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22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper

2012 Imperia GP

The Universal Typeface Website: For Handwriting Junkies

Ever wondered what the universal handwriting of mankind would look like if we could narrow it down that much? Well, BIC, the pen people, are getting in on some of that action with a cooler-than-it-sounds new website known as TheUniversalTypeface.com. The site takes user handwriting submissions and appears to overlap them for a super-alphabet. All the while, you can hover your cursor over a specific thread within the letter, and it’ll tell you where that specific pattern comes from. Cool, free, and worth a try if you’re at the office bored. You can also get in on the experiment by Read More

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Amazon Music Has Arrived

Amazon Prime members, remember that price increase the company announced a few months back that had some of you seething. (20 extra bucks for the same service? Atrocity! #FirstWorldProblems!) Well, it seems Bezos and family don’t intend to charge you more for same after all. They’ve now added Prime Music to the newly updated Amazon Music app. So now, in addition to the book-a-month freebie, the video and TV library, and the two-day shipping, you’ll have a streaming service that you can take with you on your iOS devices. Prime Music features over 1 million songs and hundreds of playlists, Read More

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oort Hub: Your Remote Control For Everything In The House

We’re used to tapping our phones and instantly getting results — whether we’re looking for a new restaurant, finding movie times or just checking our email. But when we get home, the process is still pretty primitive. We turn on lights individually, flip on the television and adjust the air conditioner. However, with the oort Hub, you can actually use your phone to control everything in your house. This gadget allows you to use smart devices you already own. Through its unique system of beacons and sensors, oort turns your phone into a remote control that has the power to Read More

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Looksery App Allows You To Switch Faces In Real Time

If Instagram is your thing, then you’ll get a real kick out of the new Looksery app, now on the verge of a Kickstarter launch. Just what is Looksery, you ask? Well, it’s a mobile application that allows you to add facial effects to yourself in real time, whether shooting pictures or a video. As a result you can make yourself look thinner, more attractive, or zombielike — your choice. There are actually 16 preset facial effects that you can utilize, with further customization possible from there. The new faces track your own and match up for a seamless integration Read More

Wocket Wallet: Your Electronic Vault

Wallets for us really have to stand out. That doesn’t mean you have to forgo traditional materials and designs, but you should have a uniqueness that says, “I’m not just any wallet; I’m the only one you’ll ever need.” While it’s still too early to test the validity of that claim with the Wocket Smart Wallet, we certainly see potential. Rather than being a smart card — we’ve seen a few of those — it’s a smart wallet that replaces the need to carry around all your different credit cards, reward cards, etc. The Wocket acts as an electronic vault Read More

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Answers App: Crowd-Source All Your Questions

Becoming a more self-sufficient man should be something we all strive for, but that isn’t always possible when you’re raised in a less-than-self-sufficient environment — at least it wasn’t always possible until now. With the Answers app, you can choose from a number of categories and learn how to do some very specific things based on simple Q&A. No more excuses, in other words. The Cars section is one you might find especially appealing for when those weird sounds begin in your car, a light shines on the dash that wasn’t there before, or you simply want to know how Read More

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Control The Car From Your Smartphone With SmartStart Module And App

Okay so you probably could have used this one more during the winter. We get it. But there’s good news: 1) Winter comes once per year; and 2) These days, it lasts about nine months. What if there was a way you could start your car inside the house and have it warmed up without stepping a single foot outside? (Wait for it…) Now there is with Directed SmartStart Module and App. This baby allows you to do all of what we just mentioned as well as: Lock / Arm Unlock / Disarm Trunk Release Panic Aux Channels You can Read More

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Automatic Link Is RunKeeper For Your Car

Your car needs an app to know if it’s in optimum health just like you do. Well, Automatic Link is here to be your four-wheeled baby’s RunKeeper. Automatic Link starts as a device that can be plugged in to your car’s diagnostic port to track gas consumption, driving habits and engine performance. The device monitors driving habits of the user and sends alerts to an app on the driver’s smartphone. It can also tell you when you’re wasting gas by braking hard, rapidly accelerating, or speeding. As with the human body, simply monitoring the level and quality of activity can Read More

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