Sparse Fixed Light System Could Save A Cyclist’s Life

The Oblique Bottle Holder

AT-ST Scout Walker Life-Size Replica

Ficks Cocktail Fortifier Set

Ever woke up after a long night of drinking with the pounding sensation that someone punched you in the temple right before bed? The older you get, the less it takes to recreate that rather unpleasant feeling. (At least that’s true if you’re living right.) Now there may be a solution to the morning-after blues, thanks to Ficks. The Ficks Cocktail Fortifier Set has already achieved its IndieGogo funding target of $28,000 and it’s still got two weeks to go. That’s because its message of reducing the ills of hangovers has resonated with the crowd-funding community. Each bottle of Ficks Read More

Cup Cuff

Not feeling enough like a snobby, coffee-swilling hipster with that daily cup of Starbucks? Then clearly you’re not bringing your own designer heat-protector to those morning stops on the way to work. Now you can via the Coffee Cuff, a classy, elegant piece of fabric that is meant to replace the cardboard sleeve on your drink. The “cuff” part of the name is derived from the fact that it looks like a shirt cuff while fitting nicely over the cup. The “coffee” part — well, you get the picture. While it may seem a little trendy to some, it actually Read More

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Grill’n Glaze Sauces

Grill’n Glaze Sauces from GRUB Northwest, LLC, promise a natural, organic, gluten free, dairy free, and corn syrup free sauce that is perfect for anything that comes off your grill. Some of the available flavors include Pomegranate-and-Pinot (recommended for asparagus), Sweet-Hot Sriracha (a glaze that mixes well with mayo for your burger topping), Apple Spice-and-Everything Nice (green beans, almonds, pork loin) and Rosemary Tangerine (a go-to for kale and roasted chicken). The price you see quoted on our listing is for the 12-pack of 14-ounce bottles. There are cheaper options available if you want fewer bottles or sampler jars. Just Read More

Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon

Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon may not be a syrup, but that certainly wouldn’t stop us from pouring it on our morning pancakes (or night, if you prefer your breakfast later in the day). This stunning bourbon whisky is infused with traces of smoke that make it an excellent sipping drink for the winter. As far as stoutness goes, it clocks in at about 45 percent ABV (or 90 proof), which makes it 10 percent stronger than Jim Beam Maple, its only competitor (at least that we know of). With its maple-oak sweetness and slight thickness, you’ll be glad to Read More

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The GoPlate

There is still time to pick up the GoPlate, but since we’re now approaching the halfway point of the college football season, we suggest you do so in a hurry. These come in handy for the tailgating experience, allowing you to balance your mountains of protein with your drink in the center. As you can see from the image, the plate is compartmentalized for dip, chips, main course, and beverage without adding any more stress to your movements than walking around with a bottle of Bud would. If you do decide to use one –and we feel silly for telling Read More

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Pub Cakes

Misty Birchall of San Diego, California, has done something we greatly admire here at inStash. She’s found yet another way to make delicious beer ready for human consumption. This time around, mine/yours/everyone’s favorite beverage shows up as one of the key ingredients in a cupcake mix that you can then enjoy with a bottle of cold brew (if you’re so inclined). Of course, there are other ingredients and the cooking process is going to remove the intoxicating effects. Nevertheless, we’re pretty sure we’d love a batch of these. Of course, to get them, Misty needs everyone’s help. There’s still a Read More

Epic Sample Pack

With the 21st Century well in gear, don’t you think it’s about time to start innovating on the candy bar scene? Okay, so maybe Epic’s Bison Bacon Cranberry Bars aren’t exactly “candy bars” per se, but they are a taste of something different — a refreshing bite of manly flavor wrapped up and ready for your pleasure. Epic isn’t content to stop there, however. In addition to the meaty, fruity combination flavor, they’ve also released a Turkey Almond Cranberry bar as well as a Beef Habanero Cherry bar, giving you all the protein you’ll ever need in a convenient package. Read More

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Broquet The Smokehouse

What better way to start one’s morning than with a whole box of bacon. Yes, yes, we know, bacon is all the rage these days, do we really need one more product that exploits it? Well, to be honest, you bet we do. Especially one that delivers the goods in so many awesome forms. Broquet’s The Smokehouse collection comes with bacon versions of every awesome thing known to man: Hot Sauce, Peanut Butter, Pancake Mix, Jerky, Salt, and, of course, the Bacon Dark Chocolate Bar. If you’re a guy looking for some different treats, or just a perplexed significant other, Read More

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