Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee And Growler

ARAC ZXS Motorcycle Concept

Automatic Mini Donut Factory

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

This looks like it might just be a terrific personalized conversation piece, but it also provides a place to age your own whiskey in an oak barrel. This is much the same as you’d find aged whiskey, only in miniature, so you don’t have to use the giant casks found in distilleries. You can either put whiskey you bought in it,  or you can order your own whiskey or rum making kit from the same company. Because it is an oak barrel, whatever you put in it is going to prime up that much faster, according to the site — Read More

DIY Beer Kits From Cooper

Cooper’s 676 DIY beer kits come with absolutely everything you need to brew and bottle your first beers without the help of a liquor store. If you are starting from a point of absolute ignorance or if you are a regular home brewer, you’ll find this kid of equal value. It meets you exactly where you are and helps you through until your first batches are ready. Cooper’s includes a patented fermenter that makes brewing a lager easier and quicker than any other kits on the market. This particular kid makes 6 gallons of beer at once. The only drawback Read More

Art In The Age X Poler #Campvibes Cocktail Kit

The #Campbvibes Cocktail Kit comes to us from a company called Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, a big, interesting melange of art and whiskey and music and clothing in Philadelphia.  Why, this company has asked, is beer always the beverage of choice around the campfire?  Is it because it comes in bottles or cans and doesn’t require multiple containers, glasses, and a Bic pen? (A Bic pen comes in the kit.  It’s necessary either for camping or for drinking cocktails.)  Are we to abide by, Art in the Age seems to be putting to its customers, a tired Read More

Shiner Holiday Cheer

Now that Thanksgiving is out-of-the-way we can officially start thinking about Christmas. And with the introduction to the holiday season we are always looking for great beer to carry us through. Few do it better than the folks from Shiner. Shiner Bock has long been a favorite of mine and so I am always open to trying new flavors from this great company. Shiner Holiday Cheer combines the great taste of Texas peaches and pecans with caramelized richness. It’s a blend of notes that embody the season, and it sure beats the heck out of eggnog. If you’re like us Read More

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Rough Morning? Try This 15-Minute Hangover Cure

We’ve all experienced the horrid aftereffects of an epic night of drinking. The brilliant champion of life that you thought you were the night before is usually revealed to be a stumbling, bumbling wreck of a human being the next day, and that’s because hangovers show no favoritism. They chew you up, spit you out, and make you wish you’d never been born. Until now. Thankfully, there is now a legit FDA-registered hangover remedy that can be purchased as an over-the-counter drug. It’s sort of like a mix between coffee and Alka Seltzer, except the aspirin and pharmaceutical caffeine employed Read More

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Mission Brewery Cannons

Have you ever been out drinking at the bar, ordered a pitcher of beer, and thought to yourself: “I sure wish I could get a pitcher served to me in a can”? Well so did the team at Mission Brewery. That’s what led them to create 32-ounce cans known as “cannons.” These Mission Brewery Cannons feature the pride of San Diego’s two best brews: the 4.8 percent El Conquistador Pale Ale and the massive 9.25 percent Shipwrecked Double IPA. If you’re needing something with oomph, we recommend the Double IPA. Still, it’s 32 ounces. If you finish either one, you’re Read More

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Tarantula Tequila: Reposado And Plata

It’s late Friday night early Saturday morning and I’m stuck at the office finishing up some weekend work. However, at inStash, that’s not such a bad thing. That’s because tonight we’re sampling two of Tarantula Tequila’s latest — their 100 percent Agave offerings, Reposado and Plata. Reposado tequilas are typically aged for at least two months before being sent out into the world. The resulting flavor here is smoother and more complex than what you’re probably used to. After the initial punch, you can barely tell you’ve had it. It’s probably one that you want to be careful with since Read More

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Monsieur Robotic Bartender

Monsieur Robotic Bartender won’t be of much help when it comes to listening to your girl problems, but he can certainly deliver the drinks to help you forget about her. This modern marvel from entrepreneurs Paul Judge, Eric Williams, Mario Taylor, and Barry Givens learns what you like in drink and ambiance and can transform your drinking experience accordingly. From tiki bar to Irish pub, it has an array of cocktails for any mood. Feeling adventurous? Just tell Monsieur to surprise you, and he’ll do just that with one of several cocktail recipes that is sure to be appealing. Just Read More

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