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2012 Imperia GP

Turn Your A/C Smart With Sensibo

Enhance Beer Flavor With The Sonic Foamer

Most of us who’ve been drinking beer since the first grade know by now that 75 percent of what you taste comes from the smell of the beverage above anything else. The problem with this is that the longer beer has to breathe, the more stagnant it can become. If only there was a way to recharge the gases that give off that intoxicating scent… (You know where we’re going with this.) Now there is! The Sonic Foamer uses ultrasound technology to stimulate beer gasses, resulting in a creamy head almost instantly, wherever you are in the drink. Yep. From Read More

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2010 Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon From Kukeri Wines

Petar Kirilov, founder of, a wine industry website that offers wine-making calculators and industry-specific tools, recently launched his own wine brand — Kukeri Wines — with the first release, a limited production of 2010 Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon. Kirilov has kept output to just 50 cases with each bottle being aged three years in French oak barrels. On the artwork front, you’ll notice a bunch of characters wearing some somewhat scary-looking masks. These are Kukeri dancers, and their masks are designed to ward off evil spirits, celebrate the beginning of the spring, and express their wishes for a good harvest, good Read More

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The Smart Lid Makes Avoiding Coffee Burns Automatic

With more than 500,000 annual burn victims in North America alone, it’s pretty clear that we as a people aren’t going to avoid the high temperature coffee spills on our own. Now thanks to the Smart Lid Indiegogo Project, we have a weapon for fighting back — a lid that changes colors to let you know when a beverage is too hot to drink, and when it is a more manageable temperature. The heat sensitive disposable warns drinkers of the hot contents by changing color to bright red above 118 degrees Fahrenheit (48oC). As the beverage cools, the lid recedes Read More

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Angus Beef Nachos At The Flying Saucer In Nashville

Many people go to Nashville with thoughts of the Grand Ol’ Opry or running in to Nicole Kidman in mind. Not us. If you ever catch us in Music City, we’ll probably have only one thing on our mind, and that’s heading over to the Flying Saucer for a plate of Angus Beef Nachos. We can’t tell you every ingredient that’s in this thing. The restaurant’s Facebook page was stingy with details. However, we can tell you that we’d be happy to inspect it to learn more going from the photo alone. Aside from this brutish plate of beef, you Read More

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The Full Bottle Wine Glass

How big is your wine glass?  Does it look right held aloft in one hand, while the other holds a turkey leg?  If not, you must go bigger with the full bottle wine glass.  Or, if you want to bet your friend Justin he can’t swallow a wine glass full of gold fish, pull out this curiosity and collect your forty dollars. It’s seamless and mouth blown and big enough to hold 750 ml of vino.  It could also be a very sophisticated conveyance for one of those giant sodas from the mini mart.  It could also hold a year’s worth of Read More

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3D Systems Introduces Edibles Through ChefJet Printer

You might think that food from a printer would taste a bit inky and that the paper would require a lot of water to digest. 3D Systems’ ChefJet Printer, however, uses 3D printing technology to make edible treats from sugar, water, and alcohol (for hardening). Professional bakers, cake masters, and high-end restaurateurs and caterers can then use these as decorations and small desserts. 3D Systems unveiled two models of the ChefJet at CES in Las Vegas last week. The regular ChefJet measures 8 x 8 x 6 in., produces monochrome confections, and has an expected retail price under $5,000. The Read More

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Wanna Eat Healthier? One Word: McDonald’s

McDonald’s may be the last place on earth you’d plan to go if you wanted to lose weight. But if your name is John Cisna, you’d probably beg to differ. The science teacher from Ankeny, Iowa, challenged his students to come up with a meal plan for him using only McD’s menu and a strict 2,000-calorie diet. For 90 days, Cisna chowed down on everything the Golden Arches had to offer — and it wasn’t just the salads. His results: he dropped around 12 pounds per month for a grand total of 37 by the end of the experiment. According Read More

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Grill Grenade

Hey Grill Masters, you want to blow your buddies away with flavor? Add a Grill Grenade to the rack and let it go to work on your red meat, chicken, pork, fish, and veggies. This cast-iron mini-grillbox holds smoker cartridges containing seasonings and woodchips. When you heat up the Grill Grenade, it slowly releases the flavors and scents of the cartridges as smoke into your covered grill. This bathes your food in flavor, helping you garner devoted followers of your grilling prowess. The Grill Grenade has over a month to go on its Kickstarter campaign and has already raised more Read More