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Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Kit

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13 Favorite Kills In Friday The 13th History

Friday the 13th films are not known and loved for their story lines. To make a good one, it’s pretty simple. Start with a kill to let us know Jason is out there. Introduce annoying teenagers and allow them to be obnoxious for the first half of the film. At halfway mark, turn Jason loose and have him start killing everyone in the nastiest ways possible. In the end, let someone get away, but leave it open for a sequel. All there is to it. What we do love these films for is their inventiveness when it comes to “killing” Read More

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The Next Indiana Jones: Who Should It Be?

The next Indiana Jones is coming, people. Disney wouldn’t pay all that money to own the property and not do anything with it. Therefore, we all better get cozy with the idea of a person who isn’t Harrison Ford in the lead role. A recent rumor that Robert Pattinson was being eyed for the part turned out to be false, so we’re free to speculate, and that’s just what we’re gonna do. Here, inStash looks at seven actors that might make good IJ material. Then, we’ll share our final judgment, which we all know is gospel. 1. Scott Caan Caan’s Read More

Game Of Thrones Spoiler: This Is Why The Mountain Viper Ending Was Totally Believable

All right, Game Of Thrones fans, if you still haven’t watched “The Mountain and The Viper,” this is your chance to walk away un-spoiled because we’re about to spoil the heck out of it. So out with you, binge watchers! Now that we’ve covered that bit of unpleasantness, it’s time to talk about the winner of that duel — though we’re not sure if we could really call him that considering what happened to him as well — The Mountain! This season, he was played by Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, an enormous human being, who also happens to be able to Read More

The Most Important Net Neutrality Video You’ll Ever Watch

I don’t often agree with John Oliver on anything, but today, he’s so right that the entire world needs to hear about it. Two words that every American in every state of the union on every Internet site needs to know about are “net neutrality.” Now we’re going to give you a shortened definition here, but you really need to watch the entire 13:17 video below. Net neutrality: the same Internet transfer speeds for all websites, whether you’re a small blog or a Netflix. Net neutrality is a good thing. It keeps the playing field level for all of us Read More

Huge Star Wars Episode VII Photo Leak

A huge Star Wars: Episode VII photo leak has been making its way around the Internet today, with TMZ the culprit. Now, the photos themselves aren’t pinup worthy because they’ve got a ginormous TMZ logo pressed into the background. (You can view them here; there are over 40 in all.) What does this tell us about the latest Star Wars feature? Well, it tells us that we’re not getting a George Lucas version this time around. That’s because J.J. Abrams is using real sets. There is also a large hippopotamus-like creature and a number of people in robes and hoods. Read More

The Mortuary Collection Brings Back The Days Of Creepshow

If there’s one thing we miss about horror movies, it’s the good old-fashioned anthology film, complete with wraparound story that introduces (and ties in to) each of the terror tales. Luckily, filmmaker Ryan Spindell feels the same way, and he’s decided to do something about it. With The Mortuary Collection, he plans to create a taut and comedic thrill ride consisting of four terror tales and a wraparound, hosted by creepy mortician Montgomery Dark. Each of the four shorts will cover a beloved sub genre of horror consisting of the slasher film, monster movie, ghost story, and tale of psychological Read More

This Speed Freak Needs His Fix, Won’t You Help?

It’s tough to determine what conceivable benefit that you’ll get from supporting Project 2525, except to say that you helped out one of the wackiest people on the Internet. Don’t believe us? Get a load of what this guy is doing: Ryan Beitz is a self-professed Speed freak. No, not the drug, but the film with Keanu Reeves. Ryan, however, doesn’t like his Speed in just any form. You won’t catch him watching it on DVD or Blu or digital download. No, no, no. Instead, he prefers Speed on VHS, and his goal is to travel the country and collect Read More

The Flash Debuts In New Teaser Trailer

At long last, the Flash will be zipping on to the small screen. After a short-lived but fun ‘90s version starring John Wesley Shipp in the title role, the character has been laying dormant, only appearing in DC Comics’ poorly executed line of monthly books. This version of the character lives in the same universe as the superior Arrow (Green Arrow), so we’re hopeful. Grant Gustin of Glee fame plays Barry Allen, and from the looks of this teaser trailer, he appears to be a cocky and rambunctious version of the character. The trailer itself doesn’t give away much, but Read More