Unleash Your Inner Mixologist With The MixStik

Want to make a better cocktail? You could spend hundreds of hours trying to learn the fine art of mixology or you could just start using technology to help you do it. Read More

Nootrobox Just Created A Brain-Boosting Coffee-Flavored Cube

Remember Nootrobox? We wrote about them just a couple of days ago. In case you missed it, Nootrobox is a company which is aiming to help us become the best human beings Read More

Render Eating Food Obsolete With Soylent 2.0

Remember Soylent? No, not the one made out of people. We’re talking about the food replacement product which seems to aim to “liberate” us from the tediousness of actually having to choose Read More

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Mix The Perfect Drink With Bartesian

Want to mix a perfect cocktail in seconds and impress your friends, no mixology course required? Get yourself a Bartesian! Bartesian is a cocktail mixing gadget that allows you to blend delicious Read More

The IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster Is Simply The Best Coffee Experience Ever

You don’t need to be some kind of coffee hipster to roast your own coffee at home. More and more people are realizing that the taste and aromas of home-brewed coffee just Read More

Fizzics Will Make Cheap Beer Taste Like A Craft Brew

Behold! Science has created a way to make your crappy store bought beer into an elixir that even the beer gods would approve of! How’s that you ask? By using Fizzics’ scientifically Read More

Kube Is The Ultimate Party Accessory

Meet Kube, the ultimate tailgating accessory. How’s that? It’s a huge, 33-quart waterproof ice chest that also doubles as an ultra-powerful wireless Bluetooth sound system. In terms of design, Kube features a Read More

Twice the Vice Combines Chocolate And Alcohol For Maximum Deliciousness

Love chocolate? How about alcohol? If you’ve answered “yes” to both of these questions then you need to try the chocolates over at “Twice the Vice”. Twice the Vice chocolates are a Read More

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