Is Project Genesis The Future Of Prescription Eyewear?

Glasses are due for an upgrade. As the oldest and most reliable form of wearable tech, eyewear is prime ground for innovation. Google knows it. Sony knows it. Oculus knows it. And Read More

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Razer Releases New OSVR 1.3 Virtual Reality Headset

If you’ve been reading inStash for a while now then you might remember Razer’s OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) platform from CES 2015. As its name implies, OSVR is pretty much Razer’s Read More

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Motorola Wants To Go With You To The Gym With Its Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch

The Moto 360 2 wasn’t the only smartwatch that Motorola launched at last week’s IFA 2015 conference in Berlin. If you’re the sporty type then you should continue reading on because Motorola Read More

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The Moto 360 2 Is The Best Android Smartwatch Of 2015. Period.

The world’s best selling Android Wear smartwatch is back. That’s right we’re talking about the Moto 360 and at last week’s IFA 2015 in Berlin the near-iconic smartwatch got a much-needed update Read More

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Make Your Dog Look Like John Travolta With The Disco Dog Vest

Why should humans have all the fun? Our canine friends like to party too! If you want your four-legged buddy to showcase their personality while keeping safe then you should probably get Read More

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Improve Your Brainpower With Melon

Every once in a while we come across a product that reminds us that we’re living in the future, today. Melon, a head-worn activity tracker, is one of those sci-fi products that Read More

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Unlock Your Smartphone With This Nifty Digital Tattoo

Phone unlocking is a real pain in the keister. Did you know that the average smartphone owner takes 2.3 seconds to unlock their phone and does this about 39 times a day? Read More

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WAIQI Is The Most Beautiful Wireless Charger We’ve Ever Seen

We live in a world where nearly everything needs a battery and requires charging but wouldn’t be nice to do away with unseemly cables? That’s the promise that WAIQI seems to offer. Read More