Beer Bucket List: 231 Of The World’s Best Beers

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The Meatball Shop

New York City. The Big Apple. One of the top two places that everyone in every other part of the country/world aspires to at least visit once in their lives. Yet it’s also ridiculously expensive, filled with jack knobs who could care less whether you live or die, and, worse, one-bedroom flats for a gazillion dollars per month. As horrible as all of that sounds, I’d almost move there for The Meatball Shop. An awesome Italian restaurant with four locations throughout the city, this place will make you sleepy just looking at their website. Filled with some of the heaviest, Read More

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Finally, a domestic use of drones that we can actually get behind. Domino’s Pizza presents the DomiCopter, a food-serving drone that is designed to forgo traffic and get you your Meat Lovers Special (or whatever) quicker than ever. The DomiCopter has a set of secure claws that are calibrated to hold a death grip on your pizza’s thermal baggy, so you can rest easy knowing all the cheese will be where it’s supposed to be at the end of the flight. In reality, you shouldn’t hold your breath for this to become a reality any time soon. There are tons of laws Read More

Oscar Mayer Bacon Gift Boxes

Say what you want about Oscar Mayer, but they do take their bacon seriously. Case in point, these Oscar Mayer Bacon Gift Boxes give a nice touch of class to one of the most delicious breakfast foods ever invented. Each case comes equipped with around 18 to 20 strips of succulent bacon. And a stainless steel money clip. Yeah, don’t ask us what they were thinking when they dreamed up this marketing ploy, but no matter how “out there” it might seem, bacon is huge right now, and we don’t see it slowing down in popularity any time soon. They Read More

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Vertigo Pepper Candy

What do you get when you take five of the world’s hottest peppers and blend them together for a hard candy that promises to be the world’s hottest candy ever invented? Vertigo Pepper Candy, of course! Aptly named because it will make you lose your mind and forget where you are for several moments after consumption, this product includes a blend of Moruga Scorpion, Chocolate 7 Pot, Pot Jonah, Trinidad Scorpion, and Bhut Jolokia. Any one of these bad boys is a nightmare by itself, but when you use them all to make a single piece of candy, the result Read More

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MistoBox Coffee Subscription

A few days ago, we ran a subscription service for wine, so why not coffee? The MistoBox Coffee Subscription service gives you the option of receiving four 1.7-ounce bags or four 3.4-ounce bags per month of brews you’re not going to get at the local Walmart. These are hand-picked micros from all over the world. In addition to the care package, you get a guide to the world’s coffees, and again, we’re not talking Folgers here. Use the information and the samples to decide which brands you like the best and then set up an auto-deliver once or twice per Read More

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CHECHIL USA String Cheese Snack

Anyone ever heard of checil? Unfortunately, we hadn’t until now. Thanks to CHECHIL USA, the smoked, braided string cheese snack from Armenia and Anatolia will finally give American audiences a chance to try it out. From project leader Sergy Yurkin comes this salty, cheesy, low fat item that — if it’s as good as it looks — no bar snack selection should be without. While Yurkin’s company is certainly not the creator of chechil, it is the first to make it available in the US. The Kickstarter has currently raised close to $4,000, but it’s still got another $8k to Read More

Mama Walker’s Breakfast Liqueurs

Start your day the right way, friends, with Mama Walker’s Breakfast Liqueurs. There’s nothing better than digging in to some blueberry pancakes or a glazed donut or maple bacon — at about 70 proof. That’s right, these feature around 35% alcohol content, so you can ensure that you’re in the right mood when it’s time for work. In all seriousness, you want to drink responsibly, even in the mornings. That’s why we’re recommending that you take a nip from these bottles only when it’s not your day to drive the carpool. That’s social responsibility with a pinch of green living. Read More

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Bodum Bean Set, Iced Coffee Maker

The Bodum Bean Set Iced Coffee Maker is your ticket to the smoothest iced coffee around with the least amount of headache. Simply fill the jug with coffee grounds and cold water. Allow it to sit in the fridge overnight. And then, when you get up the next morning, use the plunger to press down the coffee grounds and get yourself a cup of cold joe that’ll make the Starbucks folks look like idiots for charging you $3. The second lid — the one without the plunger — seals in the freshness, so you don’t have to drink all your Read More

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