Unlock Your Creative Side With Byte

The founder of Vine isn’t done trying to revolutionize the way that we consume media. Dom Hofmann’s new app, Byte, is an impressive and ambitious iPhone app which is part social network Read More

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Google Takes Aim At Apple With New Play Music Service

In case you didn’t know, Apple Music is launching today. Not to be outdone, Google is seeking to outmaneuver its Cupertino-based rival by launching its own free streaming music service. Dubbed the Read More

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Pushbullet Unifies Notifications Across All Your Devices

There’s finally a solution for those of us who don’t fit neatly as Microsoft, Apple, or Google fanboys. While much of the last decade has seen the re-emergence of silo’d eco-systems, those Read More

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Twitter Strikes Back At Meerkat With Periscope Launch

Meerkat was one of SXSW’s darling apps this year but Twitter didn’t seem to appreciate the fact that their social graph was being exploited for free. That’s why the Twitter empire has Read More

Dark Sky Is The World’s Most Advanced Weather App

Have you ever looked down at your iPhone’s weather app just to find that the weather information just isn’t enough or maybe even just plain wrong? Ever if it hasn’t happened to Read More

This Is Google’s New Photos App

Let’s just get it out there. Google+ is dying. If you’ve been on the moribund social network in the last couple of years you know there it’s pretty much just social media Read More

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Overcast Is The Best Podcast App On iOS

After the success of Serial, podcasts became a thing again. And that’s started a conversation. One about what the world’s best podcast is. If you’re on an iOS device then the answer Read More

Finally! An App That Will Scrub Your Contacts List Clean

Contact management is a disaster, and it doesn’t matter if your on iOS, Android, Mac or Windows. If you’ve been around the digital world for a while, you’ve probably amassed a huge Read More