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Napwell: Take A ‘Smart Nap’ For Your Holiday Hangover

Do you take naps during the day? Do you experience grogginess when you wake up from those naps? Do your naps do more harm than good due to extended recovery time? The Napwell sleep mask offers a solution by significantly reducing grogginess from your naps. Post-nap grogginess actually has a scientific term: “sleep inertia.” Your quick dozing sessions often fall into deep sleep, and abrupt awakening from this sleep-cycle stage causes you to feel tired for awhile afterward. You can have the Napwell gently wake you from your nap after a set amount of time, leaving you feeling refreshed instead Read More

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Get In The Zone With Vigo

Falling asleep: good when you’re in bed, bad when you’re at work, in class, or behind the wheel. Vigo helps you avoid dozing off at inopportune times by tracking your alertness and prodding you to stay awake when necessary. This device looks like a long Bluetooth earpiece, extending out to your eyelid so that it can monitor your blinks. Your eyelid movement and head motion tells Vigo how alert you are, and Vigo tells you when you’re getting drowsy. It sends a pulse through the ear-piece, flickers a discreet LED, or starts playing an energizing song of your choice. Vigo Read More

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Beer Breecher

The Beer Breecher is a neat hybrid that exists in that middle ground between custom knife collection and fancy bottle openers. The project is now underway on Kickstarter, and needs your support. Designed by the Brothers Kroth from Fort Smith, Arkansas, it’s a project that removes the traditional design idea behind other boring bottle openers and instead opts for a look that fits perfectly alongside your collectible pocket knives. The opener blade is crafted from stainless steel. That’s accompanied by wooden handles and fine brass pins. Woods come in a variety of domestic and exotic selections for the Kickstarter products, Read More

ZuniDigital Smart Power Strip

This smart power strip from ZuniDigital is just like your regular power strip only a lot more intelligent. One of its many cool features is that it can offer up a 90 second delay in cutting off power to linked peripheral devices to help eliminate abrubt shutdowns which may cause damage to said devices. A Temporary Controlled Power button provides 90 seconds of power to these same peripheral devices eliminating the need to power up or down the master. Overall you get a wall-mountable 10-outlet design that packs in 2,700 Joules of three-way surge protection. And that’s before you even Read More

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Retrievor GPS Fetches Anything You Want To Track

Forgetful much? With the Retrievor Self-Charging GPS Tracking and Receiving device, go ahead and be as forgetful as you want to be. Memory is so overrated anyway when compared to modern GPS technology. This particular piece of tracking tech is about the size of a quarter and as thick as four of them stacked together. In fact, the Retrievor is so tiny that it measures at just 28 millimeters (or 1.1 inches) in diameter and 10 mm (0.39 inches) in thickness. That means you can attach it to just about anything and use the iPhone, Web, or Android apps — Read More

Dual XGPS160 SkyPro GPS Receiver

Your buddies use their GPS to find cheap tacos or the Taylor Swift autograph signing at the mall (even though they claimed it was The Black Keys).  But you’ve got better plans.  If you’re traveling at high speeds — in your plane, boat, or mountain bike — the Dual XGPS 160 SkyPro GPS Receiver has you covered. This GPS tool is all about fast signals — you pair it with your iPad, iPod, or iPhone, and it delivers the GPS, pronto.  If you want to get technical, it uses WAAS technology and GPS and GLONASS reception.  Its built-in battery lasts Read More

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Toss Out Your Keys With The August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock isn’t designed to work only one month out of the year; it’s “August” as in “inspiring awe or admiration.” And you’re likely to be in awe and admiration of this secure and convenient way of managing access to your home or office. With the August, you use an app on your smartphone or tablet instead of a key to lock and unlock your door. August employs encrypted technology so hackers can’t copy the code. You can also send invites to people who typically access your home or office, such as a cleaning person, and set specific times when Read More

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Hear No Evil With The Sono Noise Canceling Device

The Sono noise canceling device, a new creation from Australian mastermind Rudolf Stefanich, goes one step further than the white noise smartphone apps designed for helping you to forget about the world outside and focus on work. Instead of dishing out a manufactured, electronic humming, Sono actually tones down the volume on the external distractions while allowing pleasant ambient sounds depending on what your preferences are and how you’ve structured the settings. Stefanich recently earned finalist contention for the James Dyson Award, an international design competition that celebrates, encourages, and inspires the next generation of design engineers. Regardless of whether Read More