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Exchange Concept Could Breathe New Life Into Handwriting

ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer

The Shot Timer: Turn Any Contest Into A Drinking Game

Great ideas come from the darnedest places. Take the invention of the Shot Timer. According to the project creators over at Kickstarter, this idea came from a game of Scattergories. “On an uneventful night of enjoying some adult beverages in James’ condo, Toby and James were brainstorming inventions,” the project reveals. “As their wives played Scattergories on the living room coffee table, the miniature hourglass timer used in the game sat next to a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels and a shot glass, beckoning their creativity.” From this, Shot Timer was born — a double-chambered shot glass that works Read More

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Dummy Proof Your Brewing With HopBox

If you’ve ever wanted to home brew your own beer or cider but were intimidated by the supplies necessary for such a task, then you may want to consider the HopBox Handcrafted Brewing Kits currently available on Kickstarter. Every aspect of brewing is provided for, from quality glassware to the durable, highly-portable handcrafted wooden base. Each kit is built by hand in Somerville, Massachusetts, using rustic pine and locally-sourced components. There are four different models available with the capability of brewing one to three gallons of beer at a time (approximately 10 to 30 beers). It all comes with a Read More

BrewJacket Immersion: The Smallest Fermentation Device, Ever

From the mind of genius brewmeister/inventor Aaron Walls, the BrewJacket Immersion comes, intent on making your brewing life easier with its heat-sucking abilities that draw heat from the brew without the need for a refrigerator. Simply plug the hard anodized rod down into the concoction, wrap in the insulated jacket, and set the temp at the desired setting. Walls claims that the Immersion is the smallest fermentation device on the market today, and that it “can bring your beer down to 35º F below ambient in a matter of days and hold it there for as long as it is Read More

Palcohol: Powdered Alcohol For Every Occasion

If you’ve ever flavored your beverages with Splenda or Sweet-N-Low and couldn’t help feeling a little sad that it wasn’t alcohol in those little packets, then have we got good news for you. Meet Palcohol, which derives its name for being powdered alcohol that you can spritz in your water (or other beverage), instantly creating hard liquor. Think of the possibilities! You can now sneak alcohol into a movie theater or a family reunion or a blind date — any of the places and situations where you might need to get blitzed in a fix. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Read More

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Distiller Will Make You A Whiskey Expert In Seconds

If you are a whiskey drinker, an aspiring whiskey drinker, or simply new to the game of whiskey drinking, then you really need to get yourself to the Distiller website and/or mobile application. Other than the deep knowledge for whiskey drinking that the folks at Distiller clearly possess, they will also hook you up with a bottle that suits your fancy. As you can see from the image above, I was in the mood for an Irish whiskey with an off the charts “adventurous” rating, a party dynamic, and a moderate price of between $50 and $80. Those stipulations resulted Read More

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Toniiq: Your Cure For The Hangover Blues

Toniiq (pronounced “tonic”) is a new product seeking to cure the common hangover. Toniiq promises to be one of the few cures that actually address the underlying metabolic process from which the symptoms arise. Made from what the company calls “a new and unusual ingredient,” Toniiq’s single ingredient is “both highly potent and purified.” It’s called Lingzhi, and is considered the gold standard for liver enhancement, detoxification, and regeneration. It contains antioxidants, triterpenes, and polysaccharides which detoxify and support liver function, restore the body, and boost natural defenses with no additives or fillers. Just take 2 black capsules after drinking Read More

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Satyr Stein Homebrew: Geek Out On Beer!

Satyr Stein Homebrew wants to teach you how to brew your own beer, and who better to do it right than the thorough, detail-oriented “Don” over at Kickstarter? This modern day apothecary brings the same attention to detail that you would expect from a Lord of the Rings fanatic or someone well-versed in the Klingon language. The book is filled with recipes inspired by the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy with some pirate thrown in for good measure. The DVD looks very informative and accessible so that, even if you’re just starting out, you’ll be able to pick up the Read More

Go Westward Whiskey, Young Man

Great whiskey isn’t just meant to keep you warm during the colder months. It has a smooth taste and feel that can be enjoyed all year long. Westward has produced just such a concoction with their Westward Small Batch Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey, made from 100 percent malted barley grown straight from the Pacific Northwest. This recipe has been fermented with ale yeast for exceptional character. From there, it’s double pot distilled an matured in two-char American oak barrels for a classic woodiness permeating a rich, smooth and deeply flavorful body. It’s for the outdoorsy among you, no doubt, and Read More

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