Tronsmart Has Created One Lean, Mean Jelly Bean

Lightning fast processing capabilities, PC use and entertainment/media consumption, and extreme portability are all things that you should be looking for in a PC-TV stick. Luckily, Tronsmart has your hookup with the Read More

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Kano: Introducing A Computer That Even A Monkey Can Make

Kano Computer wins big props from us for Kickstarter of the Year. As a father-to-be that had to find his way to a profession after years of working for idiots, jerks, and Read More

Pulse 17 Gaming Laptop Laughs At Your Puny Console

Do you look at casual console gamers as a bunch of sissies that wouldn’t know true gaming power if it leapt out of the screen and smacked them in the face? If Read More

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Google Glass: Is The Company Building A Mystery?

Google Glass may be the subject of a good old-fashioned California mystery. San Francisco’s Treasure Island is the locale for an odd new piece of construction, docked on a rectangular barge, shrouded Read More

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Utilite Mini-PC

CompuLab’s Utilite Mini-PC could be what the anti-Microsoft, anti-Apple crowd — we know you’re out there — has been waiting for. While this baby is small, it has a surprising level of Read More

$99 Buy

VIZIO Thin and Light CT14-A0 14-Inch Ultrabook

VIZIO Thin and Light CT14-A0 14-inch Ultrabook is for the minimalist, who needs to stay connected with something lightweight and unimposing. Featuring an Intel Core i3-3217U Processor with 1.8 GHz capabilities and Read More

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Apple MacPro

Unless you’ve been living under the great big Internet rock, then you probably know E3 is ongoing. And if you’ve followed it at all, then you know the Apple MacPro was announced Read More

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 is making it very hard for us to go through with another iPad purchase. The device sort of eased out into the world last year, but it’s Read More

$1000 Buy