LG’s 10-inch G Pad Might Just Be The Perfect Android Tab For You

Looking for an Android tablet which fits your particular lifestyle? LG’s new 10-inch G Pad just might be your next device. Although not the first (or the last) G Pad that the Read More

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Unleash Your Inner Mixologist With The MixStik

Want to make a better cocktail? You could spend hundreds of hours trying to learn the fine art of mixology or you could just start using technology to help you do it. Read More

Taking A First Look At BlackBerry’s Upcoming Android-Powered Phone

The last 8 years or so have been really tough on BlackBerry. Failed smartphones, numerous CEO shuffles, too many bad choices to count, and the shattered dreams of the entire Canadian populace Read More

AfterShokz’s Trekz Titanium Is Pure Sweet Bone-Conducting Goodness

If you’re the type of person who likes outdoor activities and especially enjoys listening to music while engaging in the said activities then Aftershokz is for you. Unlike in-ear wireless headphones which Read More

Seamlessly Share Contact Information With Knock Knock

Stay with us while we paint a word picture for you. Let’s say that you’ve just met someone really cool at a getty. Perhaps you both go to the same school, hang Read More

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Razer Takes On Kinect With RealSense Camera

Oculus Rift has clearly proven that the future of video games lies in immersive gaming. Not being one to take being showed up lightly, gaming peripheral giant Razer is developing a new Read More

Sony Doubles Down On Wearables With SmartBand 2

Sony hasn’t given up on the wearable market yet. That’s why the once-great Japanese consumer electronics titan is releasing the SmartBand 2, a new version of its original fitness band which adds Read More

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Speedos + Misfit Team Up To Release Fitness Tracker For Swimmers

If you’re a swimmer then you’ve probably been feeling more than just a little left out lately. Runners have fitness trackers. Weight lifters have fitness trackers. Even Volley Ball players have their Read More

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