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Introducing The New Handheld Nintendo 64: Be Jealous!

Want to enjoy four hours of uninterrupted wireless gaming on your handheld Nintendo 64? (Wait, what!?) Yes, indeedy, a YouTube poster going by the name of Bungle has apparently perfected all those plans floating around on the Internet for how to turn your N64 into a handheld gaming console. Bungle’s battery life is just longer than Gone With The Wind before it needs a recharge. Until that happens, though, you can play all the Donkey Kong and Mario that you want. Just slide the cartridge in the back and rock out. Unfortunately, if you want one like Bungle’s, you’ll need Read More

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Before Oculus Rift, There Was Nintendo Virtual Boy!

An inStash reader recently brought to our attention that Oculus Rift is not virtual reality’s first rodeo. In fact, none other than Nintendo first got in on the act in the ’90s with Virtual Boy, a red headset and red-saturated view screen that coughed out clunky and crappy little games as only prematurely birthed technology could. It was considered a tabletop system that was quite uncomfortable to play. (Not sure whether there were any lawsuits over neck pain, but there could have been.) Virtual Boy launched in 1995 for the price point of $180 and was only available in Japan Read More

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R.B.I. Baseball ’14: It’s Back, And We Can’t Stop Smiling

If you grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s, then you probably remember a gloriously simple little baseball game called R.B.I. Baseball. It had a cartoonish quality and easy-to-learn controls, and it was darn addictive. Well, the folks at Major League Baseball Advanced Media are bringing it back with some updated graphics while recommitting to the qualities that made the original one of the best video game franchises in the history of the game. With R.B.I. Baseball ’14, expected to drop on April 10 for Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, and Android (at least), MLBAM has added one additional feature that Read More

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Wolfenstein: The New Order – In. Freakin. Tense. [Trailer]

Gotta be honest: I did not think a video game could ratchet up the same level of intensity as, say, a Quentin Tarantino film. <cough Inglourious Basterds cough cough> However, Wolfenstein: The New Order manages to do just that with its newly released clip entitled “On a Train to Berlin” (for obvious reasons once you see it). In the brief clip, Bethesda has put our hero, B.J. Blazkowicz head-to-head with Frau Engel, one of the game’s major villains. The scene here is somewhat reminiscent, though abbreviated, of the Inglourious Basterds opening wherein QT builds suspense on the way to something Read More

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Be The Grizzly With This Bear Simulator

Wow, Farjay Studios has tapped in to a desire that we frankly didn’t know existed — the desire to be a bear. With its Bear Simulator, the game has already achieved its target funding goal on Kickstarter with more than $35k committed (of $29,500 requested), and there’s still approximately 23 days left to go before the project closes. In the game, you play the role of bear and do all the things one of such species is wont to do — forage for berries, eat fish, sleep through the winter. Of course, you’ll also have to endure many of the Read More

Score A Virtual Knockout Whether Gaming Or Exercising

Ever wanted to knock a fool out, but didn’t want to risk getting knocked out yourself? Today you’re in luck because we have the Virtual Knockout System. You can play it either as a traditional video game or as a full body workout system. Here’s how it works: A virtual trainer throws lefts, rights and overhead mitts along a 3D path and you have to tap on either side when they reach a specified target area. Overhead mitts are a different color and shape and require a downward thumb slide in order to duck and avoid a point deduction penalty.  Read More

Move Over Oculus, Here Comes Sony’s Project Morpheus

Finally, we have something other than Oculus Rift to get excited about in the world of virtual reality gaming. With appropriately named Project Morpheus, you could soon be employing this VR headset to many of your PlayStation 4 games. And since Sony is a bit further advanced in gaming architecture, this may be even more cause for excitement than Rift. The official announcement for Project Morpheus came at GDC 2014 yesterday. Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said the new device would be responsible for “pushing the boundary of play” and admitted that “it’s this focus that drives Read More

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Rescape Revolutionizes First Person Shooters For Mobile

Rescape is an exciting new creation that turns any environment into a virtual environment and places you and your co-players within the game itself. Specifically designed for mobile phones, the system is now open via Kickstarter to any interested gamers and/or developers, who want to join in on the fun of taking First Person Shooters to the next level. We’ve got to give the guys at 13th Lab credit for coming up with this. While VR headsets are making huge advancements in the future of gaming, little had been done to bring mobile platforms up to date. With this creation, Read More