Microsoft Band 2 Is Finally Fashionable

Microsoft’s original fitness tracking band was a breakthrough for the Redmond-based company. That being said, it wasn’t exactly “fashionable”. Now Microsoft is pushing forward and improving the aesthetic value of their fitness Read More

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You Can Now Buy An Amazon Fire Tablet For Just $50

We’re willing to bet that by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll end up buying the new Amazon Fire tablet. While you might expect us to go into detail regarding Read More

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New Amazon Fire TV Challenges Apple TV Dominance

If you’re not the type to buy into the reality distortion field surrounding Apple products then you probably didn’t give a hoot about last week’s Apple TV announcement. Why should you? There Read More

Concerned About Privacy? You Should Probably Buy Angee.

Did you know that every 13 seconds someone breaks into a home in the US? How about the fact that 41% of successful burglaries happen when the home’s alarm system isn’t armed? Read More

Cupertino Start Your Copymachines! This Is Apple’s New Smart Keyboard

Ever since 2007 Apple has been all in on virtual keyboard. Until now. Meet the new Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro, a revolutionary new keyboard which totally reimagines the keyboard so that you can be Read More

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OpenROV’s Trident Is An Incredible Submersible Drone

If you haven’t been living under a rock these past couple of years then you probably know what a drone is. You know, those autonomous or radio-controlled flying devices which can allow Read More

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The Pod Pro May Just Be The Best Way To Charge Your Apple Devices

Looking for a convenient way to charge all of your Apple devices? Look no further than Pod Pro. This gorgeous looking multi-charger (and battery pack!) is actually able to charge both your Read More

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Steve Jobs Is Rolling In His Grave: Apple Releases ‘Pencil’ Stylus

Who wants a stylus? That very question was asked by Steve Jobs shortly before he dismissed the very idea behind styluses. Now, nearly a decade later Apple seems to be thinking differently Read More

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