SubSonex JSX-2

19XRW Hoverwing®

Rama Llama: A Sleeping Bag With 50-Degree Comfort

MyN3RD: Connect And Control Anything, Anywhere

Yes, it is pronounced “nerd,” and this interesting remote control will help you get your revenge on things that are located farther from you than you’d like. It’s a technology that works with your smart phone and allows you to remote-control just about any kind of switch.  It’s not like the switch has to be part of the app or come with a particular product.  You convert things like the locks on your car, light switches, stereos, to work with the N3RD.  This allows you to control a wide variety of your gadgets at the touch of a button, bringing Read More

Jalapeño Beat Maker: Finally, Your Own Soundtrack!

You slide off the chairlift on your snowboard, buckle your bindings, dial up a tune, and press play. As you ride, your beat slows when you spin and your melody fades left and right as you turn. How much more into your riding would you be if your tunes moved right along with you? Well, the Jalapeño Beat Maker gives you your own personal soundtrack according to how you ride your snowboard, skis, skateboard, and BMX bike. Heck, you could even clip it to your belt and bust a few break-dance moves. The Jalapeño, which is the size of a jalapeño, locks Read More

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The Smile From EmoPulse

This installment in Turning Yourself Into a Machine comes from a company called emopulse.  The smile is something out of 60′s sci-fi, a bracelet that regulates just about everything for its users. This bracelet will let you know you’re tired or sad or happy or that it’s time to go out and hit the club.  It’s actually a smart phone (in the shape of a bracelet) that can hold your calls when you’re asleep (it knows when you’re asleep.  It’s a doctor.)  It acts as keys and a payment system and all-around, if I lose this thing, I’m completely screwed Read More

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Google Pays $3.2 Billion For A Thermostat: What Were They Thinking?

If you hadn’t heard of Nest prior to yesterday, then we’re willing to bet you have now. The home thermostat for the digital age was acquired by Google for the hefty sum of $3.2 billion, immediately leaving several of us scratching our heads as to why. It’s not that Nest isn’t a good product with a nice pedigree behind it. In fact, it’s the brainchild of some former Apple superstars, including the father of the iPod himself, Tony Fadell. No, there’s little doubt Nest will do what it says — learn your lifestyle and keep you comfortable all through the Read More

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IPump Is The Lightest Air Pump Ever Invented

The excellent 2003 film 21 Grams presents and takes its title from a belief that because a human body (supposedly) loses exactly guess how many grams upon death, we have proof of the soul, which slips away and renders the body a bit lighter. 21 grams also happens to be the precise weight of the iPump, world’s most svelt air pump.  Its body is of carbon fiber, its connector by Presta.  Using the Presta valve, the company’s kickstarter page says, allows the rider to never even touch the tire when adding air.  It’s all about ergonomics, a tool made with the cyclist’s Read More

Napwell: Take A ‘Smart Nap’ For Your Holiday Hangover

Do you take naps during the day? Do you experience grogginess when you wake up from those naps? Do your naps do more harm than good due to extended recovery time? The Napwell sleep mask offers a solution by significantly reducing grogginess from your naps. Post-nap grogginess actually has a scientific term: “sleep inertia.” Your quick dozing sessions often fall into deep sleep, and abrupt awakening from this sleep-cycle stage causes you to feel tired for awhile afterward. You can have the Napwell gently wake you from your nap after a set amount of time, leaving you feeling refreshed instead Read More

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Get In The Zone With Vigo

Falling asleep: good when you’re in bed, bad when you’re at work, in class, or behind the wheel. Vigo helps you avoid dozing off at inopportune times by tracking your alertness and prodding you to stay awake when necessary. This device looks like a long Bluetooth earpiece, extending out to your eyelid so that it can monitor your blinks. Your eyelid movement and head motion tells Vigo how alert you are, and Vigo tells you when you’re getting drowsy. It sends a pulse through the ear-piece, flickers a discreet LED, or starts playing an energizing song of your choice. Vigo Read More

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Beer Breecher

The Beer Breecher is a neat hybrid that exists in that middle ground between custom knife collection and fancy bottle openers. The project is now underway on Kickstarter, and needs your support. Designed by the Brothers Kroth from Fort Smith, Arkansas, it’s a project that removes the traditional design idea behind other boring bottle openers and instead opts for a look that fits perfectly alongside your collectible pocket knives. The opener blade is crafted from stainless steel. That’s accompanied by wooden handles and fine brass pins. Woods come in a variety of domestic and exotic selections for the Kickstarter products, Read More