Check Out This Awesome New Portable Virtual Reality Headset

Turn your smartphone into your own virtual reality headset with Pinć, a pocket-sized smartphone case for both iOS & Android devices. Upon unboxing the device, the first thing you’ll probably notice is Read More

Belty Will Keep Your Belt From Becoming Too Tight After That Huge Meal

You know what we’ve all been missing in our lives? A motorized belt of course! If you’ve ever sat down and eaten way too much for your stomach to handle and have Read More

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Branto Is A New Kind Of Virtual Assistant, Giving You Real Peace Of Mind

Ever worry about your home’s security while you’re on vacation? Maybe you have a temperamental pet that just won’t behave while you’re away at work? Or you might’ve just lost the remote. Read More

Meet Alexa, Amazon Echo’s New Personal Assistant

The Echo is Amazon’s newest ambitious product which serves two functions. First of all, it’s a Bluetooth speaker for your devices, but that’s not where the real innovation lies. The really unique Read More

HIRIS Is The Expanding, Modular Wearable Device Platform For Everyone

HIRIS is much more than just a smart watch or a fitness tracker, it’s an actual wearable (or mountable) mini computer. The hexagon-shaped device is certainly stylish and offers real benefits to Read More

Polyes Q1 Is The 3D Printing Pen That You’ll Love To Use

Using a 3D printing pen isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Furthermore, many existing 3D printing pens use ABS/PLA materials which give off foul-smelling odors and may be dangerous to handle Read More

Access The Internet From Anywhere With Karma

Wouldn’t it be nice to have always on WiFi that follows you wherever you are, anytime? That’s exactly what the folks at Karma Mobility were thinking about when they decided to make Read More

Kube Is The Ultimate Party Accessory

Meet Kube, the ultimate tailgating accessory. How’s that? It’s a huge, 33-quart waterproof ice chest that also doubles as an ultra-powerful wireless Bluetooth sound system. In terms of design, Kube features a Read More