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The quest for the perfect panorama shot is within sight. The PanoPal is a panoramic motion control device that provides steady rotation for your smartphone. It helps you fit as much as possible into your sweeping photos of mountains, lakes, ocean sunsets, and big groups of people who are willing to hold still for a few seconds. It has an expandable holder that cradles in an upright position any smartphones up to 1.4-cm thick. You place the PanoPal on a flat surface, put your phone in the slot, open its panorama or video app, and capture your shot. It also includes Read More

Take Great Action Shots With The Liquid Image Ego LS

The Liquid Image Ego LS action cam is a small, less-than-pint-sized way to catch yourself doing flips and flops out on the slopes this winter. Or, if you roll at the speed we do, it gives you a chance to catch some really dramatic morning scenes of you scraping the inch-thick sheet of ice off your windshield. Take your pick. The device has a nice feel thanks to its GoPro-like dimensions. (It’s actually a tad smaller.) It operates on Wi-Fi or 4G LTE and boasts HDMI, microSD, and USB ports. It also allows you to connect the battery or opt Read More

MaxStone: Giving Second Wind To The Selfie

The off-center, awkward self-shot pic seemed poised to go the way of Ultimate Frisbee or the microcassette recorder. They just make the shooter-subject look like a 12-year-old girl.  Now, MaxStone, the remote for your digicam, is here to bring some production values to self-shot pics, which may keep them around a while longer. MaxStone looks not unlike a guitar pick.  You tie it to your camera (it’s compatible with the major brands), and then control it with your iPhone.  You can also set a timer to get your duck face ready for the shot. It also has a time-lapse function Read More

FOLDIO Is The First Foldable Photo Studio For Your Smartphone

As much as we love snapping smartphone photos, we have to admit that the quality still doesn’t measure up to most digital cameras. FOLDIO aims to close the gap by providing a mini-studio with bright lighting that yields professional-quality photos with a smartphone. It folds up for carrying in a courier bag or backpack and unfurls into a small, well-lit box. Due to its diminutive size (dimensions are 10.2 x 10.2 x 10.2 inches when unfolded), FOLDIO best suits product photography rather than professional head-shots and glamorous selfies. If you sell products on a site such as eBay, this little Read More

Snooperscope: Night Vision For Your Smartphone

Snooperscope is the first wireless and portable night vision device that connects to your smartphone or tablet. In doing so, it allows you to see in low-light conditions and total darkness. This is beneficial for camping, caving, wildlife observation, and surveillance. No longer do you have to “get inside” because it’s “getting dark.” Now nothing can hinder your visibility (except when the battery runs out, of course). When it comes to power, the makers of Snooperscope have developed a product that can last through four full hours of active use without draining your device’s battery. A unique double magnet makes Read More

Bublcam: Every Angle, Covered…

Ever been accused of living your life in a bubble? Well, why does that have to be such a bad thing? With the bublcam 360-degree camera, you can completely flip the script on what it means to bubble-ize your life. Instead of being cut off from the world around you, you’ll see it from every angle thanks to the innovative design from the folks at Bubl Technology, Inc. What they’ve done is create a digital camera/camcorder that is capable of capturing 14-megapixel spherical photos as well as video at 1080p (15fps) and 720p (30fps). The bubl is extremely light and Read More

Crash That BBQ You Weren’t Invited To With The Phantom 2 Vision

Got a block party coming up in which your invitation was conveniently lost in the mail? Show your neighbors the error of their ways by suiting up the Phantom 2 Vision camera for flight! This creation from the folks at DJI Innovations comes equipped with a high-powered camera capable of capturing 14-megapixel stills and shooting 1080p HD video. Making matters even worse (for them), the Phantom 2 will indulge your inner spy with instant sharing so you can capture all the drunken soiree’s most embarrassing moments and fire them out to Facebook via smartphone, which rests comfortably in a cradle Read More

Sony QX10 Zoom Camera

The Sony QX10 Zoom Camera is an oddball smartphone attachment that photogs are going to love. Boasting 18.2 megapixels and a 1/2.3-inch image sensor, you can strap this beautiful monster onto any iOS or Android phone and enjoy its 10x optical zoom function. Paired with your smartphone, it can take some pretty amazing pictures — or at least ones with a fresh, unique look. If you’re feeling froggy enough to jump on a smartphone lens attachment, but QX10 isn’t enough, Sony also has a QX100 model that you can pick up for twice the price. With it, you’ll also get Read More