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Kangaroo Cups: A True No-Spill Drinking Vessel

Kangaroo Cups aren’t usually the kind of thing you’d see on inStash. After all, they were invented by an 11-year-old female entrepreneur, and here we are a site about guys! However, a great invention is a great invention. Lily Born is the creator of these tri-handled drinking vessels, and she created them as a response to help her grandpa, who has Parkinson’s Disease. The Kangaroo Cup offers undeniable support, whether you have a disability or you’re just really clumsy around the house. They also look pretty snazzy, eliminate the need for a coaster, and stay steady on uneven ground. You Read More

Vessyl: The Smartest Drinking Mug You’ll Ever Own

Vessyl, like the headline says, is probably the smartest drinking mug that you’ll ever know. That’s because it knows exactly what you’re drinking, and it can keep up with metrics like sugar and fat intake, calories, caffeine, and your overall hydration level. In addition to these creepily cool characteristics, it’s also a swell-looking mug that you won’t be ashamed to carry with you in the office, on the subway, or at home. The only drawback to Vessyl, is that it’ll run you about $100. That’s quite a bit of money to pay for a mug, we know, unless you look Read More

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Stock And Pantry Aren’t Your Everyday Condiments And Sauces

Stock & Pantry are a new line of sauces and condiments based on flavors that you don’t typically find in the United States. Each product is all-natural and contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The company promises to never use high fructose corn syrup or processed sugars — instead using pure coconut palm sugar — a healthy alternative to processed sugar. The debut collection consists of the following: Hot Jam: a unique all purpose chili and onion savory jam inspired by a favorite in Australia for anything from a cheese plate to grilled chicken to toast and eggs — Read More

Drop: An iPad-Connected Virtual Kitchen Assistant

With Drop, the iPad-connected kitchen scale and digital baking assistant, you’ll be able to cook kitchen masterpieces with greater precision and efficiency. This cool product will help you measure the perfect amount of ingredients and allow you to apply them while moving on to the next step so you don’t have to pause for cleanup every time a new action occurs. Having trouble finding good recipe ideas? Just choose one of many tasty interactive recipes Drop offers and it will guide you, suggest substitutions, and update your shopping list. You can preorder now for $80. If you’ve ever wanted to Read More

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CORTIÇA Coffee Mug Is A Better Way To Drink Your Joe

What we really love around here, are entrepreneurs who are so passionate about something that they’re able to approach something common from a fresh perspective that no one has ever thought of before. With the CORTIÇA mug, we’ve stumbled upon just such a guy in Robert Knox, self-professed coffee lover. While we share his love for a mean cup of Joe, it’s the product he’s created that has us buzzing this morning. His CORTIÇA consists of a porcelain inlay — machine washable and ready to go — that fits nicely into a cork-insulated outer piece. What you’re left with is Read More

Garage Monk Beer Labels: Craft And Personalize Your Home Brews

Have you been planning on launching your own brewski label with your micro brewing kit? If so, why not give it a nice professional touch with these assortments of labels from Garage Monk. Once you put them on, they stay on. You can reuse the labeled bottle over and over again, saving time and money in the process. They’re made of waterproof, dishwasher-safe, self-adhesive vinyl and are writable and erasable using either a dry erase marker (wipes clean with water) or an oil-base paint pen (wipes clean with rubbing alcohol). Garage Monk even allows you to purchase matching bottle caps Read More

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Jiva-Black Cubes: Delicious Instant Coffee With No Equipment

Unfortunately, we missed the original Kickstarter for Jiva Cubes (pronounced Gee-vuh), back when the Miami-based coffee company was launching its pre-sweetened cubes for those of you who need a little candy in your java. We can’t afford to make the same mistake twice, so this time around, we’re making sure you guys know about the Jiva-Black Coffee Cubes. This is for coffee drinkers, who don’t need any sugar or aspartame in their morning pick-me-up. Simply drop Jiva-Black into a cup of hot water, and you have a strong, tasty cup of instant coffee that tastes as good as anything you’ll Read More

Be Cool With eCool, The All-Natural Cooler For Your Beer

The eCool is probably the greatest addition that you could ever make to your garden. No, it isn’t a healthy new super veggie but a cooler that stores beer in the earth and uses that to dole out cold beer year-round when you need it the most. (Of course, we suppose you could sub beer for soda pop, but where’s the fun in that?) The earth cooler is 113cm in height, 22 to 30 centimeters in diameter, and can hold 24 cans while staying installed the whole year. Just use a garden drill (or a shovel if you’re a real Read More

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