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Iain Sinclair CardSharp Utility Knife

Top 10: Gadgets for the James Bond Wannabe

Wanna Eat Healthier? One Word: McDonald’s

McDonald’s may be the last place on earth you’d plan to go if you wanted to lose weight. But if your name is John Cisna, you’d probably beg to differ. The science teacher from Ankeny, Iowa, challenged his students to come up with a meal plan for him using only McD’s menu and a strict 2,000-calorie diet. For 90 days, Cisna chowed down on everything the Golden Arches had to offer — and it wasn’t just the salads. His results: he dropped around 12 pounds per month for a grand total of 37 by the end of the experiment. According Read More

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Grill Grenade

Hey Grill Masters, you want to blow your buddies away with flavor? Add a Grill Grenade to the rack and let it go to work on your red meat, chicken, pork, fish, and veggies. This cast-iron mini-grillbox holds smoker cartridges containing seasonings and woodchips. When you heat up the Grill Grenade, it slowly releases the flavors and scents of the cartridges as smoke into your covered grill. This bathes your food in flavor, helping you garner devoted followers of your grilling prowess. The Grill Grenade has over a month to go on its Kickstarter campaign and has already raised more Read More

Sweet, Oaky Burn: Black Label Whiskey

Here’s what this product contains (Cliff’s Notes version): beef, brown sugar, garlic powder, liquid smoke, and whiskey.  It’s like having Super Bowl tickets with a screening of the new Tarantino film afterward, with a private copter as transport and Kate Upton as your date.  Metaphorically.  It’s like that.  While being jerky. Get Some Jerky, makers of this decadent product, was started when a UC Senior decided that jerky wasn’t healthy enough and that the answer would be to add whiskey. (And people criticize the millennials!) Anyway, in addition to the whiskey snacks, the company offers peppercorn, inferno, mesquite BBQ and Read More

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McDonald’s Japan ‘American Vintage’ Menu: Crashing Colons, January 2014

McDonald’s Japan’s “American Vintage” menu is lacking a little something.  Where are the Welcome Back Kotter Fries; Disco Chicken Sandwiches; Parachute Pants Pies; and James Dean Would Never Eat This Bacon Burgers? Anyway, 2014 is, in Japan, old-fashioned American food via McDonald’s time.  The vintage line is broken into the 1950′s Diner, 1970′s Soul Food, and 1980′s Pop Culture menus.  What this means to the unsuspecting Japanese diner is the double beef burger with mashed potatoes (1950′s diner); a chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce (1970′s soul food) and somewhere in there, a fried egg on a burger and fries with Read More

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Molecular Gastronomy Kit

The Molecular Gastronomy Kit is really an interesting item for those into science or culinary arts. With it, you can explore all sorts of higher end cooking techniques to create really impressive dishes. The recipe book offers you an introduction to the kit, but there’s also an instructional DVD that lends more advice, tips, and tricks. According to the site, it only takes one sachet per recipe, and you get to play around with all sorts of wild things like grape pearls and chocolate strings. There are 50 sachets to a kit, so that makes for a lot of really Read More

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WorldEnto Is Bringing Insects To Your Dinner Table

World Entomophagy is the favorite new company of cows, chickens, and pigs.  The Georgia-based business, WorldEnto for short, wants you to include the eating of crickets, mealworms, and presumably, other crawly members of the insect kingdom in your lifestyle. It’s a company on a mission, with partners such as Little Herds, that feel bug eating is a  positive social change.  WorldEnto believes consuming soil-dwelling creatures will help reduce our carbon footprint, since raising and transporting the kinds of animals commonly used for food is very taxing on the environment.  They also see entomophagy–the eating of bugs–as a solution to world hunger. Read More

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SuckerPunch Gourmet: Not For Pansies

SuckerPunch Gourmet is a great line of food and beverage products that began with discontent for the standard pickle and ketchup. Since then it has expanded to include Bloody Mary mix, all for the purpose of giving you a little extra punch in the standard favorites that you have grown accustomed to. What you’ll find a lot of here that you will not find at your standard grocery store is a lot of garlic and a lot of spice. To give you an idea of just how crazy the folks behind SuckerPunch Gourmet are, the ketchup contains tomato, cider vinegar, Read More

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Drunk Without Drinking? Doc Says It’s Possible.

Thanks to e-cigarettes, you can enjoy smoking without the smoke. And now it might be possible to get drunk without drinking. Dr. David Nutt, a professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College of London, has identified the brain chemical that responds to alcohol by relaxing users. Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) keeps the brain calm, and alcohol both enhances and simulates its effect. Dr. Nutt told BBC Radio 4 that it’s possible to create a compound which mimics GAMA the same way alcohol does. He also claims that experiments have shown the effects of his compound to be identical to alcohol intoxication. Dr. Read More

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