Star Wars Battlefront Gets Free Public Open Beta

Good news Star Wars fans! The upcoming, sure-to-be-awesome, Battlefront game just became just a little bit more awesome. That’s because EA has announced that Battlefront will be going open-beta and open to Read More

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NHL 16 Is The Best Hockey Game Ever

Hockey fan? Then you should already know that NHL 16 is almost here. Now we know you’re probably thinking something along the lines of, “Why should I care? NHL 15 was a Read More

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Basketball Fan? You Need To Get NBA Live 16

NBA Live 16 is literally just days away. So what’s new in this year’s version of everyone’s favorite basketball simulator? Plenty of things that may actually surprise you, actually. In an effort Read More

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Square Enix Hopes To Recapture The Magic With Final Fantasy XV

Except for a couple of popular MMOs, even the most ardent JRPG fans have to admit that the Final Fantasy series has been stagnating ever since the release of Final Fantasy X. Read More

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Mortal Kombat X Is The Best Fighter Of 2015

Looking to test your might? Look no further than Mortal Kombat X. The next generation of Mortal Kombat game was released earlier this year and is a must-play for anyone who grew Read More

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Destiny Gets New Expansion In The Taken King

The Taken King isn’t the first expansion that Destiny players have been able to purchase but it is no doubt the largest. Launching in just little over two weeks, The Taken King Read More

Simulate D & D Session With Knights of Pen & Paper 2

Don’t have anyone to play Dungeons & Dragons l with? Luckily you can now simulate your very own D&D session with Knights of Pen & Paper 2. Simulate a game? How is Read More

Goblin Sword Is A Really Fun Retro-Style Game

If you’re the type of gamer which enjoys the sort of retro-style games that you played in your youth then you need to play Goblin Sword. No other mobile game does as Read More