Apple Updates 5K Retina iMac, Drops Price

Been yearning for a new 5K Retina iMac? Here’s your chance, Apple just released two new versions that are both cheaper and more powerful than its predecessors. The lower end Retina iMac Read More

Apple Releases New 15″ MacBook Pro With Force Touch Trackpad

Buy, buy, buy! Apple just released a new model of its popular 15-inch MacBook Pro that includes its new Force Touch trackpad technology. That’s not all though, the new MacBook Pros also Read More

$1999 Buy

C.H.I.P Is The World’s Cheapest Computer

Have you ever wondered what the cheapest computer you could buy is? Initially you might think it’s the $25 Raspberry Pi Model B+ but you’d be wrong. There’s a new system-on-a-chip computer Read More

Meet Endless, An Inexpensive New Computing Platform For The Developing World

While life without a computer may seem mind boggling to the readers of this website, it’s very much a reality for over 5 billion of the Earth’s inhabitants. Truth is, buying and Read More

Vensmile’s W10 Mini PC Is The Perfect HTPC

Steve Jobs was dead-wrong about the future of computing. We’re not in some “post-PC era” and tablets don’t appear to be the future. We’re simply in an era of transition, where a Read More

$149 Buy

Stand Apart From The Pack With CyberPower’s Fang Trinity

Tired of expressing your gamer identity with LED lights and insanely huge cases? Gaming PC manufacturer CyberPower PC is hoping you are. That’s why they’ve released a truly unique looking PC called Read More

$995 Buy

Samsung’s ATIV Book 9 Is The Future Of Windows Laptops

Apple’s new MacBook may not be for everyone, but it’s a vision of the future, at least of a future running Mac OS X. So what’s the Windows alternative? Enter the Samsung Read More

$1200 Buy

Intel’s Compute Stick PC Turns Any Display Into A Computer

It looks like a whole new product category just became feasible thanks to Intel’s latest advancements in processors. If that achievement wasn’t enough for Intel, they’ve actually decided to spearhead the development Read More

$150 Buy