Looking To Stream From Your Smartphone? Look No Further Than Mirrativ

Mobile devices and desktop computing may be converging but smartphones still lack a ton of features that their fuller-sized cousins have had for years. One of these commonly-used features is video streaming. Read More

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Citymapper Can Tell You Where You Should Board The Subway

Apple and Google may be adding more and more mass transit information into their respective Maps offerings but they still can’t touch what smaller apps like Citymapper have accomplished. The plucky little Read More

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Seamlessly Share Contact Information With Knock Knock

Stay with us while we paint a word picture for you. Let’s say that you’ve just met someone really cool at a getty. Perhaps you both go to the same school, hang Read More

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Giphy Cam Makes It Easy To Create Animated GIFs On Your Mobile Device

GIFs may very well be replacing written language as the preferred means of communicating online. Problem is, it’s so difficult to create a GIF when you’re on your tablet or mobile phone Read More

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iArrow Will Ensure That You Never Get Lost Again

Do you get lost a lot? Perhaps you forget where you park your car all the time? Relax. This is a no-judgement space here and we all suffer from navigational impairment from Read More

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Babbel Makes Learning Languages Simple And Fun!

If you’ve ever dreamed of learning a second language but don’t have time for past participles and other linguistic complexities then you really should look into Babbel. Think of Babbel as the Read More

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Plex Revamps Their iOS App

If you’ve been on the internet for a while then you’ve probably heard about Plex. Built upon a forked version of the ultra-popular XBMC software, Plex has become a must-have piece of Read More

500px Releases An Instagram For Professionals

Are you a pro-photographer who has no time to mess around with juvenile filters and the mass of amateur photographers on Instagram? If so, then you already know that 500px is the Read More

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