La Petite Chouette Makes For A Perfect Her’s Stocking Stuffer

This Holiday season candles are a girl’s best friend thanks to La Petite Chouette (that last word is pronounced shoo-wet’ and translates to ‘The Little Owl’). Made in France and sold online on Read More

Momentary Ink Lets You Try A Tattoo Before Your Commit

The decision to go in and get a tattoo isn’t one to be taken lightly. From that day forward, you’l be carrying around some art which may wrinkle, sag, or just cause Read More

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Colorware Will Give Your iPhone A Retro Look

Let’s be honest here, there was something quaint about that beige plastic 1980s Apple look. Before Jony Ive, the Cupertino-based company was always serious about design and it shows— their products still Read More

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This Darwin Jellyfish Tank Puts On A Spectacular Show

Jellyfish are pretty incredible creatures. What other animals lack things we take for granted like brains and eyes while being as widespread as they are? If you’ve ever felt a certain sense Read More

Organize Your Life The Japanese Way With The Hobonichi Techo Planner

Japan is a fascinating country. In so many respects, their society represents a compelling alternative to our anarchic way of life by focusing on the values of order and discipline. To that Read More

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Safeguard Against Government Spooks With Silent Pocket

Do you have the feeling that somebody’s watching you? That you have no privacy? Well it isn’t just a dream. We live in a post-Snowden revelation era of surveillance where we now Read More

These Are The Best Styluses Ever Created

Steve Jobs did two important things back in 2007. First of all, he launched the iPhone which ended up revolutionizing the entire smartphone market but he also did another thing which he Read More

Lexus (Yes THAT Lexus) Reveals Hoverboard

Way back in 1989, Back To The Future 2 predicted that we’d all be riding around on hover boards by now. In order to prove that the classic film franchise was prescient, Read More