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Mission Brewery Cannons

Have you ever been out drinking at the bar, ordered a pitcher of beer, and thought to yourself: “I sure wish I could get a pitcher served to me in a can”? Well so did the team at Mission Brewery. That’s what led them to create 32-ounce cans known as “cannons.” These Mission Brewery Cannons feature the pride of San Diego’s two best brews: the 4.8 percent El Conquistador Pale Ale and the massive 9.25 percent Shipwrecked Double IPA. If you’re needing something with oomph, we recommend the Double IPA. Still, it’s 32 ounces. If you finish either one, you’re Read More

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Tarantula Tequila: Reposado And Plata

It’s late Friday night early Saturday morning and I’m stuck at the office finishing up some weekend work. However, at inStash, that’s not such a bad thing. That’s because tonight we’re sampling two of Tarantula Tequila’s latest — their 100 percent Agave offerings, Reposado and Plata. Reposado tequilas are typically aged for at least two months before being sent out into the world. The resulting flavor here is smoother and more complex than what you’re probably used to. After the initial punch, you can barely tell you’ve had it. It’s probably one that you want to be careful with since Read More

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Monsieur Robotic Bartender

Monsieur Robotic Bartender won’t be of much help when it comes to listening to your girl problems, but he can certainly deliver the drinks to help you forget about her. This modern marvel from entrepreneurs Paul Judge, Eric Williams, Mario Taylor, and Barry Givens learns what you like in drink and ambiance and can transform your drinking experience accordingly. From tiki bar to Irish pub, it has an array of cocktails for any mood. Feeling adventurous? Just tell Monsieur to surprise you, and he’ll do just that with one of several cocktail recipes that is sure to be appealing. Just Read More

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9MM Vodka

One of the most undeniably awesome looking liquor sets to come along in quite some time! This new design from 9MM Vodka could easily be mistaken for a James Bond gadget with the hard aluminum casing and four shot glasses. Of course, the most rugged element to it is the design of the vodka bottle itself: an authentic looking sub-machine gun. Unfortunately mailing rules prevent 9MM from shipping the drink to you, but there is nothing to stop you from seeking out your own vodka and “loading” your gun with whatever you decide. So the next time you get the Read More

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Device Brewing Co. Nano Brewery

The Device Brewing Co. is Sacramento’s first nano brewery, and they’re needing your help to expand services and products throughout the area. The Kickstarter campaign is for just $24,500 and is currently going on in case you’re feeling a bit generous. Personally, I love the idea behind it. You can go to Device Brewing and actually drink your beer in the same place where it’s made. You can even see the brewers in action. As a fan of beer, who sees it as a tasty and nuanced beverage rather than the instrument of weekend drunkenness that far too many use Read More

Elijah Craig 21-Year-Old Bourbon

Elijah Craig 21-Year-Old Bourbon was announced by Heaven Hill Distilleries earlier this month, and from the sound of things, it should be a beauty. This is genuine Kentucky Bourbon that will be available in limited quantities to selected markets across the country, one-time only. Heaven Hill’s 7th generation Master Distiller Craig Beam said in a release that the sources for this run of 750mL bottles were “carefully identified” and will originate from “several hundred barrels that are at middle to high storage in our best rickhouses.” “These are some of the best older barrels of traditional rye-based Bourbon we have Read More

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Suerte Tequila

We’ve always got our eyes peeled for new options in the liquor cabinet, and Suerte Tequila brings three to the counter tops that we have to get our hands on immediately. Each 750ml bottle comes packing about 80 proof (or 40 percent) of alcohol content. Three flavors include Reposado, Blanco, and Anejo. Reposado features a bouquet of aromas including subtle plum, butterscotch, and oak notes. Blanco boasts pleasant herbal, citrus, and sweet notes. Anejo includes berry, chocolate, and mint to complement the underlying Agave essence. We can just tell any one of these would be perfect frozen or on the Read More

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Hophead Vodka

Hophead Vodka will have you going out of your gourd if you drink too much, but isn’t that the way that you like your vodka? This latest from Anchor Distilling Company is distilled from two types of hops from the Yakima Valley of Washington State. (Something you’ll be familiar with if you’ve ever tasted any of Anchor’s delicious malt beverages. Tasting notes are engineered to reduce bitterness and maximize the strength. Boasting 90 proof alcohol content and completely unfiltered, “it’ll getcha drunk,” so make sure you use it responsibly, and try not to drink it straight. We prefer it as Read More

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