10 Wearable Tech Gadgets That’ll Change Your Life

2012 Imperia GP

19XRW Hoverwing®

Rama Llama: A Sleeping Bag With 50-Degree Comfort

The Rama Llama sleeping bag could lead to a whole new means of insulation. Instead of using down and other inefficient means for getting the job done, the Rama Llama sleeping bag uses a special blend of 100 percent natural fibers that are completely sustainable, high performing, and socially just.  Harvested from the mighty llama itself, this material can be used without harming the animal and it keeps you comfortable whether the temp is 20 degrees or 70. Considering that most bags have a 10- to 15-degree comfort range, that’s quite impressive. The fiber is sustainably harvested from rural Andean Read More

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Don’t Go Fishing Again Without The 4-In-1 Kombo Tool

Outdoor gear — particularly the fishing market — is a sector that is ripe for innovation, and for the makers of the Kombo Tool, there’s no better opportunity than the present to seize the day. They’ve done so in spades with their four-in-one fishing mutltool, which consists of a fish bonker, a fillet knife, a scoop spoon, and a sharpener, in one device that won’t sink if you screw up and drop it in the water. The Kombo Tool is made from a high grade plastic that is very durable. Inside the head of the Kombo, you’ll find the stainless Read More

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Ziggy: The Most Fashionable Coatrack You’ve Ever Seen

The Ziggy is a strong modular hanging system that you can use as wall decor even as you’re providing a home to your heavy coats and hangable objects. As you arrange Ziggy into the pattern of your choice, you’re left with something that looks great on your wall even when you’re not technically putting it to use. The project comes in both white and black options, and is currently available on Kickstarter for $23 (in a single) and $62 in a quad. If you want more than that, you’ll have to ante up. You’ve got about 26 days to figure Read More

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Beer Bucket List: 231 Of The World’s Best Beers

Compiling this list of the best beers in the world made us realize a few things: 1) We’ve got a bit of a man-crush on Samuel Adams so apologies in advance. 2) The true “best” really depends on what your taste buds are telling you at the time. In other words, at some point any one of these 231 could be our No. 1, save for the one non-alcoholic we included. 3) There are a LOT of beers out there in the world at large. 4) We drink way too much of them, though there’s nothing wrong with that from Read More

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GateKeeper Key Fob And Lock

Of course people hate us because we’re always complaining about our first world problems, but that doesn’t make them any less “problems” now, does it? Thankfully, the GK-Chain Key Fob and Lock promise to relieve yours truly of a common first world problem that he experiences: constantly having to log back in to the computer after a period of inactivity.  With GK-Chain, your password is stored on the PC, and the device communicates with it any time you are near. That means whenever you go away from your computer, GK-Chain logs you out, and whenever you come back, it logs Read More

Zombie Bells

We’re not sure about you guys, but some days at the gym, we truly feel like zombies. But working out is actually a part of life unless you want to be one of the walking dead. That being said, if you can’t beat them, join ‘em! That’s right. Some wisenheimers have gotten together and realized the full potential of the kettle-bell as a double for zombie heads. The Zombie Bells are available in four different sizes. On the low end, there is the 18-pound bell. That one will run you a round $43 on its own. At the high end, Read More

Ownshelf Allows You To Share Digital Books With Friends, DRM Free

For a $20 price tag, Ownshelf is prepared to offer you around 10 years of unlimited access To their service, which allows you the opportunity to swap and share digital books with your friends and browse selections from personal libraries the same way you would through Kindle and Nook ecosystems. The only difference — and this is where it’s advantage Ownshelf — is that you’re not handcuffed to one DRM. That means you get to share your books, your way. We’re not sure just how limited Ownshelf will be when it comes to DRM-protected books — we assume “not very” Read More

The Top 100 One-Hit Wonders of All Time

We’d love to get a study on what percentage of hit songs are actually performed by one-hit wonders. While this list can’t shed any light on that data, we’re pretty sure, just by doing the research, that the percentage is significant. As you take this trip down memory lane with us, try to remember that we’re in no way disparaging these bands for being one-hit wonders. (Except in the rare cases where the songs actually suck.) For the most part, we’re in deep admiration, because these artists managed to break through the competition and connect with millions of people. It Read More

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