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Iain Sinclair CardSharp Utility Knife

Lamborghini Egoista Concept


Very cool contraption here from the guys at SnapZoom. This device acts as a conduit between smartphone and binoculars enabling you to use the second set of eyes as a telephoto lens. You’ll notice from the moon pic above that you can take some amazing shots just from your front yard. The snap itself aligns with the smartphone and on an average pair of 10x binoculars, it can blow a 33mm image up to 330mm, essentially turning your iPhone 5, for example, into a super camera. Great for bird watchers, nature lovers, stargazers, and anyone else who ever saw the Read More

AquaBotix Submarine Camera

The AquaBotix Submarine Camera gives anyone the ability to shoot Creature from the Black Lagoon quality underwater footage. Actually, with HD video and photo quality, you could probably do a heck of a lot better, so long as you get the hang of the remote control and the layout of the depths you’ll be trolling. This remote controlled submarine camera comes with a 4GB memory card and an application for iPad, PC, and Mac-based computers that allows you to easily share your shots with all social media followers. (And they don’t even have to know you weren’t down there snapping Read More

Fujifilm FinePix XP200

Fujifilm FinePix XP200 has put together a truly awesome digital camera experience with this device that fits in the palm of your hand but is capable of shooting full HD video (at 1920 x 1080 pixels). The camera itself is comprised of 16 million pixels altogether and has seven unique filters to take your standard shots in a completely new direction. Add to the mix distinct and colorful body style selections, and you have a winner no matter which model you end up choosing. Users may even take pics at underwater depths of up to 50 feet, and the camera Read More

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Instagram Socialmatic Camera

You only thought the Polaroid was dead! Actually, it still kind of is, but the closest thing we’ve got to it is ADR Studio’s uniquely amazing new creation the Instagram Socialmatic Camera. While the camera is very much digital and it can do a lot of things the old Polaroid never could, it gives you the same effect of the classic model by printing directly to included insta-paper sheets. Once you’re past all that nostalgia, you can also enjoy all the same cool features of Instagram and 16GB of storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 4:3 touchscreen, two main lenses, LED flash, Read More

The SteadyWheel Camera Stabilizer

Always wanted to be a filmmaker but get a bad case of the jitters whenever the camera is in your hands? Are you tired of your family trying to watch your vacation videos only to inquire about whether you’ve got Parkinson’s? If so, then you need the SteadyWheel Camera Stabilizer, which will ensure that you never get a case of the jitters again. (Or that, if you do, your stuff will at least turn out better than Cloverfield and, believe us, that’s a good thing.) With this creation from WildIron, you simply mount the digital camera or camcorder into the Read More

Swivl Personal Cameraman

If you’re someone that likes or needs to record themselves – be it for work, school projects, or vanity – then the Swivl is a helpful little device that can act as your own personal cameraman. You mount your iPhone (or other iOS device) to the dock then let it follow you around by way of a marker. It has a range of up to 33 feet (10 meters) and can swivel 360 degrees horizontally and +10 / -20 degrees vertically. It also supports other pocket video cameras that are tripod mountable. Along with that, the best feature is arguably Read More

Samsung GALAXY Camera

If you’re in the market for a new camera then definitely consider the new Samsung GALAXY Camera. It’s pretty cool: think smartphone-cool but for your camera. It’s a great looking device and has many features that ultimately make taking great photos easier like the “Smart Pro Mode,” which allows you to easily choose the right setting for your particular situation. And that’s always a good thing. It also shoots video and records at an amazing 120 frames per second and 720×480 resolution, allowing you to playback your footage in slow-motion with crystal clear quality. There’s an in-camera editor that utilizes Read More

Apex HD+

The Apex HD+ follows in the tradition of the Oakley Airwave Goggles in that it is for the multi-tasking skier who can do a lot more on the slopes than simply ski. While the Oakley’s were more about controlling music selection, mapping positions, and keeping track of your buddies, the HD+ is purely a digital camera, and a damn fancy one at that. Instead of trying to snap photos with your poles tucked in to your armpits, oblivious of the fast-approaching cliff, you can use this to take a true POV picture of everything you see. The Apex HD+ captures Read More