Samsung Releases New Gear VR Headset

Samsung won’t rest until it can dominate every aspect of your life. To that end, our future Korea-based consumer electronics overlord has released a new version of its Gear VR Headset which Read More

Star Fox Zero Barrel Rolls Onto Wii U In November

If you grew up with either the SNES or N64 generation of consoles then one of your favorite games was undoubtedly Star Fox or Star Fox 64. Both of the games were Read More

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FIFA 16 Is Bringing Its A-Game Next Month

We’re under a month away from one of the world’s largest video game releases. No we’re not talking about Madden 2016 here. That actually already came out. No, if you want to Read More

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Madden NFL 16 Is The Best Football Game Ever Released

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you already know that America’s favorite video game series just got a new installment. Madden NFL 16 is out baby and it’s brining the Read More

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Your Dream Pokémon Fighting Game Is Almost Here

Get those Poké Balls all warmed up and ready to go because Pokkén Tournament, Japan’s favorite Pokémon fighting game is going to be making it to our shores early next year. Currently Read More

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Rejoice! Final Fantasy VII Lands On iOS

All around the world gamers are celebrating by collectively yelling out “Thank you based Square Enix!”. For what seems like an eternity since the Japanese video gaming giant started porting their iconic Read More

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Guild Wars 2 Gets Thorny With First Expansion

Guild Wars 2 is about to get very very thorny. That’s right, everyone’s favorite O.G Free-to-Play MMO is getting its first expansion which is (somewhat lamely) titled Heart of Thorns. So what’s Read More

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Tomb Raider Rise Pushes The Franchise To New Heights

Tomb Raider is back, baby. Later on this year you’ll be able to join Lara Croft as she, well, raids tombs. Before you get started about how you’ve been disappointed with the Read More

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