PCPartPicker Makes Building Your Own PC Easy

Tired of being limited to Apple and over-the-counter PCs? Why not take the bull by the horns and design your own personal computer? PCPartPicker is a service that makes it simple. Here’s Read More

Keep Your Tech Life Safe With iGuardian

The iGuardian was founded on the principle that there will always be some jack knob out there looking to screw up a good thing, said good thing being the Internet. These days Read More

D-Wave Quantum Computer: Think Of The Possibilities

Quantum computation has so many possibilities — artificial intelligence, examining DNA for better treatment possibilities, hunting down bad guys, advanced rescue operations, you name it! Any time you can measure thousands upon Read More

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Samsung To Launch 1TB SSD From V-NAND Technology

Today, Samsung announced a new 1TB solid-state drive based on the second gen V-NAND technology, wherein storage chips are stacked vertically. Accompanying the big daddy are 128GB, 256GB and 512GB versions. The Read More

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Mi World Frees You From The Cloud

Mi World is a portable media server that connects all your devices free and clear of the instability of cloud-based servers. That means it doesn’t matter what operating system you have going Read More

IPro Is The Lovechild Of An IMac, MacBook Pro

Kurt Merki, Jr., admits to having a bit of an Apple obsession since he was a small child. (Yes, they’ve been around that long and some of us are painfully aware of Read More

How Does A 25 TB Hard Drive Sound?

If you had told me one year ago that a single terabyte would not be enough to suit my storage needs for the rest of my life, I would’ve thought you crazy. Read More

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ASUS Chromebox: Lovechild Of The PC And Media Player

Another media player!? Well, not quite. With the ASUS Chromebox, you get a mix between PC and media player. The company’s latest offering promises a lightning fast boot-up so you can start Read More

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