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FUMR E-Cigs Offer Cleaner, Cheaper Way To Smoke

If you’re price-conscious and somewhat health-conscious, then FUMR has a cleaner, healthier way to smoke with their newly redesigned e-cig. The FUMR has a cap that will automatically cover the mouthpiece when not in use, and that’s a good thing if you plan on carrying it in your pocket. According to the makers, the standard front pocket has the equivalent of 324 toilet seats’ worth of germs. Yikes! On the cost matter, one FUMR will only run you $11, and you can get about 500 puffs out of it. That’s the equivalent of three packs of traditional cigarettes (or 60 Read More

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Smokio Shows Smokers How Much Health They’ve Recovered

Smokio, the world’s first connected electronic cigarette, boasts a unique electronic brain that allows you to see how much you’re vaping, at which intensity, and what impact it has on your health. Everything is connected and synced automatically to your app via Bluetooth. When you vape, where you vape, and other data such as cost savings compared to cigarettes and health recovery, are all tracked through the app. To this last point, the application — available through both Google Play and iTunes — will show you how much of your health you’ve recovered from regular smoking, basically acting as a Read More

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ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer

ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer hits this June, so you’re literally days away from being able to “complete your arsenal” with this premium pen vape-er that features a unique PVD coating that ensures a virtually indestructible exterior finish. As far as heating capacity goes, the Thunder boasts temps that purport to be 20 percent hotter than competing brands — a big deal if you’ve ever used a vaporizer. Now we know from the pic, you may be thinking, “This sure doesn’t take up a lot of visual real estate.” We agree, but that’s part of what makes it such a great buy. Read More

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Light Cigars With Your iPhone Case

If you still entertain the habit of smoking, then you know how annoying it can be to run out of lighter fluid. That’s where an electric lighter can come in handy, and what better way to carry one than as part of your iPhone case? With this nifty gadget, you have a protective carrying case and a lighter hot enough to light things on fire without using gas or butane! It works similar to a car lighter. It is heated up by a wire that can’t be blown out by a rambunctious wind. Best of all, there’s no chance of Read More

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No Lighter Fluid, No Problem, With This USB Rechargeable

I’ll be straight with you, friends. You’re lucky we’re even giving updates since we had to prepare this on April Fools’ Day, and you can only trust about 30% of what you see on the Internet on that day. However, since we heard about this one before Tuesday, we figured it was safe. If you have ever become frustrated by lighters that went out at the wrong time, then you will likely get a kick out of this product. It’s the USB rechargeable lighter from EOS! The device is flameless and uses no butane or gas. Nevertheless, it’s able to Read More

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Colorado Green Rush: There’s Money To Be Made In The Pot Market

Recently, CNN took a look at the 10 things you should know about Colorado’s recreational marijuana shops — the first ever in the United States. In a nutshell, here’s what they found: 1. The law was voter-approved, though 45 percent still oppose it. 2. Washington will be opening up pot shops later in 2014. 3. It will save taxpayers about $10 billion per year in enforcing the prohibition. 4. It will cost you. Weed will be taxed at a rate of at least 27.9 percent (2.9 percent state sales tax, plus a pot-specific 25 percent tax). On top of that, Read More

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Sam Adams Utopias Cigars

Sam Adams Utopias isn’t your everyday seasonal brew. It goes one step beyond, stopping just short of what one might consider the Holy Grail of brewskis. It’s a highly sought after concoction with the 2013 version a combination of different brews finished in port and single-use bourbon casks. It’s also blended with Samuel Adams Kosmic Mother Funk, a Belgian-style ale aged for up to two years in Hungarian oak tuns, and tipping the scales at an impressive 28 percent ABV. Now that’s drinking! And from now until the end of the year, you can pair it with the Sam Adams Read More

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Vaporize With Discretion, Young Grasshopper

Today we’ve got one of those inventions that is becoming less and less faux pas. Introducing the Grasshopper Vaporizer, now available on IndieGogo. Using stainless steel construction and some pretty mind-blowing engineering (considering what these guys probably keep in their vaporizers), the pen-shaped instrument heats herbs evenly so users get a clean smoke without inhaling as many carcinogens as one might under ordinary vaporizer use. With more people supporting the legalization of marijuana, the rise in popularity of eCigarettes, and the product’s discrete portability, the time has clearly arrived for the Grasshopper to have its day. Simply unscrew the end, Read More