Is Casey Neistat’s ‘Beme’ The Next Big Social Network?

Popular YouTuber Casey Neistat thinks that online video content isn’t nearly as authentic as it should be. That’s why he took it upon himself to create a new video-based social network named Read More

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Scan Documents On The Go With Scanner Pro 6

While it may seem like scanning is an outmoded practice which belongs firmly in the 1990s or early 2000s, there are still times when you may need to send a scan of Read More

Twitter Strikes Back At Meerkat With Periscope Launch

Meerkat was one of SXSW’s darling apps this year but Twitter didn’t seem to appreciate the fact that their social graph was being exploited for free. That’s why the Twitter empire has Read More

Dark Sky Is The World’s Most Advanced Weather App

Have you ever looked down at your iPhone’s weather app just to find that the weather information just isn’t enough or maybe even just plain wrong? Ever if it hasn’t happened to Read More

Hashup Is The Ultimate Social Browser

Are you a news junkie? Then you should probably get Hashup, the world’s first social browser which allows you to search the web’s hottest trending articles by just typing in a hashtag. Read More

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Samsung Unveils New GameRecorder+ App

There’s seemingly no limit to the amount of screen capture options that can be used to record your favorite PC gaming moments. But what about mobile? If you’re an Android user then Read More

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Apple’s Streaming Music Service Is Here To Take On Spotify

Boom. Apple just announced its entry into the streaming music space, and probably just caused everyone over at Spotify to simultaneously wet their pants. That’s because Apple’s new streaming service won’t just Read More

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Newsstand Is Dead. Long Live Apple News!

iOS’ Newsstand app is dead. The truth is that Newsstand didn’t just die at Apple’s hand during WWDC 2015, though. Newsstand has actually been dead for a while now. What started as Read More

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