Who Needs Oculus? Get An AuraVisor Instead!

Virtual reality is clearly the next big frontier in tech. Problem is that you’ll have to be connected to a PC or smartphone (imagine all those cables!) in order to really get Read More

Monkey Is The Perfect Keyless Entry System For Apartment Owners

If you want a keyless future there’s an option out there that doesn’t require you to take out your power tools in order to install a smart lock. With the monkey solution, Read More

Percko Has Your Back

Time to be honest with yourself, if you’re a geek then chances are that you probably have pretty bad posture. All of those years of playing video games, reading comics, and huddling Read More

AirBolt Is The World’s First Smart Lock For Travel

Theft of items stowed away in luggage during air travel is more likely than you may think. If you’re a frequent flier or simply have an upcoming trip to some faraway place, Read More

Wileyfox Storm Is A Beautiful And Inexpensive Smartphone

Looking for a beautifully designed, sturdy, and cheap(er) phone? Look no further than Wileyfox Storm, a $300 smartphone that’s so gorgeous that it’s probably making the team over at OnePlus blush. When Read More

Raymio Is A Wearable Which Will Protect You From UV Rays

Skin cancer is a very real threat and chances are that you aren’t taking then necessary precautions in order to ward it off. Unless you’re of very fair skin, chances are that Read More

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Meet Wove, The World’s First Flexible Wrist-Mounted Computer

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take your iPad and snap it over your wrist like some kind of snap bracelet? That’s exactly what the folks behind Wove have done with Read More

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Misfit’s Shine 2 Aims To Detrhone The FitBit

Misfit just changed the activity tracking game. While their first-gen Shine band was a solid product with some fairly advanced tracking features, their new Shine 2 tracker ups the ante even further Read More

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