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Raonhaje Ego | Semi-Submarine Boat

22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper

Darkmatter Xbox 360 Open Source Laptop

If you’ve ever wanted to take your Xbox 360 with you wherever you go without having to make a production of hooking it and unhooking it to a television, then the Darkmatter Xbox 360 Open Source Laptop may be the answer. This device can be yours in one of two ways — as a DIY kit (the more affordable option) or fully assembled. It’s currently in a Kickstarter funding campaign, but should it come to fruition, you’ll be able to get full access to all of what makes Microsoft’s flagship console great. The wireless controllers, Xbox Live, and DVDs even Read More

Tiki PC From Falcon Northwest

If all you are doing is buying a Mac or PC from a big box retailer, then you’re missing the boat. With a little creativity and application, you can build your own, and Falcon Northwest has a great place to start with this Tiki PC configuration. Using an Intel third generation Core i7 on Intel Z77 chipsets and NVIDIA GeForce 600 Series graphics, you’ve got the beginnings of a true power machine. Add in up to 16GB 1866 MHz DDR 3 memory and a slot-loading DVD/RW or Blu-ray reader, and you’re almost there. Tiki also allows you to build your Read More

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Aquarius PC

Just when you thought it was safe to ditch the PC altogether, the AquariusPC gives you a reason to stay glued to your desktop. While the aquarium design looks interesting and is definitely a conversation starter, it is also a highly functional design choice that will leave you with a better reason for purchasing than just telling your friends it looked cool. The components are housed inside of a liquid paraffin cooling system that is six times more effective than those loud fans that you’ve probably got going right now. And a word on noise, the paraffin also ensures that Read More

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StormFly Portable PC

The StormFly Portable PC may look like a suped up flash drive, but it’s a heck of a lot more than that. It fits around your wrist. Simply unhook it and plug in, and watch it turn in to your very own computer that utilizes an open-source operating system that can play on a Mac, PC, you name it, without even booting up the host hardware. That means your viruses are your viruses (and theirs are theirs). No one can accuse you of infecting their machine, and should you ever lose your device, you can simply notify StormFly, and they’ll Read More

Google Glass

You may have already heard a few things about the Google Glass: voice recognition allows you to say, “Take a picture,” and it takes a picture; hands-free recording, anything that you can see with your own two eyes; and sharing your experience with friends and family instantaneously so they get to actually be there in the moment with you. It also has a voice recognition messaging system, voice translation, automatic notifications, and an evolutionary design that is both attractive and lightweight What you may not have heard is how you can get one. According to the Google Glass website, the Read More

Google Chromebook Pixel

How can you possibly cram 4.3 million pixels onto a screen that is only 12.85 inches diagonally? We’re not sure, but somehow Google Chromebook Pixel has managed to pull it off, and the results are enough to make even us hardcore Apple boys think about switching. This particular offering from Google comes fused with a piece of Gorilla Glass that allows you to swipe when you want to swipe or type when you want to type, all without compromising the picture screen quality. The solid state drive is around 64GB, but buying in now could also land you 1TB (yep, Read More

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Lazerwood Keys for MacBook Pro

Like the clean, sleek look of your MacBook Pro, but feel that its keypad is, um, well, a little dull and/or lacking something? Do you appreciate all things retro-looking? Check out this slightly one-off (but really neat!) invention from Seattle-based Lazerwood Industries. Lazerwood Keys are thin, adhesive-based chips fashioned from timelessly beautiful walnut. Lazerwood assures that the keys are of the highest possible quality, with precisely cut squares and ‘laser cut’ characters. And even though the company itself admits that lining up every key just right will take time and concentration, if you fumble, they’re removable without damage to the Read More

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System

Traditional canned air is officially dead. The O2 Hurricane Canless Air System is the world’s most powerful cordless electronic air duster. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s inexpensive. One canless air system is all you’ll ever need, since it’s completely rechargeable. Just plug it in to charge for a brand new burst of air. Great for offices, automobiles, and just about all of your electronics.

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