Etsy Card Reader Has Arrived!

If you currently sell anything on Etsy, then today marks a great day in the history of your online store. That’s because you can take your creations and product line everywhere you Read More

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Navdy: ‘Smart’ Driving Without The Distractions

Navdy is a smart driving system without all the distractions that come from the typical smartphone. Yes, we’ll admit that phones make driving a lot more convenient with things like built-in GPS. Read More

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Nod: Make Your World One Of Hands-Free Interaction

Nod is a gesture-driven gear/app that allows you to turn your world into a touch-less and beautiful one. Using simple gestures while wearing the device, you’ll be able to control a variety Read More

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SmartMat: Personalized Yoga Instruction, No Gyms Or Teachers Necessary

A lot of guys are starting to see the strength and stamina benefits of yoga. In fact, it was a guy, who developed today’s product: the SmartMat. This Indiegogo-featured product is the first Read More

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Findster: Never Lose Another Pet … Or Child (Not That We Have)

We now live in an age called the Internet of Things, and while there are privacy issues galore for us to worry about, there are also certain advantages to it. For starters, Read More

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SitFit: An App That Could Help You Prevent Cancer

Work behind a desk all day? If so, you’re probably spending way too much time sitting. That’s my problem. Eking out a living behind a computer monitor can do horrendous things to Read More

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ALCOHOOT: Smartphone Breathalyzer

If you followed the release of ALCOHOOT from the beginning then you’re probably already aware of what a great tool it is. Well, retail customers rejoice because in the coming month you’ll Read More

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This Tablet Accessory Could Lead To Bedsores

There are a lot of tablet stands and cases out on the market — so many, in fact, that it’s hard to see how many of them differ. Not so with the Read More

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