Olympus’ PEN-F Boasts Retro-Looks, Shoots Like A Pro

As 2016 rages on, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that retro-vintage is the new design trend of the mid-decade. Adding to that trend is Olympus, whose PEN-F camera definitely looks like it was Read More

Shooting on iPhone? Get Yourself A Carl Zeiss External iPhone Lens

If Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign tells us anything, it’s that Apple has created a formidable point-and-shoot camera. That being said, the device still isn’t nearly as fully-featured or versatile as a Read More

Leica’s M9-P White Edition Is Now Available

You’ve got to hand it to Leica, they know how to make some spectacular looking cameras. Drawing from the company’s long history of vintage inspired design, the brand new Leica M9-P White Read More

Fujifilm X70 Combines Retro Aesthetics With 21st Century Imaging

You’d have to be living under a rock not to realize that retro aesthetics have made a comeback.  Not wanting to be left behind, Fujifilm has released a palm sized vintage-inspired camera Read More

PhaseOne Camera Has A 100MP Sensor, Costs 50K

Everyone should know by now that megapixels aren’t the most important thing to consider when buying a new camera, but when someone releases a 100MP camera it’s bound to cause some heads Read More

Still Shooting 35mm? You Need This Smartphone Scanner

Still shooting film? You’re not the only one. In fact, an increasingly consequential group of professional and amateur photographers alike are rebelling against digital and going back to analog cameras. Problem is, Read More

$49 Buy

Polaroids Are Back With The OneStep SX-70 Camera

Remember Polaroids? Despite all of the inherent advantages of digital photography, there was something special about taking a photo, having your camera “print” it out and then shaking that polaroid until an Read More

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This Kit Will Let You Take Lomographs With Your Digital Camera

Love photography? You’re probably looking at your digital camera with contempt as you’ve read through our posts over the last week and a half. During that time we’ve covered two different lomography Read More