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ORBneXt Is Your World At A Glance

Staying on top of the umpteen million important things that you have to monitor in your life can be rather difficult with a simple push notification. By now, we’ve all dulled to the effect and generally don’t look up from what we’re doing whenever that buzz goes off and the screens of our smartphones light up briefly. Enter the ORBneXt. With this beautiful device, now available on Kickstarter, you can be notified of the important things by color, as decided by you. Check stocks, weather, traffic, sports and any other information at a glance by setting different colors of importance Read More

Center Of Gravity COG Is The Strongest Magnet You’ll Ever Buy

The goal of the Center of Gravity (COG) magnet is to replace every other magnet in your home. Part of how it accomplishes this, is that it supports a lateral weight of more than 20 pounds, a heck of a lot more than your standard fridge magnet. COG is comprised of high-quality, heat treated steel, and also carries with it a clip capable of holding up to 50 sheets of paper without budging. It also has a hook capable of holding around 20 pounds in place. Additionally, an onboard keyhole allows for mounting on non-magnetic surfaces. It’s as strong and Read More

Spencer Collection Leather Goods

Simply elegant and functional, there isn’t a lot to say about the Spencer Collection beyond the fact that it works, and looks hella good doing it. Featuring four products in all, the Design Unsanctioned firm really knocks it out of the park with a bottle opener, mini bottle opener, key hook, and leather key fob, that scream sophistication. Ranging from $18 (key fob) to $35 (full-sized bottle opener), the Spencer Collection is just the thing you’ll want to have around the next time you go up against an especially stubborn top, or if you’re just sick of losing your keys. Read More

This Singing Canary Could Save Your Life

No matter where you live any one of a variety of things can go wrong. From having a home intruder try to break in while you and your loved ones are asleep to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide spreading throughout the pad and killing you in about an hour. Don’t mean to scare you people, but it’s worth worrying about. Thankfully, Canary thinks so, too, and they’ve developed one of the most extensive home security devices on the market today. With Canary, you will benefit from a HD video camera and safety sensors that track everything from motion, temperature and Read More

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Rid Your Car Of Blindspots With Avin’s Panoramic Mirror

For $30, you can rid your car of blindspots forever, thanks to Avin’s Panoramic Mirror, a new add-on to your car’s interior that provides a clear, easy-to-follow, 180-degree view of surrounding traffic. Nationwide Insurance endorsed the mirror in a recent blog post on its website, labeling the product as “especially helpful when attempting to make lane changes, merge into traffic or maneuvering in parking lots.” To install it, all you have to do is put it in over your existing rearview mirror. The item is about 17 inches long and features a non-glare convex glass as well as shatter proofing Read More

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Ride Safer At Night With The Commuter X4 LED Bike Light

The Commuter X4 from Veglo Lights is a wearable, fiber optic rear bike light that helps drivers judge distance, width and speed of cyclists. A second place finisher at Britain’s Inventors’ Project from the Gadget Show Live 2014, this item could really make a splash in bicycle safety and save lives in the process. The central light is a super bright LED chip and the fibre optics run off LEDs. The transparent diffuser lens, made from a polycarbonate injection moulding, disperses and refracts light to prevent dazzling other road users. There are two brightness settings on the central piece (30 Read More

Shut Your Mutt With Bark Suppressing Collar

Got a mutt that won’t shut? In that case, you should think about picking up the Bark Deterring Ultrasonic Collar from Hammacher. This device emits an ultrasonic sound that is inaudible to the human ear whenever Fido decides he wants to wake up the neighborhood. The sound is unpleasant to the dog, but not damaging. As a result, he starts to associate the unpleasant sound with that of his own bark and decides to stop doing it. LED lights built in to the collar will let you know battery status so you can be sure to have it replaced before Read More

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Own A Fire-Breathing Dragon — A Real One!

We had to check the date on this one to make sure Hammacher wasn’t pulling our lariat in some kind of elaborate April Fool’s Day prank. This is an actual robot dragon, around 40 pounds in size. He’s not only capable of leaving the ground and taking a 10-minute flight, he can also emit a three-foot blast of fire via a cleverly concealed propane tank and igniter that is built in to his maw. A miniature turbine engine built into the beast’s chest provides thrust that exits the rear at 500 miles per hour, the website notes, while the creature Read More

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