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Jetlev Flyer

Automatic Mini Donut Factory

7 Cable-Killing Qualities Of The Set-Top Box

The death of net neutrality was a kick in the proverbial Planters bag, but we’re still not worried about the future of the set-top box (aka media player). Big industries like cable and publishing and the music industry have a knack for moving really slow and protecting today’s profits rather than worrying about the future. While it keeps the bills paid for now, it’s not a good long-term plan, and it usually means the eventual death of the old guard. In short, cable is far, far behind the set-top box — any STB, whether it’s FireTV, Apple TV, Roku, or Read More

Full Metal Jacket Diary: A Memoir From Private Joker Himself

I was eight years old when my dad took me to see Full Metal Jacket in theaters. The experience was one of the most memorable of my filmgoing life. It opened with about 45 minutes of the most hilarious standup material I’ve ever heard — thank you, R. Lee Ermey — before taking an extremely dark (and expected) turn into war movie. It was like watching two great films in one, and to this day remains one of my all-time favorites. Most of its success can be attributed to director Kubrick, who seemed more at home with this material than Read More

6 Movies That Could Have Been Sequels

You’ve heard of sequels that were almost made and sequels you didn’t know about. But what about movies that could have been sequels — as in, they started out that way but morphed into something else along the way? We did a little searching and found out that at least six of such flicks actually exist. They are: 1. Daylight A Sequel To: Cliffhanger The Story Behind It: The original Cliffhanger 2 would have found Sylvester Stallone’s character from the first film helping to block up a dam. On the heels of the film, Stallone noted that plans for said Read More

‘Dredd’ Sequel Has Karl Urban Onboard: Now It Needs You

If you grew up with the 2000 A.D. comic book world of Judge Dredd, then you probably have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Hollywood. While you’re thrilled they care enough about the character to do not one, but two films, you’ve also got to face the fact that one of those films was the Sylvester Stallone-Rob Schneider monstrosity. However, the 2012 version starring Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, and Lena Headey, was an underrated gem that got a whole lot about the comic right. Now Urban and 2000 A.D. are making this appeal to fans: sign the petition for Read More

Every Game Of Thrones Death In Less Than Three Minutes

The next time someone asks how many people have died in the Game Of Thrones TV series from HBO, you’ll now have an answer. (Until the next episode anyway.) That answer is 5,179, although there is one particular event where a ton of people die at once, so it’s a bit of a copout if you ask us. Still, there are enough gruesome and bloody kills in this short video package to warrant a NSFW disclaimer. And we’ll admit, even glossing over the Red Wedding the way this thing does, it still hurts a little. We can’t think of many Read More

The Expendables III Trailer: First Look

The Expendables III trailer has arrived with a minute-long look at the huge list of stars that Sly Stallone has compiled for what is hopefully a last run at the series. Unfortunately, the other two films just never lived up to the hype surrounding them. It was rather difficult to reconcile the huge gap in quality between the fourth Rambo film (awesome) and The Expendables I and II (eye-rollingly bad). Nevertheless, we’re a little curious to see villain Mel Gibson devour scenery, so we’ll probably catch up to part three when it inevitably turns up on Netflix Instant. The idea Read More

WWE Network Has Finally Arrived

The WWE Network scored big with last night’s 30th annual Wrestlemania event. While much of the attention has been placed on the Undertaker’s historic loss (in what would have been a completely forgettable match had the crowd reactions when he lost not been so priceless), the real emphasis for us would have to be on the network itself. A lot was riding on the success of the event’s streaming presentation for the WWE Network to be a success and, thus, change the face of television. Thankfully, everything went down without a hitch, signaling the arrival of live streaming’s reliability when Read More

8 Superhero Movies We’d Like To See

Superhero movies have been tragically void of originality for quite some time now. And while we have railed against them numerous times in the past, we do believe there may still be opportunity to make original films in the genre. All it takes is a new character or one that you haven’t seen much of in quite some time. With that in mind, we have put together a list of 8 superhero movies we would actually like to see. Let’s get started!  Nexus Originally published by Capital Comics before bumping over to First Comics with issue number seven, Nexus had Read More