Shiner Holiday Cheer

Now that Thanksgiving is out-of-the-way we can officially start thinking about Christmas. And with the introduction to the holiday season we are always looking for great beer to carry us through. Few Read More

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Rough Morning? Try This 15-Minute Hangover Cure

We’ve all experienced the horrid aftereffects of an epic night of drinking. The brilliant champion of life that you thought you were the night before is usually revealed to be a stumbling, Read More

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Mission Brewery Cannons

Have you ever been out drinking at the bar, ordered a pitcher of beer, and thought to yourself: “I sure wish I could get a pitcher served to me in a can”? Read More

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Tarantula Tequila: Reposado And Plata

It’s late Friday night early Saturday morning and I’m stuck at the office finishing up some weekend work. However, at inStash, that’s not such a bad thing. That’s because tonight we’re sampling Read More

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Monsieur Robotic Bartender

Monsieur Robotic Bartender won’t be of much help when it comes to listening to your girl problems, but he can certainly deliver the drinks to help you forget about her. This modern Read More

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9MM Vodka

One of the most undeniably awesome looking liquor sets to come along in quite some time! This new design from 9MM Vodka could easily be mistaken for a James Bond gadget with Read More

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Device Brewing Co. Nano Brewery

The Device Brewing Co. is Sacramento’s first nano brewery, and they’re needing your help to expand services and products throughout the area. The Kickstarter campaign is for just $24,500 and is currently Read More

Elijah Craig 21-Year-Old Bourbon

Elijah Craig 21-Year-Old Bourbon was announced by Heaven Hill Distilleries earlier this month, and from the sound of things, it should be a beauty. This is genuine Kentucky Bourbon that will be Read More

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