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The Top 100 One-Hit Wonders of All Time

Take A Drink Out Of The Ol’ Apple

Yes, it shames me to admit it, but I am the guy who relies on hipster Apple to push me through my day and reach full earning potential. I never thought I’d be “that guy,” but here I am immersed fully in the ecosystem. No knocks against Android here: it’s just a matter of preference. Needless to say, guys like me are going to really dig this concept from designer Tomislav Zvonarić.  It’s an Apple iCup, shaped like the iconic logo with plenty of room for your java — at least the first of eight cups — and even an Read More

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Binocular Glasses: Get Up Close And Personal

Like to go to concerts and sporting events, but can’t ever afford good enough seats to see what is going on? For a $200 investment, you can solve that problem once and for all with the Spectator’s Binocular Glasses. These specs give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with events and performances thanks to 2.1X magnification and individually focusable objective lenses (+/-3 diopters) that focus from “10 feet to infinity,” according to the Hammacher website. Made by Eschenbach, Germany-based precision eyewear makers going back to 1913, the glasses’ lenses have a bright, wide 20-degree field-of-vision and the frosted Read More

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Fin-Smart Turns Your Hand Gestures Into Action

Everyone loves to have information and entertainment “at their fingertips.” Well the Fin-Smart puts it there, literally. This thumb-ring turns your hand gestures into actions for your Bluetooth devices, giving you easy and convenient access to and control over your digital world. Your fingertips each have a unique pattern, and Fin-Smart reads these as numbers to turn your hand into a keypad. When you move your thumb over your fingers, the ring reads the movement as a command that it sends to your device. Fin-Smart connects to your devices via low-energy Bluetooth. That means you can use it to control Read More

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WiseButton: The Keychain Remote For All Your Devices

“Aww, isn’t that just wise as a button?” Wait, since when are wisdom and the diminutive size of a button in any way related? Well, since now. The WiseButton is set to offer a key-chain remote for all of your smart devices. With a diameter of only 1.38 inches, the interface allows you to browse your device’s photos, videos, and websites, skip and replay songs, and capture photos and videos without actually touching the device itself. But wait, there’s more… The WiseButton helps you keep track of your smart device, so you never have to go looking for it when Read More

Swatchmate Pre-Orders, Round Two

SwatchMate, the color-capturing cube that made a big splash on Kickstarter, recently set up a new round of pre-orders on Indiegogo. If you’re not yet familiar with the device, it captures the color of any surface to let you use natural hues in the creative endeavor of your pleasure. This new campaign means you have a chance to own one for a price likely below what it will eventually retail at. There are some colors, like the green of spring leaves or the red of a brick wall, that we just haven’t been able to faithfully reproduce. The SwatchMate changes that Read More

Meet iBean And iTagua Music Players

Environmentally-sustainable products are simply necessary.  Furthermore, designing products without taking into consideration their effects on the natural world is an incomplete approach.  With that it mind, here are portable mp3 players fashioned from nuts and beans, respectively.  And they’re done so in a way that causes no harm to the natural sources of these products. Cybertanics brings us the iBean and iTagua, the former made from some sort of South American bean with a hard surface, and the latter made from the Tagua nut.  They just slip the guts of an mp3 player inside these hollowed out natural goodies, creating Read More

Open BCI Board

OpenBCI Board looks to bring brainwave-monitoring out of research labs and into the homes of everyday users. Electroencephalography (EEG) has long been the domain of well-funded scientists working in shiny laboratories, many of whom who have made plenty of important discoveries with it. The possibilities, though, greatly expand when regular users have access to the technology. And very soon they will. OpenBCI is open-source and low-cost, meaning everyday users can afford it and program it to their preferences. By wiring the board to OpenBCI’s 3D headset and connecting it to a computer, users will be able to monitor their own Read More

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Track N Go Puts You On Ice … In A Good Way

The TrackNGo provides the first ever wheel-driven track system so that you easily drive through deep snow in your vehicle, greatly expanding the possibilities of where you can drive in the winter. Using two loading ramps and starting with the front wheels, you can install the tracks in 15 minutes and drive off. The TrackNGo works on paved roads as well as snow. You can drive up to 37 mph on a sealed road and anywhere from 9-25 mph through snow depending on its depth. What sets the system apart is that your truck’s tires drive the tracks and hold them Read More

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