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The Half Hatchet Drops From Treeline Outdoors

Our friends at Treeline Outdoors have sent over notice that the Half Hatchet and Hudson Bay Axe is now available through the company website. This is a gorgeous necessity for your outdoor supplies. The Half Hatchet celebrates North American craft and trade with a 1.5 lb forged steel head, 3.5 inch polished cutting blade, beveled nail slot and opposite striking hammer face. A camping essential, the hatchet is painted forest green and bears a 13 inch hickory handle and protective leather sheath with embossed logo. One of the oldest and most respecte​d axe ​patterns in North America, the Hudson Ba​y Axe Read More

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Keep Your Grub Hot With Industrial Revolution Food Jugs

Industrial Revolution’s Food Jugs come in three different sizes (prices from $28 to $33), and are perfect additions to your selection of camping gear. Featuring double-walled construction with high-quality stainless steel, each one has a silver-coated inner body for superior insulation and heat preservation. Each food jug has a push button for pressure release and the lid serves as a bowl. Also, and in our opinion this is a must nowadays, it’s BPA-free. (Why take chances, right?)  You can order these from the company website in three different sizes: 500mL ($28), 750mL ($30), and 1,000mL ($33). As good as it gets Read More

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Take Off A Load With The X9 Follow Golf Trolley

The X9 Follow Golf Trolley (with remote) threatens to remove that last little bit of physicality from the game of golf. Now, now, golf lovers, don’t get mad at us for saying that. We know that not everyone who plays is John Kreuk and that there is still quite a bit of strategy and bodily control that you have to have in order to perform well. But one of the most grueling parts of the game is lugging around your clubs. The X9 fixes that! Unfolding in one simple movement, the X9 is powered by a lithium battery and it Read More

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Apple SmartWatch Launching In September [Rumor]

Okay, since this is still “rumor,” that image above is clearly a mockup. Nevertheless, Re/code is reporting that the Apple SmartWatch is coming very soon — not even sure if that’s what they’ll be calling it — and that it will be announced in its full glory on September 9. From the report: “Apple now plans to unveil a new wearable alongside the two next-generation iPhones we told you the company will debut on September 9. … The new device will, predictably, make good use of Apple’s HealthKit health and fitness platform. It will also — predictably — make good Read More

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Watch Out For Your Fellow Man This Winter With Heat Seek NYC

If you’ve ever been to NYC in the winter, then you know how brutally cold it can get. And with all those people, there are always some in need whose very lives are threatened by the weather. While we take it for granted that we can just turn the heat on, not everyone can afford to, even if they do have a roof over their heads, and some buildings aren’t equipped with the proper heating needed for high-risk tenants. Enter Heat Seek NYC, a project designed to call out these hyper-cold areas and act as a beacon of hope to Read More

StakeLight Set With LED Lighting And Emergency Strobe

We know that camping out in a tent is supposed to remove you from the ravages of technology and allow you to get “back to nature,” but does that mean all modern innovations should go by the wayside. We don’t think so. And if you’re going to bring a little 21st Century tech to your camping trip, why not go safety first with the Stake Light. The concept behind this is simple. Just use Stake Light on your tent and benefit from round the clock visibility with LED lighting and an emergency strobe feature for distress situations. Area mode provides Read More

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CorkNet: Make Any Table A Ping Pong Table

Many people don’t believe this, but back in my college days, I was a pretty ferocious ping pong player (or table tennis, if you prefer). Unfortunately, life happens, I got older, and fell out of practice. Well, that wouldn’t have happened had I had the CorkNet with me 24/7. This unique innovation from across the pond turns virtually any table into a ping pong table. Its primary purpose is to divide any surface so that it becomes table tennis-ready. However, you can also use it as a trivet if so inclined. The early bird on this Kickstarter project is still Read More

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RunScribe: A Wearable For Data-Driven Athletes

RunScribe is a wearable for any of you concerned about athletic performance and competition. This gadget provides a 3D view of how you run, helping you to work smarter, longer, and with fewer injuries. It’s a lightweight running wearable that mounts on the back of your shoe and uses a 9-axis sensor to precisely capture the movements of your foot during the gait cycle. The precision measurements, combined with runScribe’s kinematic engine delivers the most advanced set of running metrics available outside of a professional lab environment. While other running technologies offer limited information – merely tracking steps, distance and Read More