Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 2 Is The Most Powerful Budget Smartphone. Ever.

Anyone who’s been closely tracking the smartphone market knows that Xiaomi is the next big thing. Outperforming Samsung in their own home turf — the Asia market — Xiaomi combines Apple-like aesthetics Read More

Samsung’s New Gear S2 Smartwatch Is The Hotness

Despite what Apple might tell you, square watches are totally lame. There’s no worse way to signal how nerdy you really are than to show up to a party wearing a watch Read More

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Never Lose Fido Again With Buddy Collar

Despite all the love you give your dog all it really wants to do is get away from you. Leave it outside in the open and chances are that they’ll run off Read More

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Turn Any TV Set Into A Touchscreen With The Touchjet WAVE

It’s 2015 and every screen in your life can be touched. Tablets? Touchable. Phones? Touchable. Laptops? Touchable. Even Desktop Monitors can be interacted with via touch these days. You know what can’t Read More

Open Source Artificial Intelligence Is Finally Here With Mycroft

Don’t you wish you had a personal assistant like in the movie Her? Your assistant could help you play media, control lights, control your Roomba, start your 3D Printer, and even fall Read More

Samsung Leak Shows That The Galaxy S6 Edge+ Is Just Around The Corner

Constant iteration is the name of Samsung’s game and in that spirit the Korea-based technology supertitan is releasing a new Galaxy S6 Edge+. Now we know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t the Galaxy Read More

Lenovo’s ZUK Startup To Release Its First Smartphone

Lenovo will stop at nothing to achieve smartphone supremacy, even funding a startup in order to do so. ZUK (pronounced Z-U-K, not ‘Zouk’ which is a type of music from the French Read More

Guys Take Note: This Is The Gift You Should Get Your Nerdy Girlfriend This Upcoming Holiday Season

If you’re the type of guy who starts looking for Christmas gifts for his girlfriends months in advance then let us spare you the trouble. If your girlfriend is as nerdy as Read More