The modelTwo Is A Vaping Experience With Real Tobacco

Trying to find an experience between smoking and vaping? Ploom modelTwo is probably the closest thing you can come to that. With it’s slim, high-quality plastic shell this is one of the Read More

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The Lighter That Needs No Spark

Ever heard of a Catalytic Lighter? Apparently in the old days of smoking, magic smoker people were able to make flames without any sparks. They did it using this device, pictured above Read More

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FUMR E-Cigs Offer Cleaner, Cheaper Way To Smoke

If you’re price-conscious and somewhat health-conscious, then FUMR has a cleaner, healthier way to smoke with their newly redesigned e-cig. The FUMR has a cap that will automatically cover the mouthpiece when Read More

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Smokio Shows Smokers How Much Health They’ve Recovered

Smokio, the world’s first connected electronic cigarette, boasts a unique electronic brain that allows you to see how much you’re vaping, at which intensity, and what impact it has on your health. Read More

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ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer

ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer hits this June, so you’re literally days away from being able to “complete your arsenal” with this premium pen vape-er that features a unique PVD coating that ensures a Read More

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Light Cigars With Your iPhone Case

If you still entertain the habit of smoking, then you know how annoying it can be to run out of lighter fluid. That’s where an electric lighter can come in handy, and Read More

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No Lighter Fluid, No Problem, With This USB Rechargeable

I’ll be straight with you, friends. You’re lucky we’re even giving updates since we had to prepare this on April Fools’ Day, and you can only trust about 30% of what you Read More

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Colorado Green Rush: There’s Money To Be Made In The Pot Market

Recently, CNN took a look at the 10 things you should know about Colorado’s recreational marijuana shops — the first ever in the United States. In a nutshell, here’s what they found: Read More

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