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Nutshot Peanut Butter

Nutshot Peanut Butter has a name alone that instantly makes you want to buy. The UK-based supplier is also apparently filling a heavy need in its homeland. Sales have reportedly tripled for the spread since the recession began over there. But whether you’re UK- or US-based, you can take advantage of their offerings. A single jar of Nutshot is made 100 percent from peanuts. That’s right, peanuts and not a thing else. No sugar, no salt, and no palm oil. Just a unique product that is perfect for you purists out there while still delivering high protein content and keeping Read More

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Sweet Meat Jerky

If you know anyone around these parts personally, you know we’re suckers for a great bag of jerky. But a lot of what you get in the gas stations and the checkout line at Wal-Mart isn’t what we’d call high quality stuff. That’s because it is raised from cattle that have been shot full of steroids and hormones. It’ll still do in a pinch, yes, but it’s hardly great for meeting those health goals. Sweet Meat Jerky, however, is another story. This line of Nashville beef jerky is completely organic and doesn’t owe its form to some genetic mutation. It’s Read More

Thanks Bro

The guys at Thanks, Bro! may have a case of the potty mouth, but you’ve got to hand it to them on this great new idea for men everywhere. Ever had a bro do something really nice for you – in male-speak, we call it a solid – and didn’t know how to show your appreciation? Don’t over-think it. Men know and respect two things: beer and beef jerky. By sending out a nice Thanks, Bro! to the bro, who helped you, you’ll be giving them a taste of the very best in a package that is fully customizable by Read More

Nomad: The Go Everywhere Espresso Machine

We’ve always needed lots of help to get through our days here at inStash, and coffee stuff is usually the best bet. Now with Nomad: The Go Everywhere Espresso Machine, we’ve got the closest thing possible to a coffee IV. The problem with most espresso machines, however, is they cost about the same amount as a house, and they’re too big to carry with you wherever you go. Nomad seeks to correct both of those problems with a portable espresso machine that one-ups its bulky rivals in every department. This espresso machine has a 10-ounce water capacity and a 50mm Read More

Jiva – Hot Chocolate and Coffee Cubes

Jiva Hot Chocolate and Coffee Cubes take beverages that help you with your on-the-go lifestyle and make them even more accessible. By using cubes that are comprised entirely of coffee (or hot chocolate mix) and refined with raw cane sugar – unprocessed for greater preservation of nutrients – the team at Jiva has created an all-natural drink that’ll speed along your day. Thus far, the Classic, Mocha and Caramel cubes are available from the company website. The Kickstarter campaign now underway will help Jiva launch its Hot Chocolate flavor, and it will aid these innovators in getting their products from Read More

Center for Otherworld Science Coffee Mug

Any monsters or critters hiding under your bed? Not sure? Then, maybe the Center for Otherworld Science can help. They find and identify the things that go bump in the night, not entirely unlike the BPRD for any of you Hellboy fans. The major difference? These guys drink lots of coffee, and they’ve got their own mugs to prove it. If you need a little extra pep in your morning step, and you rely on coffee to do it, then why not sip in style with these striking black and white mugs that are instant conversation pieces to keep you Read More

Uuni Pizza Oven

Politicians can’t agree on much, but on the topic of income inequality, there is little room for debate. Now the reasons for that inequality are open to interpretation, but the cold hard fact of the matter is that 1 to 2% of Americans are capable of having wood-fired pizza ovens, and 98 to 99% are not. Until now. Thanks to the Uuni Pizza Oven, this concept reserved for high-dollar eateries and the homes of CEOs can now become a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment reality capable of reaching temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and cooking a delicious pizza pie in about Read More

Hario Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker TCA-5

If Dr. Frankenstein had a coffee maker, we’re pretty sure it would look something like the Hario Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker TCA-5, a five-cup delight that takes a…different…approach to making your cup of Joe. Start with the middle piece – the round bulb that you see in the pictures above. Fill that with water and then the upper with your choice of coffee grounds. After you’ve got that set up, it’s time to switch on the alcohol lamp burner at the bottom. This will heat the bulb and channel steam into the grounds above. The coffee ends up back in Read More

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