Vader’s Vault Offers A Premium Lightsaber Dueling Experience

Admit it, you’ve picked up a stick and pretended that you’re a Jedi. Every guy who’s been born after 1977’s Star Wars has pretended that they’re wielding a lightsaber as they battle Read More

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Fitbit Alta Is The Company’s Most Stylish Tracker Yet

While FitBit has been branching out into other wearables as of late, they’ve also decided to double down on their existing fitness tracking product offerings as well. Not content with just standing Read More

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Meet Carloudy, The World’s First Windshield HUD

Imagine the future. What do you see in your mind’s eye? Sure you may picture cyborgs and acropolises but you probably also picture people in car’s with Minority Report-esque HUDs. That future Read More

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Immerse Is The Best Low-End Virtual Reality Headset. Period.

Who said VR had to be expensive? While most headsets cost somewhere in the hundreds of dollars, a number of companies have decided to price their virtual reality headsets more aggressively and Read More

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Need A Backpack? Get A Jetpack 2.0!

Backpacks sure have come a long way since you were in high school. No longer the purview of Jansport and Eastpack, a number of new companies have come along in order to Read More

Ray Is The Remote Control You’ve Always Been Looking For

Eww… your remote still has buttons? While no date will probably ever tell you this, you know deep inside that they’re likely judging you for having multiple, sweat and dirt encrusted remotes. Read More

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AirBow Is The Future Of Hunting

You might not realize it, but the image above is the next link in a long evolutionary chain that started with the humble bow and arrow. That’s because the Pioneer AirBow (as Read More

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Shadowhawk’s X800 Tactical Flashlights Make For Outstanding Non-lethal Weapons

We don’t usually associate Flashlights with personal defense. Yet that’s exactly what Shadowhawk is branding their new X800 Tactical Flashlights as being — non-lethal weapons, and thanks to the flashlight’s ultra-powerful light Read More

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