Kangaroo PC Is A Pocketable PC

If you ask us, we’re pretty big fans of the whole PC-on-a-stick trend of 2015. Being able to have an entire Windows 10 computer on a device that fits on a keychain Read More

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Meet Solu, The Future Of ‘Social Computing’

When it comes to tech, Finland definitely punches above its weight class. The small Scandinavian nation has given us the likes of Nokia and Jolla and now it looks like it’s about Read More

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Toshiba’s Satellite Radius 12 Is The Best Laptop We Saw At IFA 2015

Ready for 4K laptops? Toshiba is willing to bet that you are. That’s why they’re releasing a brand new hybrid laptop computer which features a simply gorgeous 4K touchscreen display. The new Read More

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Dell Revives Alienware 18, The Ultimate Portable Gaming Laptop

Alienware may not be what it used to be but that doesn’t mean that Dell has given up on the brand entirely. In order to spark new life into the once-great gaming Read More

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Wood Kubb Is The Computer Which Steve Jobs Should Have Built

Say what you will about the guy, Steve Jobs had vision. And that vision included creating a silent out-of-the-way computer which would be closer to a work of art than it would Read More

You’ll Want To Buy Dell’s Chromebook 13

Chromebook design sucks. Despite some outliers like the original Cr-48 and the Pixel, the truth is that Chromebooks just can’t hold a candle to their more expensive PC and Mac counterparts. Until Read More

Lenovo’s New ThinkPad Is Packing Intel Xeon Processors And A Glorious 4K Display

Looking to get a new laptop now that Windows 10 is out? Look no further than Lenovo. Their new ThinkPad P50 and P70 laptops pack ultra-powerful (and also totally new) Intel Xeon Read More

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Acer Proves That Windows 10 Computers Need Not Be Expensive

Acer wants to prove that a Windows 10 PC doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s why it’s releasing the Acer One Cloudbook, a device which can most accurately be described as a Read More

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