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LiveWire Concept Electric Motorcycle From Harley-Davidson

Tee Off With The Wine Caddy

If you’re a wine enthusiast or know someone who is, then you will want to stand up and take notice of the Wine Caddy, a new Kickstarter project that attempts to give you and your loved one everything you need to enjoy a nice, pretentious night of wine drinking, cheese eating, and sexual healing. The Wine Caddy facilitates all three, and it comes in both single and double bottle varieties, so you can have as much or as little vino as you need. Prices start at $165 during the currently ongoing campaign and go up from there. Start your pledging, Read More

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Wine Condoms

When you crack open a bottle of wine with your latest romantic interest, make sure you’ve got proper protection available…for that bottle! The Wine Condom is a rubber meant to replace a traditional wine stopper. Actually made of 100% rubber, it goes over the top of a wine bottle the same way a jimmy cap goes over your…well, your jimmy. The top of the Wine Condom stays level with the top of the wine bottle, enabling easier storage of the bottle in your fridge because you don’t have a big cork or stopper protruding from it. This sealing device is Read More

Verseur 4-In-1 Wine Opener

The Verseur 4-in-1 Wine Opener offers everything that you need to enjoy a great glass of wine without being forced to drink the entire bottle just to maximize freshness. Not only does it come through with an easy-to-use corkscrew, but it also has a pour spout to ensure that every last drop makes it in your glass; a foil cutter so you don’t have to wrestle with the bottle for 15 minutes before you commence to drinking; and (best of all) a rubber stopper, so you can enjoy a glass tonight and tomorrow without losing freshness. Selected and brought to Read More

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Open Brew Beer Mug Bottle Opener

The Open Brew Beer Mug Bottle Opener is a godsend for those of us always needing a bottle opener whenever we’re wanting to enjoy our craft brew favorites. Unfortunately, they seem to be the last object in the world that we can find whenever it’s time to partake. This handy-dandy piece of bar gear circumvents this problem by providing a built-in stainless steel bottle opener right in to the bottom of the glass. Now you can just pull the Open Brew out of your cupboard, pop the top on that pesky old bottle, and immediately pour. It’s a faster way Read More

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You’re at a party where you set down your drink to go to the restroom. Upon return, you notice that there are two, maybe even three cans just like yours on the counter. Which one belongs to you? This situation has played out for us about a million times collectively. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but we have done our share of partying. And no matter how many beverages that we have put away of the malt variety, it’s always a little gross when finding out we drank after a stranger. If you can relate then you will enjoy this Read More

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Open Your Bottles 10 Different Ways With The Triien iiOPENER

If you are as bored as we are with the traditional bottle opener then you are really going to love the iiOPENER. This uniquely shaped device from Triien, Inc., enables you to open your beer bottles in 10 different ways (or in my case, the twist-off IBC Root Beers, just because it’s still cool). The company declares their product “what a woman wants and what a man needs.” We aren’t sure about all of that, but it is certainly a conversation starter. Whip this out at a party and you are likely to be the center of attention, at least Read More

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Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flasks

Retro gaming, whiskey, and genius design — add it all up, and what do you get? Why, Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flasks, of course! The Portland-based company have found an exciting new use for those old Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge casings. They removed the circuitry, gave it a nice freshening, and converted the shell to a flask that will bring back memories even as it helps you forget. To make matters even more awesome, the finish work includes labels that mimic classic NES games. Currently, you can get Drunk Hunt (ahem, Duck Hunt anyone?), Bar-Hop Bros. (just guess), CastleVodka, The Read More

HIPP Titanium Flask

Name your poison. The HIPP Titanium Flask is strong enough to take it whether said substance comes in a four- or six-ounce allotment. This travel accessory is for any man fond of a nice whiskey shot on a cold night, and it boasts a minimalist profile with big personality – a real treasure “to have, to hold and to drink from,” as the company Kickstarter campaign says. Compared to stainless steel flasks the HIPP is of a much higher quality thanks to its use of a better class of metal. Titanium is lightweight and possesses highly inert properties, resulting in Read More

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