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1805 Imperial Phantom Pocket Watch

Quadski | Personal Sports Amphibian

Findster: Never Lose Another Pet … Or Child (Not That We Have)

We now live in an age called the Internet of Things, and while there are privacy issues galore for us to worry about, there are also certain advantages to it. For starters, with all the crazies out there, it’s nice having a gadget-and-app combo like Friendster to keep track of our kids when we can’t be there with them. Also, if you’re the type who loses your pet a lot, slapping a Friendster on the collar and then opening up the app will allow you to locate them when they go astray. Best of all, there are no monthly fees Read More

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SitFit: An App That Could Help You Prevent Cancer

Work behind a desk all day? If so, you’re probably spending way too much time sitting. That’s my problem. Eking out a living behind a computer monitor can do horrendous things to your posture, and when you throw prolonged time in a chair into the mix, it can create problems like hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer. (Not an admission.) In fact, to the latter malady, a recent study reported by the Huffington Post revealed that men who spent 11.38 or more hours a day participating in sedentary activities (like reading or watching TV) had a 45 percent higher risk of recurrence Read More

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ALCOHOOT: Smartphone Breathalyzer

If you followed the release of ALCOHOOT from the beginning then you’re probably already aware of what a great tool it is. Well, retail customers rejoice because in the coming month you’ll get to pick up the app/accessory combo that thousands of responsible drinkers already swear by. This is an add-on to your mobile device that can truly save lives. ALCOHOOT uses platinum grade fuel cell sensors — the same used by law enforcement breathalyzers — and a unique air pressure sensor to ensure consistently accurate and reliable results. Simply plug in, breathe out, and let the app tell you Read More

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This Tablet Accessory Could Lead To Bedsores

There are a lot of tablet stands and cases out on the market — so many, in fact, that it’s hard to see how many of them differ. Not so with the IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stand for various incarnations of the iPad and iPad mini as well as Kindle, Nexus, and Galaxy.  The pillow stand has a soft body with a 100 percent cotton cover and a plush foam interior, making it the perfect “desk” whether you’re going from the couch to the bed or the chair to the floor.  In addition to being a good knickknack for your mobile Read More

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Everyone knows that you can save a fortune traveling around the city on a bicycle, but the major drawback is being constantly worried that some vagabond will come along and make off with your wheels. Thanks to BitLock and your Android or iOS device, you can stay secure with a lock that speaks to your smartphone and locks/unlocks by recognizing who you are. You can also create a private (or public) profile on the app that allows you to create a bike-sharing system with family or friends. The app part of Bitlock also tracks your performance, telling you how many Read More

Structure Sensor 3D For Mobile

The Structure Sensor 3D for Mobile gives mobile devices the ability to interpret the world in three-dimensional form. As an add-on to your iPad or other device, it offers an elegant look and color scheme whether you grab it in the ice blue or the silver. As functionality goes, here’s a short list of the things it’s capable of doing: Capture models of rooms Scan objects in 3D Play augmented reality video games Develop mobile applications with 3D sensing While the technology is certainly not new, the ability to use it for mobile is. Whether you want to think of Read More

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Previously, we brought you word of the Emotiv EPOC Neuroheadset, and now it looks like it’s time for an update. The gang currently has a Kickstarter campaign running on the next generation of brain activity monitor. This one can do just about everything when it comes to capturing the electrical impulses of your brain’s reactions and transferring it to usable data. It can detect commands, such as levitate, push, pull, rotate, and disappear, and facial expressions like winks, frowns, surprise, clench, smile — it even does blinking. All these things can transfer into reports that help you improve attention span, Read More

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Groopic is a new photography app from a team of Pakistani developers. It’s currently in beta and will be rolled out slowly sometime later this year, circumstances permitting. You’ll be able to use it on the iPhone right out of the gate, and (probably) the Android soon thereafter. Here’s how it works: you have four friends hanging out and don’t want to miss the photo opps. Unfortunately, one of you has to be behind the camera. Well, thanks to the unique augmented picture technology, you can take a pic of the behind the scenes person after they’ve taken a pic Read More

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