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ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer

Ferrari World (Theme Park)

BrewNanny Makes Home Brewing Easy

Been wondering when someone would finally get with the times and bring high-tech to home brewing? Well, wonder no more. The BrewNanny is up and running on Kickstarter as we speak, and home brewers should be impressed with what this baby can do. BrewNanny can monitor your fermentation rate, temperature and even the light level inside your batch, sending instant alerts if something doesn’t look right so you can respond and act before things go south. It will notify you of home power outages and allow you to check brew health around-the-clock via web or smartphone. It also connects you Read More

Beer Bucket List: 231 Of The World’s Best Beers

Compiling this list of the best beers in the world made us realize a few things: 1) We’ve got a bit of a man-crush on Samuel Adams so apologies in advance. 2) The true “best” really depends on what your taste buds are telling you at the time. In other words, at some point any one of these 231 could be our No. 1, save for the one non-alcoholic we included. 3) There are a LOT of beers out there in the world at large. 4) We drink way too much of them, though there’s nothing wrong with that from Read More

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These Are Two Orphans We Wouldn’t Mind Adopting

Confession time that will surprise absolutely no one: we like whiskey ’round these parts. Therefore, it is with great excitement that we tell you about the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company, a new project devoted to locating and distilling rare, forgotten whiskey to liquor aficionados. The first two releases from Orphan will be Barterhouse Whiskey ($75) and Old Blowhard Whiskey ($150).  The Barterhouse stocks were discovered in old warehouses at the famous Stitzel-Weller facility in Louisville, Ky. It reportedly has a soft nose reminiscent of warm spice, biscuit and buttercream. Its mellow taste includes notes of roasted grain, charred oak Read More

Give The Gift Of Drinks (To Yourself) This Valentine’s Day

Our friends at Crown Royal, Dickel, and Bulleit have sent us over some more great drink recipe ideas for those of you who plan to spend your Valentine’s Day the way most of us do: drinking! If ever there was an occasion that called for it! Taken guys have to worry about springing for some bullcrap present. Single guys have to worry about why they’re single. Can’t we all just throw out the sentimentality and have a few drinks? You bet we can! Drink up. Crown Royal XO (on the rocks) (Pictured above) Ingredients: 1.5 oz. Crown Royal XO Preparation: Read More

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Crown Royal XO Blended Canadian Whiskey Is Luxury In A Bottle

If you’re a fan of Crown Royal, XO might just become your new tipple of choice. Master Blender Andrew MacKay has chose more than 50 of the best Crown Royal whiskies to put into this ultra-premium Canadian blend. He then finished it in cognac casks from the Limousin Forest in southwest France. The result is a smooth, complex whiskey with tastes of oak, vanilla, and dried cherries on its nose and hints of vanilla, spice, and rich dried fruit on the way down. And the finish is as smooth as you would expect from a top-of-the-line Crown Royal whiskey. Crown Read More

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Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor

Depending on your goal for the night, a breathalyzer either tells you when you’ve drank too much or not enough. It used to be that you could only find out your blood-alcohol content if the police pulled you over…and chances were you were already punch-drunk if that happened. Well the Lapka lets you see how much booze you have in your system whenever. This alcohol monitor fits in your palm and works with your mobile device to give you a reading. Grip the Lapka and use the edge of your hand as the mouthpiece. Turn on your smartphone, tablet, or Read More

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Original George Dickel White No. 1 Corn Whisky Drops In Early 2014

A white whiskey?! Before you cry, “Blasphemy!,” realize that three times as many people prefer this see-through tipple today than just two years ago. And if you’re going to take your whiskey clear, Tennessee distiller George Dickel wants to be the one to serve it up to you. Its No. 1 corn whiskey comes from fine grains and pure Cascade Spring water. Instead of putting the alcohol into a barrel to remove the bite and give it the amber color you typically associate with whiskey, George Dickel mellows it by passing it through a signature chill charcoal process. The result Read More

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Glenlivet 18 Whiskey

It’s no real surprise that Glenlivet 18-Year-Old won the gold not once, but twice in the International Wine and Spirit Competition. This whiskey has a nose that is unmistakable and very well rounded. What starts out as a very bold, smooth, and almost floral palate evolves into a ripe, nutty flavor that finishes long and carries just a hint of spice. This is sherried Speyside at its very best, with a very rich makeup covering everything from apple blossom to that signature oak. With notes of sherried peels, warm toasted cereal, and warm barley-sugared orange peel, this is an exceptional sipper Read More

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