Be Cool With eCool, The All-Natural Cooler For Your Beer

The eCool is probably the greatest addition that you could ever make to your garden. No, it isn’t a healthy new super veggie but a cooler that stores beer in the earth Read More

$350 Buy

These Nut Butters Are A Real Kick In The Nuts, In A Good Way

The company behind this product is one after my own heart, I say, shortly after polishing off a jar of peanut butter at 2:15 am. Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters add a nice Read More

Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee And Growler

Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee uses direct trade to source single origin coffee beans and promote direct communication and price negotiation between buyer and farmer, using systems that encourage and incentivize quality. Read More

Podlife: It’s K-Cup For Vitamins!

If there’s one thing in life I’ve learned to love, it’s the experience of the K-cup. Such a quick and easy way to get the right dosage of coffee to start my Read More

Bacon Bowl: The Last Dish You’ll Ever Need

Usually when we see the “As Seen On TV” label, we instantly get suspicious. But the Bacon Bowl is so simple and brilliant, it’s hard to see why it took this long Read More

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BKON Craft Brewer: Coffee, Tea, Cocktails, In 60 Seconds

The BKON Craft Brewer is a costly appliance for people who are really serious about their tea parties. In reality, the machine can also be used for coffee and cocktails, though those Read More

$14000 Buy

La Ventana: A Window To Culinary Adventures

Are you the adventurous culinary type? La Ventana is a portal to indulge those interests. The window is an elegant and unique vessel that can be infused with various ingredients to make Read More

Control Your Drink Temp With The Sentinel Travel Mug

The Sentinel is a travel mug with an integrated digital thermometer that monitors your drink, bringing an end to burnt tongues (and hopefully, disgustingly cold coffee). The current prototype is a stainless Read More