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Pavlok May Be ‘Shocking,’ But It Could Mean A Healthier You

Baron Fig Presents The Poster Project

Pig Farmer Games Is For The Horror Movie Lover In Us All

Pig Farmer Games is a company for those of us who’d rather be watching horror movies than virtually anything else. Over the years, scare flicks have become a passion for myself, and PFG apparently feels the same way because their line of slasher-inspired computer games are top-notch and demonstrate a true love for the sub genre. With titles like Splatter Camp, Babysitter Bloodbath, Sanitarium Massacre, and Minotaur, these guys are scratching right where we itch. (Not too deep, though, thankfully.) Pig Farmer Games also offers a line of T-shirts that you’ll want to check out, but if nothing else, give Read More

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Raspberry Pi Gamer: Go Old School With Any System On One Unit

Look, we’re not going to sit here and act like we know how Raspberry Pi programming works, but if it can create a new console capable of playing SNES, Nintendo, Sega, etc., with the ease of a modern gaming system, we know enough to say that we like it. Currently on Kickstarter, you can order your own Raspberry Pi Gamer Console, which combines multiple emulator technologies into one simple (and simply cool) unit. The housing on this item is adorable, and belongs in every so-called gamer’s entertainment center. You can pick yours up now for $85, or bump up to Read More

Virtualizer: The Future Of VR Gaming Is Here

The Virtualizer has just made virtual reality gaming a lot cooler than it’s ever been. We were already getting excited about the possibilities through Sony’s headset and the Oculus Rift, but with this 360-degree sensor-based treadmill, you can get the full range of motion on games like Battlefield 4. (Video below.) And once the software development kit from Virtualizer releases around the end of 2014, you’ll be able to turn most games VR. While there are still some limitations — jumping is limited to a hop, and you can’t physically feel the bullet hit you when you get shot in Read More

NVIDIA SHIELD Gaming Tablet: Pinch Us, We Must Be Dreaming

Finally, a tablet for gamers! Leave it to NVIDIA to create a slate with the hardcore gamer in mind. Using this device — which starts at just $299 — you can enjoy the power, portability, and performance of NVIDIA SHIELD on a gorgeous, eight-inch screen with full HD (1080p) capabilities. The NVIDIA SHIELD Gaming Tablet is built to be brilliant with the world’s fastest mobile processor, unbeatable tablet graphics, audio/video performance, the most advanced, responsive stylus, and the freedom to pair with the optional SHIELD wireless controller for ultimate gaming control. The SHIELD tablet delivers everything you need to get Read More

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The WWE Fighting Game That Might Have Been

Ah, the best laid plans don’t always work out the way they’re supposed to. In an alternate universe, this awesome WWE fighting game could have become a reality, but alas, it stalled out around 2011. Fortunately, Comics Alliance unearthed some of the concept art recently. So rather lament the gigantic tease this is, we’ll just take comfort in the fact that these drawings exist. The concept art was rendered by Rich Lyons. Some of the featured characters include Hulk Hogan, Rey Mysterio, Jr., and, of course, Stone Cold Steve Austin. I would seriously give up the last two video game Read More

Gamevice Will Turn Your iPad Mini Into A Console

While touch controls are great and everything, they don’t compare with a hardware setup. For one, you don’t always gauge where the controls are correctly, and though responsive, they’re not always accurate. When it comes to gaming, you need hardware, and that’s what Gamevice is giving you. With Gamevice, you can put your iPad mini down in the slots and get the full console gaming experience. Everything you need is here: the toggle stick, D-pad, standard buttons, triggers and bumpers. Use it to access thousands of games, and play them all the same way, no Gorilla Glass witchcraft necessary. Only Read More

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Angry Birds Epic: Rovio Goes RPG

Rovio has conquered the world several times now with their popular Angry Birds games, but never before have they gone the role-playing game route — until now. Introducing Angry Birds Epic, a new free-to-play game available on all major platforms, that allows you to step inside of a medieval world of piggie domination. Of course, you’ll have some pretty strong birds to see you through to the end. A word of warning, though: even though the game itself is free, there are the dreaded in-app purchases, ranging in price from 99 cents to $89.99. Check out the promotional video for Read More

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Newly Uncovered, Grand Theft Auto V, Commodore 64 Edition!

If you’re like us and used to playing Grand Theft Auto V on an advanced console with the best graphics around, then you’ll probably be surprised to learn that the game is about a quarter of a century old and originally existed as a demo for the Commodore 64 computer gaming system. Okay, so we’re making that part up. However, you can see what GTA V would have looked like had it been around in those days (and if anyone with the know-how could have made it work as smoothly as it does in this video). Check this out from Read More

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