Sparse Fixed Light System Could Save A Cyclist’s Life

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Xtreme Life Landscape Stone

Xtreme Life Landscape Stone is a perfect piece of electronic surveillance for you peeps that live in remote areas where there aren’t a lot of neighbors around to watch your back. The design blends in perfectly with nature as if it could have been around for thousands of years. That’s on the outside. On the inside, you get nothing but long-lasting 21st Century tech that can keep a safe eye on your home for a full year without needing a single recharge on the battery (since it’s motion-activated). If you own a second home in the country or you just Read More

Sony DEV-3 Digital 3D Camcorder

Yes, we know we’ve brought you the Sony DEV-5 Digital Binoculars before, and that that previous effort came with a 20x optical zoom lens, but one thing it didn’t have was the three dimensional capabilities. Well, today we correct that omission with the Sony DEV-3 Digital 3D Camcorder that comes with a 10X zoom and resolution of full HD, 1920 x 1080, while preserving the 3D without deterioration. Additionally, if you purchase from Amazon, you can get it with an attractive carrying case, a 32GB SDHC, a mini-HDMI cable, and accessory kit. You’ll also get the Wasabi NP-FV100 Battery to Read More

Novo Camera

There’s a lot about the Novo Camera that we don’t understand, but that’s mainly because we’re not working, professional cinematographers. What we do get about it is this: You can use the onboard Wi-Fi for wireless camera control. You can get in to some really tight places for some amazing shots due to its micro-size. And you can enjoy a full 4k frame rate for an image that looks positively amazing. It’s no wonder the Novo Camera isn’t marketed to people like us, who still have some trouble figuring out our 7 megapixel digital cameras. But for you guys who Read More

The SteadyWheel Camera Stabilizer

Always wanted to be a filmmaker but get a bad case of the jitters whenever the camera is in your hands? Are you tired of your family trying to watch your vacation videos only to inquire about whether you’ve got Parkinson’s? If so, then you need the SteadyWheel Camera Stabilizer, which will ensure that you never get a case of the jitters again. (Or that, if you do, your stuff will at least turn out better than Cloverfield and, believe us, that’s a good thing.) With this creation from WildIron, you simply mount the digital camera or camcorder into the Read More


The Soloshot is a new digital recording aid that is just perfect for the athlete who wants to improve his form or for those of us who need a reality check and a nice slice of humble pie after we come back from our run thinking we looked good out there. The Soloshot can be connected to the base of any camera or camcorder on a tripod. A waterproof transmitter is then worn on the arm and feeds back to the device, which enables tracking for up to 2,000 feet. And in case you think your moves like Jagger are Read More


We can think of tons of great uses for the Sphericam, a recent Kickstarter project that absolutely killed on its funding goals, earning about 3.5 times its $10,000 target. The brainchild of Czech Republic native-Chicago transplant Jeffrey Martin, this creation allows you to shoot 360 degrees, all at the same time while using the LCD panel to check playback. The Sphericam does what it does thanks to four fisheye lenses, each with a 170-degree viewing field. These are mounted inside a sphere, which sits atop the 4.3″ monitor. The moment you turn this thing on, it starts recording and has Read More

Gizmon Lens Series

Gizmon Lens Series features a detachable clip and conversion lens that allows you to do a lot of cool stuff with your iPhone 4/4S, iPad 2/new iPad, and GIZMON iCA camera. It has center focus, fisheye, cross-screen, CPL, and mirage filters that ultimately place you in full control of the final product. What does that mean for you? It means you can take sharp, clear, and colorful pictures of the world around you. It means that you can turn your dog into a three-headed dog. It means that you can single out objects for emphasis within the image itself while de-emphasizing Read More

GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

GoPro are one of the industry leaders when it comes to in-action cameras and their HERO3: Black Edition model is no exception. The Black Edition is the top model in the HERO3 range and its promo video will have you realizing just how boring your life is. Either that or give you a huge dose of inspiration and motivation! At a mere 2.6 ounces (25% lighter and 30% smaller than previous models) it’s fit to accompany you during any extreme sports session or adventurous activity and capture all of the action in glorious High Definition. It’s wearable and easy to Read More