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Sony α7R Camera

It may be hard to believe in today’s smartphone culture, but people do still buy digital cameras. And as that type of purchase goes, we’ve got one today from Sony that should excite any of you photogs out there. The Sony α7R Camera is the first full-frame mirrorless camera. The α7R brings a 36.4 effective megapixel 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor to the table for the highest resolution sensor in the history of the company’s α line — with no optical low pass filter for added resolving power and increased image detail. According to the press release, the camera also features a Read More

Kúla Deeper 3D Imaging For Any Camera

Kúla Deeper attaches to the front of a camera lens and allows you to take stereoscopic pictures and videos, which can then be experienced in 3D directly on the camera display using a stereo viewer. Once the pics and videos have been transferred to a computer, the Kúlacode software will give you the ability to process and transform them into a 3D experience. No reason why Hollywood should have all the fun. They make crappy 3D movies anyway. With you behind the camera, you can bring respectability back to the format by shooting stills and vids that place your loved Read More


Wearable tech is getting more popular throughout the world, and this current Kickstarter project for ParaShoot will only add to the furor. This HD camera takes video and still images and allows you to snap instantly without the annoying shutter delays that your iPhone frequently pulls when it’s been a while between updates. You can customize the look of ParaShoot, wear it around your neck, or mount it virtually anywhere for instant use. As far as body makeup goes, it’s barely there, fitting in the palm of your hand and weighing in at just two ounces. What could be more Read More

Capture Camera Clip V2

Capture Camera Clip V2 is the next generation of the durable metal clip that lets you carry your camera on any backpack strap, belt, or bag. Billed as “the ultimate tool for all photographers,” Capture is a simple yet effective way for you to make camera transport nothing more than an afterthought. It possesses a quick-release system that keeps the camera secure, without hindering accessibility. With the simple push of a button, Capture frees you from straps and holsters and lets you move about with the camera always in reach, so that you never let another great image pass you Read More


A funny thing happens to men when they get well along into their middle ages. The estrogen levels start to tick up, and all the sudden, they don’t mind taking as many pictures with family and friends as they did as young pups. Then they go crazy and experiment with different filters and styles and before you know it, they’re women. Don’t ask us why Mother Nature designed guys this way, but it’s something we’ve noticed in some unnamed male family members lately, and as a result, that’s made the OlloClip one heck of a Father’s Day gift idea. This attaches Read More

Epic-M Mysterium-X Collection From Red

The Epic-M Mysterium-X Collection is the quickest and most convenient way to get your feature film off the ground. Collecting everything you could possibly need into one bundle of products that can then be mixed and matched for a full customization experience, you will have access to the very best in recording equipment. The goodies include one camera with side SSD and lens mount ($26,000 by itself); a DSMC travel charger for shooting on location ($125); four Redvolt batteries ($780 total); four Redmag 1.8-inch SSD cards of 128GB ($5,000 total); one Redmote for controlling your camera wirelessly ($550); one DSMC Read More


Very cool contraption here from the guys at SnapZoom. This device acts as a conduit between smartphone and binoculars enabling you to use the second set of eyes as a telephoto lens. You’ll notice from the moon pic above that you can take some amazing shots just from your front yard. The snap itself aligns with the smartphone and on an average pair of 10x binoculars, it can blow a 33mm image up to 330mm, essentially turning your iPhone 5, for example, into a super camera. Great for bird watchers, nature lovers, stargazers, and anyone else who ever saw the Read More

AquaBotix Submarine Camera

The AquaBotix Submarine Camera gives anyone the ability to shoot Creature from the Black Lagoon quality underwater footage. Actually, with HD video and photo quality, you could probably do a heck of a lot better, so long as you get the hang of the remote control and the layout of the depths you’ll be trolling. This remote controlled submarine camera comes with a 4GB memory card and an application for iPad, PC, and Mac-based computers that allows you to easily share your shots with all social media followers. (And they don’t even have to know you weren’t down there snapping Read More