GoTenna: No Service, No Problem

Ever caught yourself in a crowded college football stadium, wanting to make that text to the girl you’re dating but unable to because of the natural data clog that 50,000 people jam-packed Read More

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Gadget Autopsy Shows How Stupid It Is Not To Have A Smartphone

UK-based Viking has delivered a hot new infographic to show just how idiotic it is not to own a smartphone when you consider all the gadgets they replace and the subsequent savings. Read More

The Capricorn Pocket Hook: One Versatile Key Dangler

From a pair of recent high school graduates, we’ve got a pretty cool keychain dangler for you today, called the Capricorn Pocket Hook. What makes this so unique is that it consists Read More

Pavlok May Be ‘Shocking,’ But It Could Mean A Healthier You

There are many ways to describe the upcoming wearable known as Pavlok, but probably the best we’ve heard comes from an actual investor, who said the device “combines accurate tracking capabilities, powerful Read More

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FlyPedals Bring Comfort, Performance To Cyclists Regardless Of Footwear

FlyPedals are an innovative new find for cyclists. These bike pedal add-ons will adapt to every clipless bicycle pedal to allow for an easy transition between riding and lifestyle. Light, strong, and Read More

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TIK Keychain Gives You Same Keys At 40 Percent Less The Weight

Thin Is Key (TIK) is an innovative new riff on the keychain that’s so cool, well, it can make even keychains interesting. Daniel Farkas of Budapest, Hungary, is the innovator behind it, Read More

Shoot Aerial Video With Hexo+ Drone, GoPro Camera

With still 27 days left to go, the HEXO+ drone has already multiplied its $50k target funding goal on Kickstarter by more than 10 times. As of this post, it’s at $528,000, Read More

TrackR Bravo: Keep Up With Your Life

TrackR bravo is a device that would have really come in handy about a month ago when I lost my wallet, which just so happened to contain everything in it — credit Read More