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Shot Glasses By Quaffer — Set Of 4

These Shot Glasses by Quaffer make for an interesting addition to your barware collection. Instead of getting the standard 1.5-ounce shot of your favorite hard liquor, then being forced to reach for the chaser, you can instead fill the bottom 2.5 ounces with the chaser of choice and “stack” the shot on top. The hybrid-hourglass design of the shot glass is engineered to ensure that you receive the full brunt of the flavors and the appropriate relief when the burn sets in. It’s a lazier smarter way to drink, and we absolutely dig it. Materials are made from plastic for Read More

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Team Beer Kegs

It pains me to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers this year, but when it comes to drinking, I’m black and gold through and through. That’s why I find these Team Beer Kegs so appealing. SOMEthing good has to come out of this season, doesn’t it? If you’re in the same boat as me — looking at you, Vikings and (probably) Bills fans — then you should think about cutting losses and filling up a one-gallon, push-button keg in the officially NFL-licensed team of your choice and drink till you forget. (Responsibly, of course.) Each one locks in the hot or Read More

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Stone Drink Dispenser

Want to add some class and sophistication to your parties? You’ll be able to do just that with the Stone Drink Dispenser that is perfect for housing your spirits for easy access. According to the team at Uncommon Goods, this near-perfect creation was cut from cobbled granite and affixed with a stainless steel spigot with a beach stone lever allowing you to pour a glass as long as the tank is full. From New Hampshire designer Jeff Henderson, this dispenser is a sturdy, sophisticated work that rethinks the traditional water cooler in favor of something considerably more fun — and Read More

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Adventure Stainless Steel Flask

The Adventure Stainless Steel Flasks are elegant creations designed for protecting your booze (or other drink of choice) wherever you go. Hanging out with friends, the stockroom at work, college English classes. Wherever a drink is necessary, sweet (or bitter) relief is never further than a hand in the pocket away. These eight-ounce babies come in both navy and green from Stanley, a company that has been in business for more than 100 years. These latest editions are sturdier than most, boasting 18/8 stainless steel, rust-proofing, and a natural BPA-free distinction. You’ll also feel comfortable placing the Adventure Flask in Read More

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Pretentious Beer Glass Full Set

For some of us, beer tastes the same no matter what we’re drinking it from — glass, bottle, plastic party cup — but others are more discerning, and the team at Pretentious Beer Glass is prepared to deliver the goods to those customers with this set of five specially shaped glasses. The full set includes the Hoppy Beer Glass, the Aromatic Beer Glass, the Malty Beer Glass, the Subtle Beer Glass, and a more “traditional” Ale Glass. Each one can carry around 12 ounces of beer along with a two- to three-ounce head. And even though they’re hand-wash recommended, they Read More

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Tap King Dispenser

The Tap King Dispenser gives you the opportunity to bring the pub life into your home with a dispensary system that is worthy of The World’s End itself. (Oh yeah, go see that movie if you haven’t already.) There are a wide range of beers to choose from, and each one will keep you from getting thirsty as they clock in at a massive 3.2 liters each for $20 to $25 extra. (That’s about 10 full beers.) The Tap is also compact fridge friendly making it perfect for college students (who are of age, of course), who wouldn’t mind tipping Read More

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Strong Like Bull Bottle Opener

It’s been a while since we’ve brought you anything on bottle openers, so what better way to make a return than to point you in the direction of the latest and greatest from project head Brian Conti, whose Charlotte, North Carolina-based company has given us the Strong Like Bull Bottle Opener? This addition to your bar collection is crafted from a big block of aluminum, machined to perfection with the fancy SLB logo engraved into the body. Perfectly crafted for popping those most stubborn of tops, this baby will have you drinking a lot faster, whether the name of your Read More

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Bomb Mugs

The team behind Bomb Mugs have really put together a nice piece of drinking gear. This is a heavy duty mug designed specifically for bombs — the good kind (i.e. Irish car bomb, Jaeger bomb, Vodka and Red Bull) — and angled perfectly so you can go bottoms up with minimal spillage or annoyance. Pour the shot in the top of the mug. Add your mixer to the base. Put the rim of the mug to your lips, and let the headaches come in the morning. The mug can also pull single duty if you just need a shot of Read More

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