sense Read More

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BC Link Radio From BCA

The BC Link Radio from Back Country Access (BCA) is a two-way communication device that is specifically built for boarders, hikers, skiers, and anyone else who would rather spend more time outside than on a smartphone. Featuring 38 channels, this two-piece has a base and an easy-to-use mic that clips on to a backpack strap or jacket lapel for easy access so you can stay in touch with the members of your party at all times which is particularly handy in avalanche situations. And with the crazy weather patterns we’ve been experiencing lately, there is a very good chance you’ll Read More

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GRAYL: The Water Filtration Cup

GRAYL, the water filtration cup currently kicking up dust (or keeping it out) on IndieGogo, is the perfect accessory for those of you who travel a lot or just want to ensure you’re getting the very best H20 possible here in the US. In 15 to 30 seconds — depending on whether you’re using the filter or purifier — you can have most or all of the waterborne pathogens found in normal tap water completely removed from your 16-ounce cup. (Purifiers have two layers of protection and are recommended for use in the developing world; filters just have one.) You’ll Read More

Spin Chill Beerouette

The Beerouette from Spin Chill is a perfect companion piece to the company’s Chill Bit drill bit. If you haven’t heard of either one, then you could be missing out on one of the coolest tailgating inventions to come along in quite some time. Spin Chill was started by two mechanical engineering majors from the University of Florida who just couldn’t seem to find anything that would adequately chill a bottle or can quickly. Knowing that the act of spinning something continuously in ice for 30 to 60 seconds would do the trick, they first developed the Chill Bit to Read More

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GPS Cookie

The GPS Cookie is a neat little knickknack that we think you’re going to love particularly if you like to travel. Creator Richard Haberkern has created a device that can record your GPS coordinates to a SD card so that wherever you go, you’ll have a permanent, step-by-step record. The downside of any vacation is that you tend to forget more than 50 percent of it six months after getting back home. We can see a tool like the GPS Cookie enabling long-term memory so that you keep more of the experiences that you’ve actually had. Once you’re ready to Read More

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Eco Throwable Fire Extinguisher

The Eco Throwable Fire Extinguisher is essentially a fire safety grenade that teaches an out of control blaze who’s in charge. (In reality, you’ll probably need more than just one of these for really big fires, but from the looks of things, they sure are effective.) The casing is comprised of a breakable plastic that will erupt at no risk to the person throwing, nor other people in the area. The fire, on the other hand, will be on borrowed time thanks to the 500ml agent — around 16.9 fl oz — of ammonium phosphate dibasic and ammonium bicarbonate inside. Read More

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