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Hotbox Portable Charcoal Grill: The Tailgating Holy Grail

If you like cooking, camping, and the great outdoors, then you probably look at charcoal grilling as par for the course. The only problems: cleanup can become a bit of a mess, and you can end up spending a lot of money on charcoal rather than getting the most cook-time out of your investment. That’s where the Hotbox Portable Charcoal Grill can really come in handy. Hotbox features two levels of charcoal, enabling you to sear and smoke simultaneously, and whenever you’re done, rather than dumping out all your charcoal, you can replace the hood, close all four vents, and Read More

Can Stand Keeps Your Beverages Colder, Longer

Simplicity and ingenuity is the order of the day, friends, and the folks over at Can Stand have it figured out. They certainly haven’t reinvented the wheel with this hybrid stand and koozie in one, but no one else thought of it now, did they? The cool thing about the Can Stand is that it, in addition to keeping your beverage in place and at arm’s reach (no matter where you are), it can also maintain the coldness of your beverage for a very long time. That means no having to throw out warm sodas when you’re just halfway in. Read More

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Wake Up With Bacon Scented Alarm Clock

Oscar Mayer, you are an evil, evil b-word. Don’t believe us? Well, check this: the company has sponsored a new bacon-scented iPhone alarm clock, which to the best of our knowledge is not an Internet parody, but an actual cruel device that plugs in to the bottom of your iPhone and poofs an aroma of bacon into the air to let you know it’s time to get up. Just where does the cruelty kick in? It kicks in when you come to and realize you’ve only got 10 minutes to get ready for work, you have no time to make Read More

Proatmeal Kickstarts A Healthier Breakfast

Recently I’ve rediscovered oatmeal as a pretty awesome breakfast staple. I guess when you get older, you’d rather eat stuff that makes you feel good than grease-soaked foods that send you running to the bathroom an hour later. Among the latest and greatest, Proatmeal may have one of those annoying mangled together names, but it’s an organically flavored convenience food, focused on the gluten free and vegan combination of oatmeal and brown rice protein.  Taking a lead from the fitness community, which has mixed whey and oats for years, Proatmeal promises to add great taste where it’s often been lacking. Read More

Tab Your Drinks With The Bevometer

Well, how many have you had — five, 50, or both? Only by incorporating the Bevometer while you’re downing Coke, beer, or Funky Cold Medina, will you be able to tell your totals in one sitting versus all-time totals. That’s right. You can track every beverage you’ve ever had while using this koozie 2.0. You can also monitor the top number to ensure you haven’t had one too many in the present time period. A relatively simple invention but no less appealing, the Bevometer is a great way for individuals to drink more responsibly while also being a reliable scoreboard Read More

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Enhance Beer Flavor With The Sonic Foamer

Most of us who’ve been drinking beer since the first grade know by now that 75 percent of what you taste comes from the smell of the beverage above anything else. The problem with this is that the longer beer has to breathe, the more stagnant it can become. If only there was a way to recharge the gases that give off that intoxicating scent… (You know where we’re going with this.) Now there is! The Sonic Foamer uses ultrasound technology to stimulate beer gasses, resulting in a creamy head almost instantly, wherever you are in the drink. Yep. From Read More

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2010 Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon From Kukeri Wines

Petar Kirilov, founder of VinoEnology.com, a wine industry website that offers wine-making calculators and industry-specific tools, recently launched his own wine brand — Kukeri Wines — with the first release, a limited production of 2010 Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon. Kirilov has kept output to just 50 cases with each bottle being aged three years in French oak barrels. On the artwork front, you’ll notice a bunch of characters wearing some somewhat scary-looking masks. These are Kukeri dancers, and their masks are designed to ward off evil spirits, celebrate the beginning of the spring, and express their wishes for a good harvest, good Read More

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The Smart Lid Makes Avoiding Coffee Burns Automatic

With more than 500,000 annual burn victims in North America alone, it’s pretty clear that we as a people aren’t going to avoid the high temperature coffee spills on our own. Now thanks to the Smart Lid Indiegogo Project, we have a weapon for fighting back — a lid that changes colors to let you know when a beverage is too hot to drink, and when it is a more manageable temperature. The heat sensitive disposable warns drinkers of the hot contents by changing color to bright red above 118 degrees Fahrenheit (48oC). As the beverage cools, the lid recedes Read More

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