Embrace Smart Watch Can Save Lives

Embrace is a smart watch with a slightly different focus. It’s actually designed to save lives and has a definite health focus when compared to something like, let’s say, the Moto 360 Read More

Strengthen Your Back With Lumo Lift

The Lumo Lift is a wearable fitness tracker which does something few other fitness trackers do, it tracks your posture. The Lumo Lift sits against your body and uses the combination of Read More

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TrackR bravo: The Thinnest Tracking Device Ever Made

It seems that tracking devices are all the rage these days and with everyone and their brother scrambling to offer one, it can be really hard to stand out. Standing out isn’t Read More

Sony’s Google Glass Competitor Will Be A Game Changer

Sony just announced its own Google Glass competitor and its compatible with any piece of eyewear. The Single-Lens Display Module, as its currently being called internally, will project a small window into Read More

Pantelligent Will Ensure You Never Burn Your Food Again

Are you a bad cook? Maybe you just don’t know how to get that juicy tenderloin just right. Pantelligent can help. Pantelligent is like a GPS for your cooking, providing step-by-step instructions Read More

The Oppo R5: Thinnest SmartPhone Ever Made

Move over Apple, the thinnest smart phone in the world isn’t running iOS — it’s running Android. Meet the Oppo R5. At only 4.85mm thick, it makes other phones seem like they Read More

The Basis Peak Is Part-Smart Watch, Part-Fitness Tracker

If you’ve taken a look at the plethora of fitness trackers available and want something more like a Smart Watch then the Basis Peak just may be for you. Never heard of Read More

PlexiDrone Is The Drone You’ve Been Looking For

PlexiDrone is one of the most portable, easy to set up drones that we’ve seen. Unlike other drones, the PlexiDrone is entirely made out of plastic and users will be able to Read More