Finally, The Official Reddit Ask Me Anything App!

Reddit’s Ask Me Anything is one of the bright spots in a website that can often get bogged down in negativity and hapless arguments. Whenever there is a Reddit AMA, people listen Read More

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Amazon Prime Instant Video Goes Android

Amazon Prime has long been accessible to Apple devices and the company’s own Fire series, but, surprisingly, never the Android until now. Last Tuesday Amazon announced its video offering would be available through Read More

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NexStar Evolution 8 Takes The Telescope Into The 21st Century

Growing up in the 1980s, telescopes were always a cool thing you wanted to have for Christmas until you found other cooler toys to muscle it off the Wish List. Whenever you Read More

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Anymote: The Ultimate Universal Remote

Tired of running out to Walmart or Target for a cheap and crappy universal remote every time something goes wrong with the one at home? Wish there was a way to create Read More

Top 10 Reasons Apple Doesn’t Want Your App

If you’ve ever dreamed of developing that million-dollar app and getting it going in the Apple AppStore, then there are some things you should know before moving forward. First of all, you’re Read More

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Hanx Writer Recreates The Old School Typing Experience

Who would have thunk that the man who gave us Forrest Gump is so in love with the old school typewriter that he would back an iPad app that perfectly recreates it. Read More

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Mootch.It: Save Money, Make Money, With Things You Don’t Want

Do you have a need for things that you don’t want, or do you want to make money on the things you no longer need?  If you answered yes to either question, Read More

Swell App Reportedly Sells To Apple For $30 Million

We’ve been focusing a bit more on podcasts lately — the shows and the technology you need to know about — and frankly, it’s long overdue. There is so much professional and Read More

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