Contour ROAM2 Is Your Camera For This Summer

The Contour ROAM2 is compact, sleek, no fuss.  It’s waterproof and shoots at speeds of 60 frames per second.  The little guy outputs to 1080p in HD format or the 960p tall Read More

MeMINI: The Camera That Records Hindsight

While there are still a number of things that we find mysterious about meMINI, there is plenty here to like with this wearable camera that uses Magnatach to hook on to your Read More

SpyPoint XCEL HD Hunting Edition Camera

While the adrenaline junkies are trying to decide between a GoPro, Drift HD Ghost, and Sony Action Camera, the crafty outdoorsmen are capturing their footage with the SpyPoint XCEL HD Hunting Edition Read More

Crash That BBQ You Weren’t Invited To With The Phantom 2 Vision

Got a block party coming up in which your invitation was conveniently lost in the mail? Show your neighbors the error of their ways by suiting up the Phantom 2 Vision camera Read More

Xtreme Life Landscape Stone

Xtreme Life Landscape Stone is a perfect piece of electronic surveillance for you peeps that live in remote areas where there aren’t a lot of neighbors around to watch your back. The Read More

Sony DEV-3 Digital 3D Camcorder

Yes, we know we’ve brought you the Sony DEV-5 Digital Binoculars before, and that that previous effort came with a 20x optical zoom lens, but one thing it didn’t have was the Read More

Novo Camera

There’s a lot about the Novo Camera that we don’t understand, but that’s mainly because we’re not working, professional cinematographers. What we do get about it is this: You can use the Read More

The SteadyWheel Camera Stabilizer

Always wanted to be a filmmaker but get a bad case of the jitters whenever the camera is in your hands? Are you tired of your family trying to watch your vacation Read More