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Company Of Painters Will Turn Your Photo Into A Masterpiece

Still convinced your art degree isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on? That’s because you are not thinking like an entrepreneur. If you really want to know what your degree or your raw talent can do for you, just look no further than Company of Painters. This innovative service will take your favorite photos that you upload and turn them into Van Gogh style oil paintings, without great expense or the forfeiture of an ear. The Company of Painters will go to the trouble of finding an Impressionist painter for you. Your only obligation is finding the photo or photos Read More

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Mystery Box Dares You To Open It

J.J. Abrams is a guy who loves to keep the element of mystery about his projects even when it doesn’t behoove him to do so. (Looking at you, Star Trek Into Darkness.) Part of this stems from a story he once shared in a TED Talk. Abrams said that as a child he received a mysterious box from his grandfather — one that he’d intentionally never opened, even 30 years later, because it “served as a persistent reminder of the power of mystery, intrigue, and wonder.”  Inspired by that, he has teamed with theory11 through Bad Robot to produce the Read More

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Fluux LiquiMetal: It’s Like Having A T-1000 Trapped On Your Desk

In Terminator 2: Judgment Day the T-1000 was a liquid metal monstrosity that was seemingly invincible. Shoot him, blow him up, didn’t matter. He’d just liquefy and come right back together again. Well, Fluux has taken that concept and applied it to a desk display. The LiquiMetal is actually a ferrofluid suspension that blends science, art and design into one high quality interactive display. The magnetic wand can bend and reshape the interior substance so that it maintains a constant state of fluidity. It’s a lovely distraction from the boredom of the office environment and is incredibly easy on the eyes, Read More

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Own Sculptures Of Your Favorite Insect Colonies With Anthill Art

Some of you may have never poured molten aluminum into the ground.  The good fellow over at does it so you don’t have to.  The site is centered around sculptures of ant colonies, which are a lot more intricate than one might guess, and which do cry out to be the subject of sculptures. The video that shows the process is vaguely Tarantino-esque and makes for a pretty good short feature.  It details the methodology, pouring hot aluminum into an ant colony and creating a cast for the final sculpture.  We find the carpenter ant colony particularly spare and haunting. Read More

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QuarterTwenty Custom Skateboard Decks

QuarterTwenty custom skateboard decks bring a little more to the table than your garden variety skate deck that you’ll find in all the shops. These are crafted by folks with a true love for the craft, and it shows in every build. Boasting custom pressed baltic birch with recycled formica bottom skins, each one has a bright, no fade permanent color, and an ergonomically correct three-finger handhold to travel easy when not in use, no matter where you go. Total size is a full 40 inches long and 10.5 inches wide with concave and kick tail, but the brains behind Read More

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iPhone Leather Book Case

This iPhone Leather Book Case from Twelve South is both wallet and smartphone protector, and for those of you who like to read books on phone, it’s as close as you can get to that classic feel from the comfort of a smartphone. After all, with a Kindle app, iBooks, and the Nook application, you can bring in content from all of the various eReaders. And if you’re the highly organized type, you can use the other side for storing ID, credit cards, and greenbacks. Last but not least, the iPhone Leather Book Case firmly holds everything into place, protects Read More

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SurrealScapes Playing Card Deck

In keeping with the morning’s theme of tired inventions getting a fresh, vital look, we give you the SurrealScapes Playing Card Deck. This unique photography work and body art design combination isn’t your Granny’s deck of cards. In fact, it kind of has a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo vibe going for it as seen through the eyes of David Fincher. Zaid Salman of San Jose, California, is the mastermind behind this design concept, which makes striking use of yellows, magentas, cyans and blacks. Packaging is a stark, yet colorful combination in keeping with the spirit of the deck itself. Read More

Walhub: Functional Switch Plates

A typical day in the working life of yours truly goes a little something like this. Wake up, get dressed, get coffee – approximately 1 hour. Look for keys – approximately 1 hour. Go to work – eight hours. Come home, place keys in a completely different location, so I’ve gotta spend another hour looking for them in the morning. With the Walhub Functional Switch Plates, that routine could become a lot more productive. All one has to do is unscrew the existing switch plate and replace it with one that has hooks that are perfect for hanging your keys, Read More