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DV8 Sports Gives You A Better Way To Carry Your Golf Clubs

Why should you have to be handicapped by the car you drive or your motorcycle or public transportation just because you simply want to hit the driving range to take a few swings at some Titleists? Well, now none of that matters. No matter what mode of travel you’re using, DV8 Sports has you covered with their new Golf Without Obstacles system. Here’s how it works. You carry one shaft and your choice of 14 different heads, all brought together by a quick-change coupler, patented and specially designed for quick change-outs. It is, in short, an easier way to golf Read More

Pocket Reel: Say Goodbye To Pole And Tackle Box

Got a friend or child who has always been intimidated by the mechanics of fishing? Want to do these folks a favor and show them how easy and relaxing it can be? Consider picking up a Pocket Reel from creator Josh Perlmutter. The Wisconsin-based inventor and outdoorsman has effectively eliminated the need for a traditional pole and tackle box. How’d he do it? Well, inside the kit, you’ll find everything you need to fish: hooks and sinkers, bait, a bobber, two lures, and several feet of extra fishing line. You can get yours now through Kickstarter for the price of Read More

Zoobells: Kettlebells For The Beast Inside You

If you’ve ever hit the free weights, unlike those mamby-pambys that flock to the weight machine, then you know just how awesome of a workout the kettle bell can be. Unfortunately, it usually comes in the form of a boring hunk of round metal with a handle attached. Luckily, the team behind Zoobells has corrected the error. With Zoobells, you get the same great kettle bell workout, only this time you get it from something poured by hand and resembling an animal likeness to match your inner beast. You can buy your lion or wolf kettle bells now directly from Read More

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TrackR Bravo: Keep Up With Your Life

TrackR bravo is a device that would have really come in handy about a month ago when I lost my wallet, which just so happened to contain everything in it — credit cards, license, health insurance, even Social Security ID. (Yes, yes, I know, you’re not supposed to carry that on your person.) Anyhow, all that stuff is gone forever, and it had to be replaced. Had there been something small enough that I could have used to track it without making me feel like I was carrying around a filing cabinet, that would have been great. Well, now there Read More

Bodyguard Blanket Protects Kids Against Tornados, School Shootings

ProTecht, an Oklahoma-based company, has designed a brilliant new way of guarding children in the event of school shootings. With the Bodyguard Blanket, kids can have protection against “90 percent of the weapons typically used in a school shooting,” the company notes. While it’s disgusting that the need for a product like this actually exists, it’s good to see someone taking initiative to try and avoid tragedy the next time some lunatic gets a hold of a gun. The blanket itself is a 5/16-inch pad made from the same type of material used to protect US military service men and Read More

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SCiO Pocket Scanner Will Change The Way You Do Just About Everything

SCiO is a pocket molecular sensor that allows you to scan materials and physical objects to get instant relevant information on your smartphone. Just use this device to scan food, medicine, plants, and anything else that you can think of, and the results will display via the SCiO smartphone app. Which watermelon is the sweetest? When will the avocado you’re looking at in the supermarket ripen? How many calories, carbs, etc., are in that Arby’s Jamocha milkshake? (Don’t want to know that last one.) SCiO is able to take the molecular fingerprint of every object you scan and provide every Read More

With The Kley-Zion NAIL Tactical Tool, Burglars Won’t Know What Hit ‘Em

The NAIL is a tactical tool specially designed for getting you out of tough spots when you need it. For instance, say you’re sitting in your home and a burglar comes in and starts bossing you around. With the NAIL, all you need is close proximity, and whammo, you can pull this bad boy out of your shirt pocket and make him wish he never met you. That’s because it’s stainless steel, hides like a fountain pen, and is specially crafted to give you a good strong grip. It can also help you break a window if you ever need Read More

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LaMetric Is Way More Advanced Than It Looks

LaMetric is a deceptively exciting new device that is way more advanced than it looks. In fact, just a glance at its cosmetics might make you think you’re looking at a glorified scoreboard, but in reality, it’s doing much, much more. By programming widgets for each of your vital accounts into the device, you can display anything from Facebook fans to Paypal balances. It also tells weather, acts as a timer/clock/alarm, displays new emails, and spills the beans on your Play or Apple App Store metrics if you’re a mobile app developer. In other words, there is a lot going Read More