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Mantiques: A Manly Guide To Cool Stuff!

Take a manly walk through the past with Eric Bradley’s salute to the ruggedly nostalgic male. Mixing Don Draper cool with Vin Diesel muscle — along with a healthy dose of grease, rust and nostalgia — Mantiques: A Manly Guide to Cool Stuff promises to be “a humorous, yet informative, guide to the world of antiques and collectibles sought out by a new breed of men eager to fill their homes with the funky, the unique, and — most importantly — the manly.” Bradley certainly has the pedigree to write such a book with the following credentials to his name: Read More

Rock Paper Books Are Works Of Art

Rock Paper Books is a modern collection of classic books featuring stunning artwork, expert layout and design, and the unabridged text from some of the finest books ever written. These paperbacks look amazing, with current titles available being War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, and The Invisible Man (H.G. Wells) and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth (Jules Verne). For every $1,500 pledged above-goal that the Rock Paper team can raise, they will unlock a new book. No word on what those books are, but if we had to speculate, we would Read More

Tour London’s Historic Pubs With Coffee Table Book

In keeping with our theme of high quality beer today, we figure there is no time better than the present to share this latest Kickstarter project, which seeks to bring London’s most famous and infamous pubs to your coffee table. Surrounded by fog and cobbles a few of these iconic London institutions have managed to survive, hidden in remote parts of Hackney, Stepney, Limehouse, Poplar, Bethnal Green, and spookiest of all, Whitechapel. (Jack the Ripper, anyone?) It’s like stepping into a part of the city’s rich heritage without the pints and the working girls, of course.  The book will be Read More

Andre The Giant: Life And Legend Graphic Novel

We don’t get extremely excited about comic books these days since so many of them are about superheroes. (Been there, done that, about a million times.) However, the art form can still be used to great effect when writers and artists step out of the safe zone and take real chances with originality. That seems to be what is occurring here with the upcoming biography on the life of the late great Andre the Giant, a former WWF superstar who really needs no introduction. The book is from Box Brown and is called Andre the Giant: Life and Legend. It’s Read More

Ownshelf Allows You To Share Digital Books With Friends, DRM Free

For a $20 price tag, Ownshelf is prepared to offer you around 10 years of unlimited access To their service, which allows you the opportunity to swap and share digital books with your friends and browse selections from personal libraries the same way you would through Kindle and Nook ecosystems. The only difference — and this is where it’s advantage Ownshelf — is that you’re not handcuffed to one DRM. That means you get to share your books, your way. We’re not sure just how limited Ownshelf will be when it comes to DRM-protected books — we assume “not very” Read More

Wikipedia As Print Encyclopedia? Sure, This Is A Great Idea.

Some might call this the worst idea they’ve heard all day. To that, we say maybe. This definitely isn’t the type of idea you do to make a profit or to keep everyone informed. However, it makes for a great publicity stunt. We are, of course, talking a bout the Wikipedia Books Project. Yes, some wisenheimers over at Indiegogo have decided to print the entire Wikipedia in hardback volumes totaling 1,000 in all. The books will have a hard case and will be printed in grayscale. Color printing will be one of the stretch goals for this crowd funded project. Read More

100 Books To Read In A Lifetime: Your Picks!

Amazon and Goodreads currently have a fun challenge to users — pick the 100 Books To Read In A Lifetime! They’ve already done it, and now are encouraging you to do the same and then share on social media with the hashtag #100books. While we pride ourselves on brevity around here and would, quite frankly, need more time to come up with 100, we don’t mind playing along with seven picks here. For yours truly, it would be: The Jungle, Upton Sinclair The Girl Next Door, Jack Ketchum All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque Fahrenheit 451, Ray Read More

Quartet For The End Of Time: Richard Powers’ Orfeo

“The composer yearns for the streaking shades of sunset.  He gets red.  He longs for geranium, and gets red.”  Searching for the essence of experience, not a representation, as rendered by composer Harry Partch, quoted and taken as a major motif in Richard Powers’ striking new novel Orfeo. National Book Award winner Powers writes about consuming passions, those held by his protagonists or by society’s collective mind. In Galatea 2.2, the quest is to bring a computer to life; in Generosity: an Enhancement, it is genetically engineering happiness–and navigating the attendant ethical rapids. At the core of many of Powers’ novels is a Read More