The Air Jordan Encyclopedia Is Here!

Are you as crazy about Air Jordans as we are? Then you’ll want to check out the Air Jordan Encyclopedia, currently being prepped through Kickstarter. This amazing book is more than 500 Read More

Star Wars: A New Dawn Now In Stores!

Well, friends, the Star Wars Legends are over, and the New Era — the post-Lucas Era — is about to begin. With John Jackson Miller (Kenobi) at the helm, get ready to Read More

Brok Windsor: The Reprints!

During WWII, the artist named Jon Stables moved from Winnipeg to British Columbia to work on painting signs for the ships to help out war efforts. Here he joined up with a Read More

We Make Beer: Inside The Spirit And Artistry Of America’s Craft Brewers

The beer-brewing community is one of like-minded craftsmen — as author Sean Lewis sees them, “creators who weren’t afraid to speak their minds, who saw their competitors as cherished friends.” That’s rare in America, Read More

Crappy Children’s Art By, Who Else, Maddox!

On the Internet, there are three types of people: those who try to be funny, those who occasionally are funny, and Maddox. Since 1996, he’s been writing hilarious essays over at, Read More

Marvel Unlimited Online Comic Book Collection

Confession time: since comics have moved to the iPad, I’ve actually started reading them again. For the first time since sixth grade, the adventures of Spidey and Captain America have started to Read More

Meet The Luminous Sea Up Close And Personal

For those of us who have difficulties taking a decent picture for every 100 snapped, there is mucho respect to people like Richard Salas, who can brave the mysterious deep and produce Read More

Author William Gurstelle Shows You How To Defend Your Castle

Defending Your Castle: Build Catapults, Crossbows, Moats, Bulletproof Shields, and More Defensive Devices to Fend Off the Invading Hordes is now available in paperback from author William Gurstelle. It presents a tongue-in-cheek Read More