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JetBoil FlashJava Kit

GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

GoPro are one of the industry leaders when it comes to in-action cameras and their HERO3: Black Edition model is no exception. The Black Edition is the top model in the HERO3 range and its promo video will have you realizing just how boring your life is. Either that or give you a huge dose of inspiration and motivation! At a mere 2.6 ounces (25% lighter and 30% smaller than previous models) it’s fit to accompany you during any extreme sports session or adventurous activity and capture all of the action in glorious High Definition. It’s wearable and easy to Read More

Apex HD+

The Apex HD+ follows in the tradition of the Oakley Airwave Goggles in that it is for the multi-tasking skier who can do a lot more on the slopes than simply ski. While the Oakley’s were more about controlling music selection, mapping positions, and keeping track of your buddies, the HD+ is purely a digital camera, and a damn fancy one at that. Instead of trying to snap photos with your poles tucked in to your armpits, oblivious of the fast-approaching cliff, you can use this to take a true POV picture of everything you see. The Apex HD+ captures Read More

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

While optic technology on camera phones has advanced tenfold, you still can’t go about filming with an iPhone and expect respect as a ‘serious photographer’. For that, you’ll have to look to the likes of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Although the features and benefits list on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera is impossibly long – possibly rivaling that of the freakin’ Space Shuttle’s manual or the Internal Revenue Code – certain things about this compact, semi-pro/pro (depending on whom you ask) camera stand out to us. First, its 2.5K image sensor with 13 dynamic range (DR) stops allows the operator to Read More

Drift HD Ghost

If you’re an extreme sports junkie determined to capture your feats on film, things just got a whole lot easier. The Drift HD Ghost promises an intuitive user experience for capturing stunning footage and photography in-action and, unlike other point of view cameras that require aftermarket accessories to truly get what you’re after, includes everything you need right out the box. A particularly cool feature is the industry-first two-way LED remote control that allows you to control the camera from up to 10 meters away. You can switch between taking still photos and motion footage on the fly and also Read More

Lexar 256GB SD Card

While some of you may not understand what anyone could possibly need 256GB for, professional photographers and filmmakers are already foaming at the mouth. Lexar has just unveiled their latest product, a 256GB SDXC UHS-I Secure Digital memory card with a 400x write speed. This industry first allows you to capture, store, and transfer a ridiculous amount of high-quality photos and 1080p full-HD and 3D video with a minimum guaranteed transfer speed of 60MB per second. But… at $900, you might want to get the charge card out for this one.


Action cams are all the hype these days, and larger brands are taking notice. The JVC ADIXXION Camcorder includes built-in WiFi, a 1.5-inch LCD monitor, image stabilizer, HD video, five megapixel stills, and 5x digital zoom. It’s also waterproof up to five meters, shockproof to withstand a fall from two meters, dustproof and freeze-proof, all without the need for separate housing. The entire device is pocket-sized and weighs just a quarter pound. Don’t jump at this too quick though. Rumor has it Sony is unleashing their action cam soon, and it’ll be interesting to see what they have to offer.

Sony DEV-5 | Digital Recording Binoculars

Question: why, in all of the digital age, are we just now thinking about digital recording binoculars as a possibility? Sony beat everyone to the punch with one of the most plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face creations of the last 50 years. The Sony DEV-5 is capable of a 20x zoom while maintaining high quality in the image. And while you’re spying on your client’s philandering husband from across town, you’ll also be recording the entire show for later viewing. Yes, we’re aware that these bad boys can tear down privacy even more so than the lack we are already experiencing, but damn, they’re Read More

Poco | Credit Card Sized HD Cameras

Poco has announced its Poco Pro and Poco 3D cameras, offering a taste of something different for picture and video enthusiasts looking for something to brag about while talking to their tablet-loving cronies this holiday season. The Pro features full 1080p HD and 14 megapixel capabilities, while the 3D takes it a step further and actually shoots high-def video in that fascinating third dimension. So now, coming soon to a theater near you, “Family Reunion” starring you, the spouse, and two of the most obnoxious people, known as “your in-laws,” ever assembled. Both of these cameras feature incredibly durable black Read More