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Celebrate The Group Of Death In The Best Way Possible This World Cup

Every four years when soccer takes to its biggest stage, one group of teams stands out as having the fiercest, most intense competition in the big dance. Known as the “Group of Death,” the talent among these four squads is often so overwhelming that it becomes impossible to predict its outcome. This year, the USA is part of this group. Since it will inevitably be an exhilarating ride throughout the tournament, we wanted to provide you guys with some fun and easy cocktails with a twist to enjoy while you cheer on the Red, White and Blue! Each of these Read More

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Bro Bong: In Case You’re Not Drinking Fast Enough!

Bro Bong makes us think of a happier time when we were younger and our livers were a little less pickled than they are today. There’s a lot to be said for the folly of youth, and crazy drinking games are right there at the top of that list. With Bro Bong, you’ve got the first ever advanced drinking system that hangs from your door and easily fits any beer bong you’ve got. Just set them up, fill to capacity, get at the receiving end of it, and see which of you and your friends can outlast the other. Insanely Read More

Tributary Brewing Launches On Kickstarter

Tod Mott and his wife have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to pick up some ancillary equipment to enhance the efficiency of their microbrew Tributary Brewing Co. out of Kittery, Maine, and since we love beer — especially stuff that doesn’t start with Bud and end in Light — we decided to let you guys know. After all, the world can NEVER have enough beer. By donating to the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be able to get your hands on a number of cool products that feature the Tributary logo and motto: “One Tributary leads to another.” (Isn’t that true of Read More

For $1,000, You Could Have Free Beer The Rest Of Your Life

One brewery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has proven a new fundraising model where you shell out a one-time fee of $1,000 and enjoy beer on them, in-house, for the rest of your life. It’s a small restaurant called the Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub, and through 46 takers, the owners of it were able to complete their $220k funding goal that enabled them to open the restaurant. If this were an option where I lived, I would totally do it. Why? Because — full disclosure here — in a one-year period of time, I spent around $750 on alcohol. In my defense, Read More

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Phrosties: The Drink That’ll Eph You Up

If you’re in the NYC area and want a real pick-me-up drink (as well as a throw-me-down, we’ve heard), then you’ll want to consider ordering Phrosties! According to New York Magazine, these mysterioso underground slushies can (or at least could) be ordered by texting a special number if you were in the delivery location. The rising popularity has since attracted investigators, though, since no one knows what the ingredients are for sure. Flavors include Irish Bomb, Tsunami Sunrise, and Volcanic Paradise. NYM calls it “pure sugar and grain alcohol” that “tastes like Kool-Aid-meets-Red Bull, mixed with 150-proof Everclear.” (So there Read More

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OYO Bourbon Barrel Honey Vanilla Vodka From Middle West Spirits

Columbus, Ohio’s own Middle West Spirits are the geniuses behind this sweet makeup of honey vanilla vodka that will have you sneaking a shot into every drink (and maybe even a few by themselves). This incredible concoction has been distilled from red winter wheat and local wildflower honey. There are traces of vanilla bean thrown in for good measure. Once the ingredients are there, they sit in OYO bourbon barrels for up to a year (no less than nine months) until ready to greet the world. (And that’s how you create both a mixer and a straight shooter in one Read More

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Captain Morgan 1671, Available For A Limited Time Only

Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Blend Spiced Rum pays homage to the mighty Captain Henry Morgan himself, and his greatest battle — the taking of Fort San Lorenzo in Panama City, a feat that cost him five ships in the process, including The Satisfaction, his famous flagship. Now you can have the celebratory drink that the Captain always deserved but never got in this limited-time-only offering from the label that bears his name. Instilled with a unique blend of spices that produce a luxurious, full-bodied flavor, the 1671 is finished in Spanish Oak barrels and carries with it a lightly sweetened Read More

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Drink-A-Palooza Is Here To Separate The Men From The Town Drunks

Drink-A-Palooza mixes everything you love about all your favorite drinking games into one incredible experience where only the strong can survive. Once you get a look at this, you’ll see why the creators brazenly call it the “ultimate drinking board game.” Drinking games included in the Drink-A-Palooza experience are kings cup, flip cup, socials, waterfalls, quarters, high / low, drunk tank, booze your turn, steal a bottle, beer pong, pour in drink cup, make a rule, and quarters. It’s hours of drinking fun, provided your liver can take the abuse, and you can get it now via Amazon for the Read More

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