The Polaroid Cube Is A Tiny But Powerful Camera

Polaroid is back. The company known for its iconic photos has recently released the Cube, a tiny camera which measures just 1.4 inches² and weights 1.6 ounces. Aimed at casual users, this Read More

AirDog For GoPro: A Revolutionary Drone Filmmaker For Action Sports Enthusiasts

The AirDog is the world’s first auto-follow drone built for use with a GoPro Camera. By simply strapping the air leash on your wrist and taking off, the AirDog will fly into Read More

Neruocam: The Camera That Reads Your Brainwaves

The Neurocam is a new experiment in reading brainwaves, but this one actually makes itself useful by recording the things that appeal to your noggin. Don’t know how it happens, but apparently Read More

Take Moving Shots With Ease On The Kickrig Slider Beam

Any filmmakers out there — amateur, intermediate, professionals? It doesn’t matter where your interest in camerawork lies, you’ll enjoy the simplicity and design of the Kickrig Slider Beam, now offered on Kickstarter. Read More

The High Definition Video Pen

The High Definition Video Pen is a classic ballpoint pen with a built-in video camera that automatically captures hi-def videos and still images. On the moving pictures front, the two-megapixel camera can Read More


Want to capture some cool, stable-looking video while out on your daily bike ride? You’ll need the Rideye HC, which carries with it a 32GB storage capacity and a 10-hour video history, Read More

Contour ROAM2 Is Your Camera For This Summer

The Contour ROAM2 is compact, sleek, no fuss.  It’s waterproof and shoots at speeds of 60 frames per second.  The little guy outputs to 1080p in HD format or the 960p tall Read More

MeMINI: The Camera That Records Hindsight

While there are still a number of things that we find mysterious about meMINI, there is plenty here to like with this wearable camera that uses Magnatach to hook on to your Read More