PhotoMath Will Do Your Math Homework For You

PhotoMath is a new app that you can pick up from iTunes or WindowsPhone for free, and from the initial looks of things, it is either the greatest app ever invented or Read More

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MasterCard 2015: Fingerprint Scanning Built In!

Fingerprint technology is finally being used to make our devices and forms of payment more secure, and now MasterCard is getting in on the act with a card that comes with a Read More

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MassRoots: A Social Network For Medical Marijuana Users

In the last few years, the medical marijuana movement has picked up a lot of steam. The feds may not like it, but legal use is well on its way to becoming Read More

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Getaround Is Uber For Car Rentals

Want to rent an awesome car without standing in line or fighting with desk clerks? Give Getaround a try! The new service allows you to rent cars from people nearby using a Read More

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Buddy Check: Out Of Sight Doesn’t Have To Mean Out Of Mind

Going to a party and losing sight of your friends can be anything from a harmlessly annoying to a life-altering event. With sexual assaults rampant across college campuses, it pays to have Read More

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Know Your Numbers App: Never Forget The Important People

Do you depend on your smartphone to remember EVERYTHING as much as me? If so, then by now you’ve forgotten all the phone numbers for your most important contacts. Why bother remembering Read More

MOTA SmartRing: For The People That Really Matter

The MOTA SmartRing is a new micro device that will weed through the chaff of your cluttered social media existence. Allowing you to set whom you receive notifications from, it gives you Read More

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Finally, The Official Reddit Ask Me Anything App!

Reddit’s Ask Me Anything is one of the bright spots in a website that can often get bogged down in negativity and hapless arguments. Whenever there is a Reddit AMA, people listen Read More

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