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The Top 100 One-Hit Wonders of All Time

Automatic Link Is RunKeeper For Your Car

Your car needs an app to know if it’s in optimum health just like you do. Well, Automatic Link is here to be your four-wheeled baby’s RunKeeper. Automatic Link starts as a device that can be plugged in to your car’s diagnostic port to track gas consumption, driving habits and engine performance. The device monitors driving habits of the user and sends alerts to an app on the driver’s smartphone. It can also tell you when you’re wasting gas by braking hard, rapidly accelerating, or speeding. As with the human body, simply monitoring the level and quality of activity can Read More

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Mirror, Beam, And Stream, Android Users: AllCast Does It All

As an Apple junkie, one of the key features that has managed to successfully segregate me from the Android crowd is the flexible airplay option that can open up content convenience and possibilities from laptops, phones, and tablets to the Apple TV set-top box. Of course, the function has been exclusively to Apple devices, which is fairly limiting considering the company’s small market share. Now with AllCast, Android users can negate this Apple advantage with an app that streams or screen-mirrors from your Android device to Amazon’s newly announced FireTV media player. This means Android users can play videos (including Read More

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Huiiz: The Facial Recognition Search Engine

Want a new web search development that’s both empowering and a little creepy? You’re going to love huiiz (sounds a little like WHO-I-IS with a French Canadian accent). This search engine uses facial recognition software to learn faces from a photograph and pull results from all across the web that are related to the individual. The operation is simple. Just dump a few photos of yourself or someone you know into the search box, and huiiz will instantly learn the features and pull up image results for that person. You can then save the profile to keep yourself from having Read More

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Make Sure You’re In Every Photo With Frontback

Frontback is a new app we discovered earlier in the week that allows you to take pictures of two things at the same time (almost). By enabling the front- and back-facing cameras on your smartphone, you can get a picture of that T-bone steak you’re about to eat and your face as it readies to dig in. Of course, the Frontback community probably doesn’t place the same level of importance on food as we do, so you’ll probably see some much cooler creations by downloading the app for iOS and taking a gander. Or, you can take a few of Read More

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Apple Carplay: Best iPhone Experience On Four Wheels

If you have an iPhone 5, 5s, or 5c, then you’re gonna want to go car-shopping pretty soon. Why? Because starting with 2014 models, you’ll be able to get the best hands-free iPhone experience on four wheels. With Apple Carplay, you simply plug in your iPhone and go from reading and typing to listening and dictating in order to take control of all the functions that are safe to use while behind the wheel. Siri will join you for the ride and allow you to call or text any person on your contacts list with just a simple verbal command. Read More

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Audi No Longer Wants You Stopping At Traffic Lights

If there is one thing we hate about driving more than any other, it’s the experience of having to stop at traffic lights. Well, Audi is now readying a system that promises to greatly reduce the amount of time that you have to spend parked on your butt waiting for that red to go green. The Smart City Traffic Light Assistance system can use local data delivered to the car via Wi-Fi to create a picture of patterns and timing that will then communicate the exact speed you need to go to miss the red light. (All of this is Read More

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Digg, Paper, Zite: Who’s The Best?

When your whole world (and your means) is online, you need to know the best way to consume media in a way that is highly customizable and competent in its algorithms. While there are certainly some good websites out there — a favorite being — when it comes to media apps, there are only a handful we rely on — three, actually. Digg, Paper, and Zite. While Paper is an exciting new way to experience Facebook in a way that de-emphasizes your friends’ idiotic posts, (and it does have a gorgeous interface), it still isn’t quite there with its Read More

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Wake Up With Bacon Scented Alarm Clock

Oscar Mayer, you are an evil, evil b-word. Don’t believe us? Well, check this: the company has sponsored a new bacon-scented iPhone alarm clock, which to the best of our knowledge is not an Internet parody, but an actual cruel device that plugs in to the bottom of your iPhone and poofs an aroma of bacon into the air to let you know it’s time to get up. Just where does the cruelty kick in? It kicks in when you come to and realize you’ve only got 10 minutes to get ready for work, you have no time to make Read More